Little Misfortune: All Achievements & Endings Guide

Happiness to the little lady!



– Any superfluous choices and interactions will not be noted here. However, I do recommend interacting with everything—this game is filled with tiny horrors you won’t want to miss out on.

– To get full achievements in one playthrough you’ll need multiple saves, so always double check where you’re up to before moving forward.

Music 4 Ever

After the opening cutscene, turn left and interact with the boombox.
Watch Little Misfortune dance until the song ends, unlocking Music 4 Ever.

Walk left and interact with the bed to crawl underneath it.
Inspect the colouring book, and when asked, choose to take it with you.

Manual Sparkle

Leave your hiding spot beneath the bed and interact with the glitter laying on the rug.
Press ‘F’ to sparkle. Do this 50 times, unlocking Manual Sparkle.

The Cause

Enter the hallway. When the vase breaks, create save 1.
Put the vase back together, unlocking The Cause. Don’t forget to add the flower!

After unlocking the achievement, load save 1, and continue forward without fixing the vase.

Upon entering the kitchen, use your sparkle on the fridge, the soup, and your mother (got ’em).

Lil Cutie

After going outside, use your sparkle on the car.
Cross the road and use your sparkle on the dead crow.

Choose to set the puppy free. Interact with it 3 times to unlock Lil Cutie.

The Fortune & Doggy Treat

After walking to the beach, overwrite save 1. Here Lil Cutie will dig up some treasure.
Select the fortune cookie and you will be able to eat it straight away, unlocking The Fortune.

Reload save 1 and interact again, this time selecting the doggy treat.
Feed it to Lil Cutie, unlocking Doggy Treat.

After Liil Cutie is taken away by a murder of crows, use your sparkle on the beach.

Hay Doll #1

Once you come across the fish, choose to take it with you.

Use your sparkle on George at the far end of his home.

As you walk through the woods, Hay Doll #1 will unlock automatically.


Upon reaching the cave, enter and immediately overwrite save 1.

Choose to end the violence between the hamsters.
Walk to the far end of the cave and interact with the old lady hamster.
Interact with the red button on the wall behind her, then climb the ladder.

Take the slingshot given to you by Mr. Voice.
Using acorns as ammo, shoot the fire alarm at the far right of the screen.
You have unlimited ammunition, so don’t fret if you miss a few.
Successfully hitting the alarm will unlock Sniper.

Dance Master

Load save 1.

Choose to let the hamsters fight.
When they’re finished, take the purse that was dropped by the thief.
Return it to the old lady at the end of the cave.
She will give you a ticket that gives you access to the club.

Once you reach the dance battle, unlock Dance Master by achieving a high score.
Follow the white rabbit and exit the cave.

Rotten Fish

As soon as you enter the park, overwrite save 1.
You will come across a drunken seagull in a sandbox.
Choose to give your fish to the seagull, who will eat it, then pick up the bones.

Continue to the pet cemetery and bury the bones in the empty grave, unlocking Rotten Fish.

Too Much Rolling & Hay Doll #2

Load save 1.
This time, choose to keep the fish.

Just after the seagull, you will see a royal horse. Interact to ride it.
Then, after you have passed the duck, ride the twister three times, unlocking Too Much Rolling.
Riding the twister will also trigger the appearance of Hay Doll #2.

Tomb Lady & Hay Doll #3

Continue to the pet cemetery. Once there, dig up every grave, unlocking Tomb Lady.
After digging up the final grave, inspect the box of eternal happiness.
Sparkle the grave with the box inside it.

Continue to the right where you will once again run into Benjamin.
Here you will find Hay Doll #3.


When you arrive in the next area, interact with the runestone.
Read the runestone first, then choose to take the loose piece with you.

Walk further along the path and enter the trap hole.
Interact with the fox repellent, then pull the lever that falls from above you.

Once in town, head left until you see a man drop his wallet.
Interact with the glass door the man walked out of and use your sparkle on it.

Continue left until you reach the bus stop.
Interact with both the sign and the red button beside it.
To the left, sit on the bench, and the bus will arrive.

At the zoo, approach the cashier, who will simply turn his back to you.
Inspect the missing child posters to the right, then the display window to the left.
You can then either smash the window to distract the cashier, or lie about having seen a missing child, which will make him leave to find them.
Whilst the cashier is distracted or absent, you will be able to enter the gates.

Once in the zoo, walk to the left until you come across a wheelbarrow of bird seed.
Choose to take some of the seed, then walk back past the bird enclosures, and interact with the three bowls. This will unlock Feeder.

Ninja Lady

Continue through the zoo, stopping to use your sparkle on the fountain.

Interact with the map nearby and select the wolf’s location by hovering over it and pressing “enter”.

Overwrite save 1 before continuing to the next area, where you will need to sneak past the janitor. It may take a few tries, but sneaking past undetected will unlock Ninja Lady.

Hay Doll #4

On the following screen, interact with the runestone. Insert the piece you took earlier in order to read the text, then take it back before you end the interaction.

Approach the wolf’s enclosure and inspect the gate. It says it requires a key.
Continue left towards the janitor’s house and enter.

Once inside, inspect the green coat, in which you will find a slip of paper with numbers written on it.
Walk right towards the computer and enter the code 5468.

On the computer screen you will be able to read messages between two zookeepers, revealing the safe code: 27581. Walk left towards the safe and unlock it. Take the key.

Before leaving, inspect the cardboard box at the bottom hand corner of the screen. This will unlock Hay Doll #4.

Exit the janitor’s house and return to the wolf enclosure.
Once the gate is unlocked, you will be able to enter and retrieve the hanging letter containing Benjamin’s address.

The Returner

Follow the story until you reach Phantasmagoria.

Once you arrive, interact with the ticket that falls in front of you to retrieve it.
Use your sparkle on the Phantasmagoria sign before continuing.

Overwrite save 1.

Wander left until you reach the carousel, then use your ticket to ride it.
Load save 1, then continue to the Horror House.
Use your ticket here to unlock The Returner.

After this, walk back to the fox that scared you when you first entered the carnival and use your sparkle on it.

Fox Whacker & Gamer

Continue forward and participate in the Whack-A-Fox game.

Playing your first game will unlock Fox Whacker.

Win 9 games in total to earn all available tickets, unlocking Gamer.

Fortune Teller & Hay Doll #5

Walk left towards the fortune teller, and learn your fortune three times (one ticket per fortune).
Reading all three will unlock Fortune Teller.

Head to the vending machine and use your sparkle on the decorations surrounding it.
Inspect the vending machine and purchase Hay Doll #5.

Rich Lady & The Kraken

Purchase the remaining two items in the vending machine, unlocking Rich Lady.

Walk left through the carnival until you reach Swan Lake.
Speak with the cloaked figure inside the boat.

With the fish in your inventory, The Kraken will unlock automatically.

Runestones & Hay Doll #6

You will eventually encounter a bear trap, use your sparkle on it.

Inspect the third and final runestone, unlocking Runestones.

Then, pick up Hay Doll #6 to the right of it.
Continue left towards Benjamin’s house.

Hay Doll #7

Enter Benjamin’s cabin.

Interact with the television and watch the tape.
After it breaks, use your sparkle on it.

Interact with Benjamin’s diary on the couch, and drink the tea on the table.

Continue walking through Benjamin’s home and he will emerge from a trapdoor.
Follow him down the stairs to safety.

Inspect the painting and you will find a hole in the wall.
Interact with the stool at the bottom of the staircase, and push it against the wall.
Climb through the hole.

In the next room, inspect the picture of a key.
Interact with the chair to climb onto the table, then interact with the picture again to open it to reveal a red button. Push the button, climb back down the chair, and exit through the vault.

When you reach Benjamin’s bag, inspect it. Take Hay Doll #7.
After going through the rest of the bag’s contents, use your sparkle on it.

Painter & Can Kicker

Walk through the gate to the train station and take a seat.
When you are able to use your colouring book, colour all the pages. The option to turn the page will only appear when an adequate amount it coloured, but it doesn’t require much, so you can do this fairly quickly. This will unlock Painter.

Upon leaving the train station, you’ll kick a can along the pavement (once).
Continue walking left until you see a second can, then interact with it three times to unlock Can Kicker.

Interact with the four people chatting by the fence, then continue left.

Hay Doll #8 & The Effect

Run back across the road and into your home.
Walk through your home until you reach your bedroom.

After a heated conversation with Mr. Voice, return to the hallway.
You’ll trip and smash the vase again—yikes forever!

Back in your bedroom, hide under the bed.

After a frightening encounter, your home will return to its normal appearance.
Collect Hay Doll #8 from the rug in the bedroom.

Run into the hallway and you will trip over the broken vase, unlocking The Effect.

Somewhere Else & Sparkling Lady

Leave your home and walk up to the road.
Speak to your mother, then follow Benjamin into the portal.

Follow Benjamin through the eerie woods until you reach a bell.
Interact with it, unlocking Somewhere Else.

If all 16 sparkles listed in this guide were completed, you will also unlock Sparkling Lady.

Hay Doll #9 & Eternal Happiness

Cross the bridge and collect Hay Doll #9.

Enter the large doorway, and you will unlock Eternal Happiness.

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