Lootun: Level 150+ Meteor Mage with Barrier Defence

how to build / skill a lvl 150+ Meteor Mage (and why)


Meteor Mage Guide

(Thanks to @Ambrodel for introducing this build to me)

best mage build is definitively meteor.


The Barrier Defence also works with other builds/classes


in short:
Lightning damage, low health, much health reg, much barrier.
MUST HAVE (to make this work):
Defiance, Purpose and Devotion enchants.

Detailed Build:

Extinction 5, Silentstrike 5, Schockwave 5, Maelstrom 1 with Elemental Strength 4
Chilled to the Bone 5, Frigid Winds 5, Lightning Storm 1 with Lightning Strikes 4, Critical Freeze 5
Freeze Duration 5, Chilling Blast 1 PLUS Lingering Frost 4, Exposure 5, Cold Snap 5

Mage: (all up to 4)
Health Regen, Damage, Attack Speed, Double Damage, Barrier, Increased Barrier, Magic Damage, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Critical Defence

Ascend Classes:

depending on your class – basically your class specific skills and Resistances

If you are lvl 150+:

NO HEALTH POINTS AT ALL – neither on skills, nor on items. Try to get as low HP as you can.
Get Gem “Heart of The Abyss” (dropped by Abyss Walker – Map: The Abyss) with either Purpose or Defiance. The other enchantment of those 2 you need to craft on your chest. (can’t enchant both on chest, that’s why you need one of them on your gem). Also craft Devotion on your trinket.
Reason: see “Why this build (Why no Health Points)?” a bit further down.
Purpose enchant is droped by “Eldrich Abomination” on map “Edge of Reality”
Defiance enchant is dropped by “Dragon Emperor” and “Dragon Emperess” on map “Dragons Lair”
Devotion enchant is dropped by “Jungle Dragon” on map “Jungle Ruins”.

Build your equip like:

crit chance and crit damage whenever possible, then:
Attack Speed ->Lightning Damage > Magic Damage > Elemental Damage > Cold Damage > Damage
Health Regeneration > Barrier > Resistances

Why this build (Why no Health Points)?

You get your HP down to 5975 HP.

Defiance will cap max damage taken per hit to 35% of your HP – so you get a max 2.1k dmg per hit. As you skill for a high barrier, and Purpose also doubles your barrier, you will end with a 100k+ Barrier.

Purpose also halfes your HP which is a win-win. Most important about Purpose: it also uncaps your barrier being limited by your health, which enables to get that high barrier at all in first place.

Both (high barrier – low max damage per hit) enables you to take 50+ hits even without regeneration before you would get killed.

Devotion on your Trinket lets your barrier being “healed” instead of your life.

Regeneration is therefore also your first priority in defensive item stats (2nd is Barrier)

Why lightning damage and not fire (metor is fire by standard)?

Maelstrom makes meteor to work with every element, and lightning also benefits your blizzard (fire doesn’t) – so lightning is your 1st choice.

Why no Evasion and/or dodge?

If you relay on evasion and/or dodge, you either get full damage, or no damage.
Getting full damage will get you killed by spikes easy.
Better to invest in ressistances which will lower spikes and raise your surviability significantly.
You don’t need to care about being hit, as i reassure you that you will get enough Heal to Barrier to compensate all the Damage taken. All you have to worry about are spikes, like told before.

If you do that, you are nearly immortal. Only DoT can do a harm much much later.

A single mage like that can do Endless Spires solo to stage 300+ if your gear is optimized.
A complete team with such a mage can do stage 2000+

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