Line of Sight: Best Weapon Builds

Tired of being lasered? Watch this. Guide by azino.



#1 SCAR-H 
Completely broken.
+Best TTK
+Best ads stability (recoil does not exist)
+Unlocks at LVL 8 i guess
-20 bullets mags
-mediocre hipfire stability
-slow reload
#2 M4A1 
Best for aggressive gameplay/suppression.
+Best hipfire spray pattern
+Best ads magdump accuracy/stability
+Good mobility
+Almost no dmg drop at range
+Fast reload
+Its free
-Low limbs damage
-Avg fire rate
-Rarely 1tap at any range
CQB horror.
+Sick fire rate deletes anything at close range
+Low recoil for that fire rate
-High dmg drop at range
-Very Low damage
-Goofy fpv model
#4 AUG A2 
Tap machine.
+ No recoil or spread of first 3 bullets at movement
+ Low recoil and high stability
+ Avg damage
– Skill based gun
– Only for classic. Makes no sense at esp
– Low firerate
– High dmg drop at range
– Slow reload


#1 p90 
Close range SCAR-H with 50 ammo and higher fire rate.
+Fire rate
+Often 1taps (smg should not)
+50 bullets in mag
+no recoil
+low spread
+High mobility
-Very High dmg drop due range
-Slow reload
The only one smg worth playing.


#1 L115 
Perfectly balanced.
+Often 1shots
+Great fealings
+Great FOV around model
+Avg mobility
+Oneshots mid armor at chest and stomach
+Sometimes oneshots heavy armor
-5 bullets
#2 M200 Chey Tac LLC 
+ Always 1 shot at any build any range
+ Max DMG build oneshot girls in legs and boys if there is something after leg. (2legs at once leg+ arm etc).
+ More than 5 bullets
+ Scary sound
+ Perfect for wallbangs
+ Fast reload speed (WTF???)
– EXTREMELY heavy,forces you to play men characters with NO armor.
– Low FOV around model
#3 Scout 

Its hard.
+ Fire rate with reloadbug like any semi auto sniper
+ Super light and mobile
+ 10 bullets
+ 0.75 ads speed with non sniper scopes and short barrel
+ Best FOV around model
– Low damage
– No heavy armor 1 shots
– Medium armor 1shot only at chest center
– Rare stomach 1shots
– Very skill related


#1 Default 5-7 
No its not a joke,that thing is op.
+ 75% chance to 1tap any range
+ No dmg loss due range
+ ♥♥♥♥ tons of bullets
+ Its a death shame die to this
– Spread is random
– Recoil is random

#2 Default python 
+ Best accuracy and stability after shot
+ High dmg
– 6 shots
– No silencer
#3 Glock 
Snipers best friend.
+ You just carry a ♥♥♥♥ smg in 2nd slot
+ Who tf gave it that damage?
+ Broken hs multiplier
– Random recoil
– Random spread
– Huge dmg drop at range
#4 Deagle (same as python but could be silenced,less accuracy and +1 bullet in mag)

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