Little Witch Nobeta: Element Magic List

Here is a list of all element magic in Little Witch Nobeta.


Arcane Magic
Lv 1:- can use single shoot (click), or charge magic.
Lv 2:- dmg increases i guess.
Lv 3:- reduce cast time as you lvl up.
Lv 4: – make shockwave that pushes enemy back.
Lv 5: – don’t have any ability (maybe you can fire 3 at most charged magic that i noticed, the casted charge use small amount).

Ice Magic
Lv 1:- you can use ice magic.
Lv 2:- increase missiles and target maybe upto 4
Lv 3:- increase target maybe i did tried with 7 target at once but 6 is max i guess if mark on 7 the first mark disappear from enemy (you can try in area down were the big glowing mushroom is)
Lv 4:- after charge even if you can’t marked enemy, missiles still hit but problem is enemy need to close like so close within 7-10 meter radius maybe
Lv 5:- it make missiles while you have casted ice magic while dodge(space) is make 3 missile and hit the target.

Fire Magic
Lv 1:- can use fire and cast charged spell also increase an attack range
Lv 2:- don’t know useful or correct use or but while having fire element doing staff attack give armor ?.
Lv 3:- increase the area of chrage spell explosion
Lv 4:- it suck enemy inside the explosion area,good for enemy when there is swarm, bad for use if we are close to it we can get suck into it.
Lv 5:- dmg increases greatly.


Wind magic
Lv1:- you can use jump in mid air (shift).
Lv2:- you can use dodge once in mid air (space).
Lv3:- as it said it dodge to negate stun effect.
Lv4:- can use multiple dodge in mid air (space spam or use as want) until it use all stamina.
Lv5:- this is bit hard but can use as when enemy have continuous attack in row. to use WASD + space or space EXACTLY as same time the attack of enemy hits you (your hp will reduce), condition are that your hp need no less because if enemy do “1 hit” and it kill you so can’t trigger it that i think. when you do dodge at perfect movement the dmg that enemy given, same amount of hp of nobeta restores again. (note – this move eats mana, so you can’t cast magic if don’t have mana, also this move can perform even you don’t have the mana).

Thunder magic
Lv 1:- You can use normally
Lv 2:- speed charge
Lv 3:- increase the radius of attack area (don’t come inside area)
Lv 4:- no longer you get dmg inside attack area.
Lv 5:- cast lightning and use WASD + Space or Space to move fast, it use little bit charge. but worth. (you can spam combo for fast move until all charge over).

Absorption Magic
Lv 1:- can do absorption just do staff attack right before enemy atk hit you.
Lv 2:- after absorption magic end, enemy get repel backward a bit.
Lv 3:- area increase for ritual of magic absorption.(increase the amount of mana absorption)
Lv 4:- enchanced repelling effect (maybe enemy get repel more backward)
Lv 5:- pulls enemy inside magic absorption area which are close to area.

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