Lords of Infinity: Endgame 45/65/65 Stats Guide

At request here’s a basic guide on how to import a 49/71/68 build that will turn in a 45/65/65 build after stats decay.


Walkthrough in Sabres:

Chapter I

#Try to talk to some of the other junior officers and get some advice.

#Try to offer some excuse explaining my lateness.

#Aetoria, the capital city, a centre of culture and education.

#Age 25.

#A set of books on philosophy and the natural sciences.

Chapter II

#”Cornet $!{firstname} d’al $!{lastname}, at your service.”

#Ask Cazarosta about himself.

# This regimen is impossible! I am barely surviving!

# I do all right, but academics have never been my strong suit.

# I have already become friends with many of my fellow officers.

#Practice sparring and marksmanship with Cazarosta.

#Stay behind: I must to try to help Elson.

Chapter III

#Try to socialize with the common sailors.

#Take command! We should not leave the conduct of the battle to a mere sergeant!

#I hold up the boarding party and try to figure out what it is.

#Be cautious: We can hold midships and force the Antari to come to us.

Chapter IV

#Of course. I would not turn down a chance at leisure before I receive my orders.

#Play Tassenswerd.

#I select a sergeant and assemble my unit first.

#Decide that none of these men will do. Lanzerel is still unassigned, might I request him instead?

#Requisition a horse from the official stables.

Option 2: for more Reputation but less health and troops stats later
#I get a horse first.

#Buy a horse from a merchant with my own funds.

#Buy Thunderer.

#Pick Harlech as my sergeant.

Chapter V

#Drill my men relentlessly.

#A chance for a glorious victory.

#Damn the horses! Ride at full speed!

#Try a more efficient pattern, and pocket the remaining seals to sell later.

#Cut firing loops.

#Care for the horses.

#Block the road.

#”Mount up! We’re going to charge the enemy!”

#Fairly: I split the money evenly between the six of us: 40 crowns per man.
Or if with Harlech:
#By regulations: half will go to my men, leaving the remaining 120 crowns to myself.

#Request patrol duty.

Chapter VI

#I pick the Western route. More arduous duty will keep the men in fighting trim.

#Threaten to go to Major Hunter if he does not tell me the truth.

#Search for the other missing Grenadiers myself.
#Escort them back as guests.
Or if with Harlech:
#Follow my orders. Render whatever assistance I can and escort these men back to the outpost.

#Keep quiet.

Chapter VII

“No questions sir.”

#Extra shot and powder, for a protracted fight.

#To be prepared for anything.

#That this moron will shortly get all of his men killed. He must be dealt with.

#”Lieutenant Carrecort, you are a disgrace to His Majesty’s Army. Since you seem so uneager to save your men, I shall have to do it for you. I am assuming command.”

#I am a better leader.

#Try a frontal assault.

#Lieutenant Carrecort clearly has much to learn about the art of command, censure him.

#Keep the weapon for myself.

#Request cavalry reserve duty.

Chapter VIII

#I feel very confident! I am sure I will get a new command soon!

#Remain at the Duke’s Service to ingratiate myself.

#Ask the Duke if I could read his books.

#I pick the biggest and most dangerous-looking men.

#The men need discipline above all else. I drill them until they faint!

#If the army refuses to house my men properly, I shall have to rent better for them myself.
Or if already took Thunderer:
#Surely I can intercede on my men’s behalf and find some better quarters for them!

#”My men stand as ready as they’ll ever be. They won’t disappoint you.”

Chapter IX

#It might be dangerous, keep an eye out.

#”Take this man outside of the camp, slit his throat.”

#Captain Elson’s plan.

#It would be more merciful to allow our enemies to flee.

#Eat with Cazarosta.

#I stick to small talk.

#Actually, I’ve got a plan of my own I’d rather we use.

#My brilliant plan will assure us a glorious victory!

Chapter X

#I would have Cazarosta do it.

#”I think you should do it sir.”

#Take the Antari commander captive for ransom. Allow the rest to leave.

Chapter XI

#I reassure Elson that our recent victory will make our uniforms recognizable enough.

#Have them give my full name as well as my regiment and rank, let them remember me.
Or if already took Thunderer:
#Name, rank, regiment, titles, decorations: everything. I want to make as big an impression as possible.

#Join Hunter and Hartigan in their conversation.

#Claim the Antari light cavalry are the most dangerous.

#Speak with Cazarosta.

#”Perhaps you are right. I will seek company elsewhere.”

Chapter XII

#”Absolutely sir, I am confident in our chances of victory.”

#Remind Elson how vital our regiment’s task is likely to be.

#Elson is right, if we win against Hussars, our glorious deeds will stand forever!

#”Can we still win this battle?”

#Volunteer to guard the castle with Cazarosta. My skills are of more use here than in the field.

#I try to convince him of the tactical merit of allowing me to retain command of my men.

“Very well, we will stand and hold this position then.”

#Ask Wittelbrook what he’s doing back here.

#”Surely I shall. Tell us the truth.”

#Convince Wittelbrook of the dire consequences of his proposed actions.

#Block the passage between the two castle towers with Cazarosta’s men reinforcing my own. I could use the help.

#Rally the men with a speech; they will fight better if their spirits are high.

#I’ll swear to them that I will not desert them at this desperate hour.
Or if with Harlech:
#I’ll remind the men of their duty as soldiers of the King.

#I cannot leave, but I can allow my men to. I shall let every one not willing to fight to the death escape with their lives.

#Be clever: Find a way to unhorse the Hussar and gut him before he can recover.

In Guns:

I recommend learning Antari and doing the secret mission to capture Princess Anna as there is enough charisma.

If one will not go to the Secret Misson and prefer to end up with 50 soldiering instead of 45: observing Cazarosta in Chapter 2b and following him in Chapter6 is a option, but Blaylock will not be mentored.

Another thing to be considered is Sergeant and Lieutenant autonomies.

In lords:

You only need to keep Intellect from decaying in Chapter 1.

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