Lost Chapter: All Events in Base Game and DLC

Including DLC & Patch.
Using CTRL F lets you find things faster and easier.


Setting the Tone

Two weeks… 7+ hours a day… All consecutive back to back days. I am one person and human.
There might be things I have missed. If you want me to add it into the guild I need a lot of information on how you got there, as best as you can.
There are a lot of events that have a percentage chance of success. I can only guess on what they mean after trying my best to test them in multiply games. It also doesn’t help that they all don’t scale linearly.
When it comes to events that heal the player. A lot of them don’t tell you by how much and if I’m at full HP, not at all. They are also done in percentage as well. So getting these numbers wasn’t something I can easily do, remaining almost dead and all.
I’m still new at making guides and this would be my biggest one I’ve made. If you have any questions or think I can improve something here, I’ll see what I can do to make it better.

For now I want to just add what I assume most people care about, items and stats.
I do have every dialog type up for every choice you can make. That is a lot of text and very confusing to look at. Not sure how, or if I want to add it into this guide. But for now I’ll just keep that handy.

I’ll add the first sentence, or two so CTRL F can be used on more than just choices, items and stats.
The DLC added a lot of more ways to gain/lose stats, if you didn’t get anything, that would be why.
If any of the stats that increase are Att, Def, Mag, Agl, or Lewd, they are permanent.
When it comes to LP & RP, if it will increase you maximum, I’ll add the word “Max” to it, otherwise it’s just a heal to that stat.
This will contain spoilers! *No way*

Key Items

Decayed Tents

Both Key Pieces
You arrived at what was once a market.

Here, you are able to pick up one item at a time. One of both Key pieces. Plushie & Music Box

Upon taking the last item you will be rewarded with +5 Virtue
When visiting this place while having the items in you inventory, Max RP +5 is given every time for completion of this Event
If you refuse anything from them, you will lose -5 Faith.

(DLC) If you visit them while Nude, they give clothes, not items.
(The Boy is Lose) You will not gain anything until they are dealt with.

Red Traveler

White Key Piece.
You caught sight of a person who collapsed on a path.

Rush over to help them. You will need the card Cure.

If you have already visited Cherry Blossoms Event, you can tell them to start moving. When they leave, you will be given Recovery Misanga.

If not, you will need to go there and come back to the Red Traveler. If you were to visit while they are still sitting there, they will give you 80 G.

Abandoning them to die will gives you -5 Virtue.

After they have left, each time visiting you will gain +1 Def for completing this Event.

Child’s Room

White Key Piece.
It brimmed with seemingly extravagant furnishings unsuitable for children.

Playing with them will give you +5 RP.

Dodge the question is Faith -5.

(Patch) Being in Regression State lets you be friends with them. Doing so, gains you Virtue +5 and Moon Hair Ornament.

After being friends, visiting again always gives Max Lewd +5 for completion of Event.


Black Key Piece
You found a suspicious clown who struck up a conversation.

What the coin lands on is your reward. Betting the right side just increases how much you get.

Heads = Gold. Winning is 200 G, losing is 100 G.

Tails = Healing

If you have the card Sacrament, it lands on its side. Causing them to hand over the Clown Mask.
When freed, you completed the Event, granting you +1 to a random stat.

You also might come across this. The only place where you see this icon. It increasing your highest stat [Not Lewd].

(DLC) Red Option: Bet your life. I have never seen this fail before, but in case it does, ready your F5 to reload the game. The Clown dies and you get the Clown Mask and a Pieris.

Cherry Blossoms

Black Key Piece
You chanced upon cherry blossoms that were in full bloom.

This Event does nothing until you helped and told Red Traveler about this place.

When they meet up with each other, they disappear and give you Virtue +5.

Visit the place after they are gone and you find Promise Pendant.

From now on, visiting gives Max Lewd +15 for completing the Event.


Combining items for Keys
Welcome. I am a locksmith and am willing to make a “key” if you so desire.

Here you are able to make both Keys if you have the items from above.

White Key = Endless Music Box, Recovery Misanga, Moon Hair Ornament.

Black Key = Affection Plushie, Clown Mask, Promise Pendant.

They warn you to not carry both keys at the same time. Just ignore them, you have places to be.

More Complex Events


You lit upon a dim prison.

Choose to let them out, or not.
Opening without both Keys gives you Faith +10

Opening with both Keys lets them run free, causing changes in Events.


You lit upon a sea. You could hear its roar.

Visiting gives you RP +5

(Boy is Free) You have two options;
Hold his hand is Virtue +20.
Get Revenge is Virtue -20.

Both options rid the boy from your other events.

Long Corridor

You came upon a long corridor.

Advance Right. You come across a portrait. Nothing can be done unless you are informed about looking behind it. If you have done the steps for Beggars Event, you will gain all your Gold back.

Advance Left. There’s a locked door, one of the Keys can open them.

White gives you AP +4 at the start of the turn.

Black gives you + 3 All Stats [Not Lewd].


You found beggars, specifically, a lad and an aged woman.

Donate 20 G to gain Virtue +5.
If you have over 80 Virtue and Donate, they will tell you about a the portrait for Long Corridor.
You will lose all of your gold while doing so though.

Advise only works with you have more than 70 Virtue. Doing so successfully gives Virtue +5.


You ran across a battlefield smelling of ash and death.

The card Healing is needed to save their life. When saved you will get Dusk Ring & Virtue +5.

If you see them a second time while saved, they will give you Collar Key.

Having the Collar Key in inventory will let you sit by the fire. Healing by an amount.

When coming back with their Dog, you will be rewarded with Max LP +30.

If you are on any of these steps for too many floors, or visit them without progressing anymore, it seems to bug out and causes the game to think they have died. Damaging you every time you visit.

If you don’t heal them, they will die, giving you Collar Key.

(DLC) Red Option: Kill them and you are given a Pieris.

To complete this Event, you must complete the rest of Throne & Hill Event.
When it’s completed, you get Virtue +5 and further visits gives Lux +50.


You ran across a scrawny dog sitting in front of a certain house.

Collar Key is needed to free them. After, you get Faithful Dog Lassi as a card. Used for Events.

After freeing Lassi for Events, or while in your Deck, you gain Max RP +5 each visit for completion.

(DLC) Red Option: Kill the Dog, get a Pieris.


You encountered a cat.

First Pat, Strip Card.
(DLC) Second Pat, Temptation Card.
(DLC) Third Pat, Taunt Card.
(DLC) Fourth Pat, Shadow Cat Assam Card.
(DLC) If you want the Cat, you must not remove any of the cards you get from petting.

Hug will grow your breasts, giving you Bosomy State.
Hug while in Bosomy State and you get Lewd +2.

(DLC) If you have the Cat (Assam) while visiting again, you gain Max RP +5 for completion.


You found a throne in the great hall of a decayed castle.

Asking about history is just lore and the only thing you can do without items.

If you have Dusk Ring, you get a request to place Aetolus Flag that is given to a Hill.

Returning without places the Flag will heal LP +10.

Returning while the Flag in planted gives you Max LP +5.

Going to the Hill and returning again will now start giving you Lux +70 for completion of Event.


You came upon a hill with a great view.

You can pick up a Forget-Me-Not here without items.

Hoisting Aetolus Flag, here will continue the Throne Event. Go pay the King a visit.

Coming back with the King, you get Virtue +5

You have completed this Event and from now on are rewarded with All Stats +1 (Not Lewd).

Full Moon

You cam upon water reflecting a full moon.

The first visit is always wasted on nothing.
From second visit onwards gives three options if choosing to see them.

Wish for Strength is Random Stat +1.

Wish for Gold is around 120 G.

Wish for Charm is Lewd + 2.

(DLC) If you picked at least one Red Option, this Red Option shows up.
Mysterious person shows up to attack you.
Guard lets you run away.
Counterattack lets you try and defeat them. If you fail, you will die here.
Killing them gives you a Pieris.

After defeating them, the whole Event turns into only giving Random Stat +1.
Game seems to have a bug where not even seeing the Mysterious person, you will at some point just have the Event give stat ups without killing them.

If the Flag is place and you visit here, you will come across some more lore and given Virtue +5.


You tumbled upon a camp within a forest.

Rummage though belongings to find Gold. Virtue -3 each time you succeed.
Chances are as follows > 90%, 72%, 54%, 36%, 18%.
If you fail, Lewd +3. and lose all Gold stolen.

If you have the Dog with you, failing allows you to sacrifice it to not gain Lewd.
Dog dying is Virtue -10.

(DLC) Red Option: Unsure exactly how this shows up. The option is you ignoring them. Might need to have very low Virtue to trigger.
There are two percent cheeks that I don’t know how they scale.
However you are able to have it be 100% if you have the cards Hynel Defensor & Step.
When they are dealt with, you gain 3 Pieris.

After visiting Camp while they are dead, you gain a little Gold.


You chanced upon a boundless desert.

You start off taking LP -2.
(DLC) You take more damage if you are Nude, LP -5.
It seems to be 50-50 on who you come across.

Drink the water and it’s fine. Get LP +3 & Faith +5.

Drink the water and it’s aphrodisiac. Lewd +3.

Red Option: If drinking aphrodisiac, you can kill them after. You need close to 0 Virtue to do so.
(DLC) After killing them, you get Virtue -10 & a Pieris.

If you ignore them and move on you don’t get healed.
If you drank the Aphrodisiac and moved on, next battle will start you in Lust State.

Man and Woman

You encountered a man and a woman arguing.

Percent chance of things happening are tied with Faith, higher, the better I’m guessing.
(DLC) If Nude, it will always be 0%.

Man is wrong gets you Max LP +5.

Woman is wrong gets you Max RP +5.

(Boy is Free) Turns the visit to increase Random Stat +1.


You happened upon a person zealously praying at the Temple of Twilight.

In this Event, you will be talking to “Good, or Evil” priests. It seems to be 50-50 on who.

Assistance – Large Heal.
Salvation – Remove Crest/Faith +5.
Mercy – 60 G.

Assistance – Forget-Me-Not.
Salvation – Womb Crest/Faith +5.
Mercy – Lewd +2. (Patch) If you are in Regression State, they will not give Lewd.

There is something else that happens, but I don’t know how to trigger it. You might need to be in Regression with high Lewd without any semen on you. If you happen to trigger the special Event, the people disappears and you gain Lewd +4. I haven’t had this happen more than once per run.

Heaven or Hell

You stumbled upon a place you couldn’t distinguish if it were like heaven or hell.

Stay and follow gives you Womb Crest & Lewd +2.
Do it again gives you 1 of 5 Cards; Ride On, Encase, Candylick, Projection & Ride Back.
Each is for training a body part. They are given out randomly. You can receive the same one again.

Stay but say “Begone Demon” is a option if you don’t want lewd, while keeping you faith.
Can only be said if you don’t have Womb Crest.

Leaving is Faith -5.

Least Complex Events

Mountain Path

As you walked on, you came to a mountain path.

Continue onward gives you Agl +1.
Turning back gives you Mag +1.


You stumbled upon a river.

Don’t know why the percent changes.

Crossing gives Def +1.
(DLC) If Nude, you will take small damage because of cold.
If you fail, you will take damage do to sprained ankles.

Take a detour gives Agl +1.

Snowy Mountain

You arrived at an extremely cold, snowy mountain and were ill-equipped to bear frigid air.

Entering damages you.
(DLC) Take a little more damage if Nude.

Pick up the Forget-Me-Not.


You found a shabby inn.

Rest for -50 G is assuming a small heal.

Rest for -150 G is assuming a large heal.

Moving on does nothing.

You are able to perform a “dance” if you have Levy Suit Card & 20+ Lewd.
You gain a random amount of gold during it. After you get Lewd +3.


You came across a marsh.

Exploring is a percentage chance that I do not understand. My guess is how high you Virtue is.
If successful, you get a Forget-Me-Not.
If fail, you use a bit of stamina. LP -3.

There is another item you can get called Old Iron Hammer. I don’t know how this shows up.


You cam across a flower.

Pick it up for a Forget-Me-Not

Water it using Pretty Water for All Stats +1 (Not Lewd).

Storage Room

You happened upon an old storage room.

Don’t know why the percent changes.

Both options give the same thing, Card Rewards.
Pick whatever is the highest, or leave without anything.


You stumbled upon an unkempt desk in the center of a dreary room.

Blue Potion: Max LP +5
Red Potion: Giving Bosomy State, or removing it. Or Grow / Shrink breasts.
(Patch) Yellow: Only shows if you are in Regression State. Removes Regression State.

Hot Spring

You happened across a gushing hot spring.

It seems to be a 50-50 for one or the other.

Entering the hot spring gives a Heal.
Entering the pond of acid deals Damage.
If you have the Dog (Lassi), they will bark if it’s acid.

Pond in a Forest

You came upon a pond in a forest.

Drinking Heals

Scooping Gives you Pretty Water.

Bathe in water removes all semen from your body as well as slime.


You arrived at a market.

Buy a Random Stat +1 with 30 G.
Investment Card sets the price to 50 G, but you get to choose what to +1 (Not Lewd).

(DLC) Red Option: Kill the merchant for a Pieris.

(Boy is Free) You get nothing.

Mountain of gold

You tumbled upon a mountain of gold and treasures.

Take the 200 G and trigger the trap.
Failing to dodge damages you and your clothes for a little bit of health.

If you leave without taking anything you lose Faith -5.


You came upon a room that had the smell of mold and overflowed with books.

Pay 40 G for Mag +1 & Faith -5.

You can pay 160 G if your Magic is 15, or more. Doing so will give Mag + 2, Faith -5.

Showing off Levy Suit Card skips the paying part. Also giving Mag +1, Faith -5 & Lewd +2.

(Boy is Free) Force to read books. Giving Mag +1 & Faith -5.

Dense Forest

You stumbled upon a dense forest.

I think the percentage scales off of Faith, more you have, better odds.

Pass through gives Agl +1.

Turning back, or leaving hurts you a little.


You tumbled upon a man unloading cargo from a wagon.

Helping hurts you by 2 damage. Giving 80 G & Virtue +5.

No clue how the chance works here.
Pilfer successfully gives 150 G & Virtue -5.
If you fail, Lewd +2 & Virtue -5.

Leaving without doing anything still reduces Faith -5.

Clothing Store

You arrived at a clothing store.

This Event only shows up if you have damaged clothing.
(DLC) Or Nude.

(DLC) Red Option: Kill them to gain Pieris.

Suspension Bridge

You came upon a suspension bridge in a forest.

Paying the 60 G lets you pass without taking damage, or doing anything lewd.

Don’t pay, you take small damage, but still gets through the event.

Seduce is something you can do with more than 10 lewd.
Get 100 G & Lewd +2 if seduced.

DLC Only Events

Slave Market

Come in, come in and take a look. I have some fresh, live slaves from the land of the beast men.

If you have 500 G, you only need to show them that. They don’t take away your gold.
Doing so and accepting the offer gives you Beastification State.

If you are in Beastification State and visit again, they will tell you to go away.
Try to shut them up and succeed, you have the option to let them off the hook giving 300 G.
Red Option: Or you can kill them giving you a Pieris and losses Beastification State.

Failing to shut them up gives Lewd +2. The options to follow orders at this point don’t do anything.

If you are Nude, you can just skip the failing part and jump right into getting Lewd + 3.
You need very high Lewd, or had your body “trained” enough to trigger this.

Old Woman

Wandering around in search of light in the pitch black night, where not even a star twinkled, I found a shabby hut.

Enter and accept the message gives you Virtue + 5.
Coming back with delivering the message will give you a Full Heal.
When you come back after delivering the message you get another Virtue +5.

Red Option: Enter and steal money. Gain 150 G & Pieris.

Leaving will lose you Faith -5.


You went to the way the soldier told you and arrived at the gate.

Out of every event in the game, I had the most issues with this one to spawn. I don’t know its trigger. I have had it spawn as soon as I picked up The Old Hammer, but that might be just a coincidence.

Going though the checkpoint doesn’t do anything.

Tell them about the message from The Old Woman Event.
Both options are the same. You get Virtue +5 Memento Chisel.


An unfamiliar hut. In one of the rooms, you found yourself. The door led to the dining room.

Do you know how to get out option is Faith +5.

What about you is Virtue +5.

Brought a tool, the Memento Chisel. Gives you Virtue +5.
Showing up again at this point will show you a statue, giving a bonus in the Natal Pray Card.


Is this a barracks? Armor and leather goods are scattered here and there.

Wanting to fight while not having the Dusk Ring will give it to you.
Wanting to fight with the Dusk Ring gives you Def +1.

Red Option: Wanting to fight while having “New Ruler” Starting Class and high stats will kill them, giving you a Pieris.

If you have the Dog (Lassi), you can give it to them, giving you the same reward. Max LP +30.

I don’t know what to do doesn’t seem to do anything.

Farming Village

Walking along a road where the cosmos blossoms, I arrived at a farming village.

Show contempt for the man is lose you Faith -5.

Praise the woman gives you Faith +5.

Red Option: Releasing Desire will give you Lewd +2.
From now on, you only get Virtue -5 when visiting when this is done.

Royal Tomb

An ancient royal tomb, perhaps.

I think the percentage is based off of Faith. The lower, the better.
Exploring the coffin is Faith -5. If you succeed, you get Rare Card Reward.
If you have Cat (Assam), there’s not a percent chance, or Faith down, you just get a Rare Card.

Leaving will give you Faith +5.


In a dusky forest, there is a hut.

Can only show up if you have Conception State.
A lot of text with nothing to do. Basically you just lose Conception State at the end.

Vacant Cabin

You found a vacant cabin as you continued to feel a burning sensation inside your body.

Only shows up if you are in the Lust State.
You can remove it while gaining Lewd +5.

Or leave while staying the in the Lust State.


It’s a hut. There are costumes on the desk in the room.

Wear Normal Clothes.
Wear the Swimsuit.

Stay as you are gives you Lux +50.

Flower Crown

Welcome, sister. Do you have any flowers?

Only shows up if you have enough flowers.

Give 4 Forget-Me-Nots for Crown of Forget-Me-Not.

Give 4 Pieris for Crown of Pieris.


You found yourself in a graveyard.

Only shows up if you have a Crown.

Offer a Crown of Forget-Me-Not for LP Regen +5.

Offer a Crown of Pieris for RP Regen +5.

Leaving is Faith -5.

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