Longvinter: A Beginners Fishing Guide

A Fishing Guide for beginners


Acquiring Your First Ever Fishing Rod

When you first spawn in you can acquire your first ever fishing rod at this vending machine!

This beginner fishing rod will cost around 59 MK (The base price) or depending on luck it will be cheaper or more expensive in my case i was lucky and only needed to pay 55 MK.

Fishing Spots

Now you need to go to one of these fishing spots u can find all over the map.
If you want to know where you can find these fishing spots here is a map all credits for this map go to https://vintermap.co check them out!

Catching Your Fish

After casting your rod in the fishing spot wait patiently until you see this come up your screen, NOW FAST tap E as quickly as u can and keep tapping it until you have caught the fish

Congratulations you have now caught ur very first fish! 

Selling Your Fish

Selling your fish can be done at any of these ports.

To sell your fish you just need to go to a vending machine and clicking on the fish in the menu.

You can also sell the fish at the green vending machines called the James General Store he will buy anything off you for a reduced cost.

Cooking Your Fish

Cooking your fish can be done at campfires the one i used the most often in the beginning stages of the game is the one at Sgt. Lake Outpost which is prob the most visited place in the whole map or by using a Gas Stove which are found in crates around the map or if someone has recently sold one at James General Store u can pick one up from there. First you need to click on the Campfire or Gas Stove.

Next you need to put your fish in the menu and wait for it to cook.

If you are wondering why you should cook your fish the answer is pretty obvious to eat it ofcourse eating will refill your energy bar at the bottom right of the screen.

Every fish will give you a different amount of energy refill the rarer the fish the more energy it will give. To eat ur fish all you need to do is go inside your backpack by pressing TAB or whatever button you have set your backpack to and left clicking on the fish.

Make Your Fishing Faster/Better

Making your fishing faster can be done by using better equipment like the Fishing hat wich will increase fishing speed by 35% but requires compendium to wear.

Next item will be the Telescopic Reel wich will increase fishing speed by 20%.

Up next is The Reel Of Fortune This fishing rod makes it so your fishing spot cannot deplete but fishing will be slower by 15%.

Last but not least fishing rod is the Bait Buster wich will increase fishing speed by 50%.

Now for temporary use items we got a Pack Of Blackberries wich will increase your chances to get better fish by 10% for 250 seconds.

A Fisher’s Heaven

A fisher’s heaven known by the name “Koilot Island” you will gain access to the island after completing 50% of the fishing compendium! Your progress to this milestone can be found in ur inventory gui by clicking tab and then clicking on the blue book

After you have catched 8/17 fish you can now enter the gate of the island by simply following the dirt pathway after you have arrived and opening the gate 

OKAY! You’re in now what can you do on this island? Well you gain access to Kyrre’s Equipment Vending machine Wich sells usefully fishing stuff like Small Dinghy wich is a boat that can be used to fish in the ocean or Pack Of Blackberries or a Telescopic Reel 

You will also meet Sgt. Lake wich acts like a shop for when you have completed 100% of your fishing compendium all 17/17 fish He will sell you Fishing Hats and will buy the rarest fish from you

But the most important thing that can be bought at Sgt. Lake is the Weather Station It will generate MK that can be collected by the player it has to be placed near a player’s house and it will requite 15 Electricity to operate


All Credits Of This Guide

I will update the guide as soon as a new update comes out
Longvinter Beta 1.10b

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