Life is Strange True Colors: How to Run the Game on Windows 7

How to get Life Is Strange True Colors to work on Windows 7


How to Run the Game on Windows 7

To get it working on windows 7 you must
1.Go to the C: drive then the Windows folder and next system 32
There you have to look for a file with the name of xinput1_3.dll
2.Make a copy of this file in a safe location like I did here where I copied it to my download Folder
3.Now you have to rename it from xinput1_3.dll to xinput1_4.dll
4.Take the file you just renamed and move it to the system 32 folder and it should look like this
Now the game should at least launch but after it does it crashes after a few seconds
5. To resolve this you need to go to your firewall and block the game from accessing the internet and that should stop the crashes and now everything should work
If you want to synchronize your choices with the internet you can temporarily unblock it but as soon as you are done you must block it again if you want to continue playing the game.

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