Lost in Random: Walkthrough 100%

Welcome to the walkthrough for Lost in Random, an action-adventure title that puts you in the shoes of Even as she travels through the world of Random in an attempt to save her sister Odd from the evil Queen. The game has an interesting take on combat and aesthetically feels like a Tim Burton-esque world of twisted darkness and self-aware humor via the Narrator.
It would take about 10-12 hours to finish the game if you’re not skipping dialogue and story content which I would recommend since I found it quite enjoyable. With skips, it should still take about 8 hours.



Once you gain control after opening cutscene, run around for 5 minutes without collecting the Dice Energy and avoiding the enemies to unlock;

En Garde!
Go unscathed for 5 minutes in battle.

Follow Odd back home. During the sequence, she gives you a slingshot which you can use to hit the blue switches. You get a couple of cutscenes after reaching home. You should also have unlocked;

Happy Birthday
Finish the introduction.

Follow the ghost through the void until you reach Odd and another cutscene.

When you wake up at home, go down the stairs and out of the house (you can interact with the markers to get extra story) for another cutscene. From this point, keep an eye out for pots that you can hit with the Slingshot to get coins. Depending on how thorough you are, you may unlock this early or later so I’ll just put it here;

The Menace
Shoot 50 pots.

Follow the ghost and talk to Astrid to get past. Follow the path until you get to the intro to Onecroft. Walk forward until you see three kids trying to hit pots. Hit all 3 then take the tunnel behind the kids all the way home and interact with the door until the marker disappears to unlock;

Knock Knock
Go home and knock.

Talk to the kids and take the only path down towards Greta. Keep heading down the path to follow the ghost. You also see Archie on top of a set of stairs. There are 6 pots in the area, 4 of them can be found by taking a ladder down behind the crate next to Archie.

Continue to follow the ghost and take a right at the T-junction. Pass Mangvile for some more story, continue along the path following the ghost and reach the area from the start of the game. Go through the passage and take the path on the left.

Follow the planks and the path to a giant dice for a cutscene. You have now gained some cards. Follow the ghost into the pit and walk forward a bit to reach The Harbour.

Drop down and hit the switch to cross over and talk to Snake Eye. When facing Snake Eye, there is a ladder behind some crates at your 4’o clock. Climb it and hit the switch to create a bridge across. Make sure to avoid the red lights while crossing. Hit the switch again after crossing the beam in order to move it to the next gap. Cross it to pick up a Storybook page (1/10). This should also unlock;

Solve the puzzle in Onecroft.

Hit the blue switch again to move it to the next spot.

Drop down from here to reach an area with a single crate in the middle and a red light moving back and forth. When the light comes towards you, hug the wall to the right of the crate and run straight through the gap ahead to find a ladder to climb and reach a Storybook page (2/10).

Return to the single crate and hit the blue switch above to open a path under a crate. Go up and around to hit the switch again and cross to the next area.

Drop down and hug the right wall. Turn around once you reach a crate between two red lights and follow the path towards Herman and interact with the door. Talk to Herman if you want and then go to sleep. You should also unlock;

Stow away on the boat.

Run straight to the house in the void-like area and head up the staircase to a giant pot for another cutscene.

You take control in the Valley of Dice. Keep going straight past a couple of rooms with soldiers until you reach a cutscene with a live soldier. Run around until the perspective shifts to a dice. Press  until the dice is awake, then take the right path to the glowing pad. After this sequence you should unlock;

You’re a Dice Wielder, Even
Get your own personal dice.

Send Dicey out to stand on a pad and stand on the other one. Go through the path until you reach the room with the 3 soldiers we saw earlier. Defeat all 3 to acquire the Bomb card.

Follow the path that opens up to another encounter, this time with some tiny bug-like things. They come in waves and this is where we can pick up another couple of achievements.

The encounter starts with two bugs coming to life. Collect the Dice energy from them and look for the Bomb card to appear. DO NOT use the Sword card for this encounter! If you do not get the Bomb card in your hand, collect energy until you do. You can throw the Dice and recall it using  to shuffle the deck again. Once you get the Bomb card, destroy the two that are chasing you. This causes 4 more to come alive. Collect enough energy until you have the Bomb card again and use it. Place it in a way where at least 3 of the bugs are close to it. There is a delay between shooting the bomb and the explosion so try to account for that as well. If done correctly, you should unlock;

Defeat 3 of the Queen’s minions using one bomb.

Clear out the rest of the encounter by using only the Bomb card and you also unlock;

Complete a battle without using any weapon cards.

Head through the now open path and follow it to find another live Dice. Finish the conversation to unlock the door ahead and go through. You enter an encounter with a soldier spawning from a card. Take care of the enemies in any manner you prefer and proceed through the path.

You enter a boss fight with the Ancient Rook. Beat him to gain the Dice Wielder’s Boon card. Finish the conversation with Dicey and head through the door. Follow the path in the void until you reach another cutscene after which you should unlock;

Whisked Away
Return to Random.

Walk forward through the door and onto the door pad. Use Dicey with  to unlock the door. Follow the ghost and the linear path down to a cutscene introducing Two Town.

Two Town

Walk through the opening and take the first alleyway on the left next to the fish-like Uno Jinx to find your first Dice Door. Use  to send Dicey through it and unlock;

Go Fetch!
Open your first dice door.

Take the stairs up for another Dice Door, then take the straight path to Mannie Dex. You receive your Card Binder and can buy cards from him at this location after completing the dialogue choices.

Buy as many unique cards as you can from him to fill up the loyalty bar to unlock a Golden Pin and a new pack of cards to add to the stock. Turn right from the shop, follow the ghost further and after it goes through the gate, head up the stairs to an encounter with one guard. After it is completed, cross the bridge and enter another encounter with more enemies. Finish the fight to grab a Key and open the door that you came through.

Take the path back and, instead of going down to the gate, take the path on the right all the way up (talk to the wolf lady if you would like) to reach two glowing pads. Send Dicey onto one of them and stand on the other one yourself to reveal a switch. Hit it with the slingshot, then swap pads with Dicey to reveal another switch. Hit this one to create bridge across and pick up a Storybook page (3/10) as well as unlock;

Solve the tower puzzle in Two-Town.

Take the path down and go back to the gate. Unlock it and follow the ghost for a short scene of Little Joe being chased. Head through the archway and take the stairs to the right around the path and into an encounter to save Little Joe. After the conversation, take the ladders down to the right for another Dice Door. Drop further down and head to the left to reach Two Town Square which has a couple more quest-givers and a Mannie Dex shop. Head to the middle for another cutscene about the door to Threedom and your first board game battle.

The goal of the board game is to get the piece to the other side by rolling your Dicey. If the piece lands on certain tiles, it can trigger special effects like Slow Bubble or treasure carrying birds. Enemies spawn to provide Dice energy for you to roll and despawn as soon as the piece reaches the end. Get the piece to the other side of the board to unlock;

Win your first board game.

You should also have received a Game Master card. A door opens next to a Dice Door. Talk to Lisbette to pick up a quest for another Dice. Now head back to the middle of the board game and keep rolling Dicey with  until you can’t anymore to unlock;

Third Time’s a Charm
Try to open the gate to Threedom prematurely.

Head over to Mannie Dex if you can buy some cards. If you have collected more than 15 cards by now, you should also unlock Deck Modification to keep it at 15 cards. Turn right from Mannie to find Jared/Jored and pick up another quest for Bloobs. Send Dicey through the Dice Door, then go further right to find Odo Thump and the first Bloob. Head up the path behind to reach a short conversation with the Bloob and pick him up afterward. Head back down the path. Odo gives you a reward as you pass by.

Take the path back to Scoundrel’s Alley and talk to Wanda. Offer her a rare word ‘adlubescence’ to get ‘oblectament’ in return. Head slightly further up the path and on the left you can find a ladder behind some crates next to a shadowy person. Climb up to find the second Bloob. Head back down and towards Seller Street to Threw Pipkin. Trade him the word ‘oblectament’ for a gubblegregger. Just next to him, on the broken ladder, you can find the third Bloob.

Head back towards in to Scoundrel’s Alley and take the right path up to Little Joe. Trade the gubblegregger with him to get a dead Four Sided Dice. Head down the ladders and into Two Town Square to turn in the quests. Talk to Jared/Jored and decide who you would want to give the Bloobs to in return for a Natalya’s Bell card, then talk to Lisbette. Turn in the Four Sided Dice to get some coins, then take the open path next to her.

Walk a bit further in for an introduction to Seemore. After accepting his quest, continue down the path to introduce yourself to the Mayor. After a few dialogue choices, take the only path to the right upwards to him. Finish the conversation up here to have him bring down an elevator. Take it up to talk to Royam.

After the talk, take the first path to the left all the way around to a Mannie Dex shop and an arena with an NPC (Big Red). Finish the encounter with a bunch of enemies and talk to Big Red for a reward. Pick up the inspirational poster here and then exit out the arena using the door on the right. Bill Welding and a Storybook page are on a platform above. Turn right and follow the path to the next Inspirational Poster. Pick it up, then turn around to hit a switch that brings the Storybook page down and unlocks;

Upside Downtowner
Solve the puzzle in the Upside Downtown.

Head back up the path to collect the Storybook Page (4/10) then take the left path to Royam again. Take the path at your 1’o clock from here and turn left to find the third Inspirational Poster. Now take the opposite path and follow it around to the final Inspirational Poster. Return to Royam and engage in the rhyming battle. Use the words you learned to rhyme with the verses after which you should unlock;

Served – Secret
Defeated Royam in Rhyme Battle.

A short scene shows you the way to ladder that is now available to go further down. Head to it and take it down to a Mannie Dex shop and another Board Game with 3 arenas to clear. If blocked by an adversary card, you have to beat the enemy that the card spawned to be able to move the piece forward.

Walk forward a bit after the arena to talk to the Mayor. Talk to Mannie if you want to buy some cards, then head down to an encounter with a bunch of enemies. Keep following the path down to reach a boss battle with Royam.

With each phase, Royam engages in rhyme battles. After these choices, a bunch of enemies spawns to help you get Dice energy to keep attacking. You can attack Royam’s hands on either side or use arrows to do some ranged damage. After you defeat him, you should unlock;

Two Sides of the Same Coin – Secret
United the two sides of the Mayor.

Engage in a conversation with Dicey, then head through the only open path back to Two Town Square and a conversation with the Mayor.

Before going to Seemore, head back to Scoundrel’s Alley and take the path up to Little Joe (The stairs should be on the left next to Harry Twofold). Confront Little Joe and finish the dialogue to gain some coins and complete the last side quest of the area. Head back to Two Town Square and talk to Seemore. He adds the third pip to upgrade Dicey, allowing you to now roll 3s. Press ” Y ” to roll Dicey and open the gate to Threedom.

Threedom #1

Walk down the path as the dice on your back gets bigger, eventually you end up in a room with some figures. Interact with the figure with the [!] mark to bring the Queen out and make some dialogue choices.

After the cutscene, send Dicey through the Dice Door directly behind you, then head down the only path and follow the ghost. You catch up to them after a bit of a walk and a jump down to an area called The Spider Gondola. After the cutscene, take the only path to the left all the way to Threedom Town Square and another introductory custcene.

Talk to Reginaldovio III to pick up a quest, then head over to Neeshka to progress the story a bit. After the cutscene is over, walk down the path until you reach Margaret Took who has a [!] mark on her. Talk to her to pick up another quest. Take the stairs next to her down to Streetlight Terminal, use the Dice Door and send Dicey to the glowing pad under the switch. Stand on the other glowing pad and hit the switch to turn out a light. Head back up the stairs and turn left to follow the path in to a conversation with Shadowman.

After updating the quest, head back through the only path to Threedom Town Square and talk to Neeshka. After the conversation is over, she reveals a Dice pad in the middle of the Square. Use Dicey to trigger a cutscene and open up a lower path next to the bell path. Take this path all the way down to The Trenches and talk to Teatime Tootsie to get another side quest. Turn around from here and take the path straight. Send Dicey to stand on the glowing pad to prevent the gate from coming up and cross over into The Count’s Domain.

After the cutscene, you can walk straight down the path towards the Count, but just before you reach him, you enter an encounter arena. Use the glowing pads to keep the fences open or stay off them to isolate enemies before taking on more. After the fight, finish the dialogue with The Count and take the left path with the Dice Pad. Use Dicey on the pad to get rid of the Path Guard in the yellow-lit tunnel. Take the only path through and hang a right at Mannie’s shop to reach the Trenches and the Lost Girl. Talk to the Lost Girl to pick up a quest with an achievement tied to it, then take the left path up to the Duke’s Domain.

Head up to the Duke and talk to him, afterwards talk to the three ladies around the gate with exclamation marks to learn proper etiquette. Take the stairs up next to the third lady to talk to Greta Ringer and finish the first side quest of the area. Head over to the Duke and talk to him, using all the options with the most “etiquette”. Talk to him some more and exhaust all the options, when you leave the conversation you should see a key right next to you. Head over to the Dice Pad and use Dicey to move some more of the path guards.

Head back the way you initially came down to the Trenches and talk to Arthur Stout to the right of Mannie’s store to pick up a quest. Now take the path to the right of Mannie’s store. The signpost should indicate that you are heading to The Old Dungeon and The Baroness’ Domain. Just a bit further ahead should be an opening in the left wall that you can go in to and collect Count Shmoo III. After picking it up, you enter a long encounter with a bunch of smaller enemies and one large boss type. If you have purchased 3 Game Master cards by now, you should be able to unlock the achievement for playing 8 cards in the same round here. My deck here was

  • 3x Game Master
  • 2x Superb Draw
  • 1x Lucky Draw
  • 1x Bow of One
  • 1x Sword of Three
  • 1x Bomb!
  • 1x Dice Wielder’s Boon
  • 1x Hammer of Two
  • 1x Time Trap
  • 1x Quick Draw
  • 1x Ooma’s Embrace
  • 1x Natalya’s Bell

When you draw cards, look for the Game Master card and pin two of them when they come up. Whenever you get the third Game Master to appear in your draw, use them all and if you get Dice Wielder’s Boon, you should be able to use some cards for free. This is a bit luck-based but it is the earliest possible point to get the achievement with (as far as I know). If you’ve done it correctly, you should unlock;

All In
Play 8 cards in the same round.

Head out the way you came and take a left at the opening. Head straight down the path and talk to the tiny Pip Pipikins. Convince him to fight for himself for an easy reward. Head up the ladder to reach an area with a bunch of blue switches.

This is a time-based puzzle where you have to stand on the glowing pad to trigger the timer and hit all the switches before the time runs out to unlock the Storybook page. The timing is kind of lenient and it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of tries after which you should unlock;

Solve the puzzle in Threedom.

Collect the Storybook Page (5/10) and talk to the guy standing in front of the glowing pad for another quest. Take the path next to him to enter an encounter that leads to the Baroness’ Domain. Once you’ve cleared out the large boss type, another door opens that you can go through to reach the Baroness. Talk to her and exhaust all dialogue options, then talk to Rodrick nearby to pick up another quest. Use the Dice Pad to clear out some more guards and head over to the Board Game.

This Board Game is a little different, the piece moves in a continuous triangle until the tower in the middle is destroyed. The corners have cannons that damage the enemy and the middle tiles have walls to protect from the bombs being launched at you. You have to get the piece to land on the cannon tiles and shoot the switch to launch the bomb. The boss has three phases during which enemies spawn and their cannon shot count increases. Get rid of the larger enemies first as they only spawn once. The bugs spawn until you defeat the game. After rolling, you can see a highlight of where your piece is to land. You can use Game Master cards here to push the piece towards cannons if you need to. You are rewarded with a Blink Attack card and can collect Neeshka’s arm from the middle platform.

Head back down the path to Wildcard Hill where you enter another encounter. Take out the enemies to unlock another pathway with a Mannie store. Head past Mannie and take the path up to a Colossus Head. Finish the conversation here to get the Murder Weapon! (dun-dun-dunnnnn). Head back downwards and hang a left in to a tunnel to find the underground Lost Girl. Take the path beside her to reach a short meeting with the Shadowman further ahead. Keep going down the path to reach the Duke’s Domain. Next to the Dice Pad, straight ahead should be Henry Stout. Talk to him to finish the quest and receive a Time Trap card. Take the path down and turn right from Mannie’s store, past Arthur Stout to reach back up to Teatime Tootsie. Talk to her and tell her about all the three to receive an Acid Cannon card. Turn right from her and head straight to The Count to turn in Count Shmoo III. You receive a Dark Pinkie as a reward. Towards the yellow-lit tunnel you can also find Stella Pantzaar, wife of Rodrick. Talk to her and exhaust the conversation for some coin rewards.

Head through the yellow tunnel all the way to Mannie’s store and open the gate to the left. You have an enemy encounter here to deal with and receive a Crystal Curse card as a reward. Head up the now open ramps to collect one half of the Duke’s Portrait. Head out of the Nostalgium and take the path straight ahead to another short encounter with Shadowman.

Threedom #2

Keep following the path and use the signs to get to where the puzzle Storybook page 5 was (towards the Baroness’ Domain) and take the path up past Mannie’s store to find the teapot Lost Girl (this area is blocked off earlier). After sending her to the Sword Bridge, move further forward for another short encounter with Shadowman. Head further along the path to find Mister Mono. Talk to him and exhaust the dialogue. Pick your favorite way by going to either person and claim the coin reward. Keep going down the path to end up at the Sword Bridges. Talk to the Lost Girl to finish the quest, gain a D8 of Hate card as well as unlock;

Ghost Story
Help the lost girl in Threedom.

Take the path opposite the bridge all the way up to the Duke’s Domain and talk to him. Hand over the Portrait and collect the Triplet Family Portrait. You should also unlock;

Grown-ups Do the Talking – Secret
Found all of the clues to spark Neeshka’s memory.

Take the path back to the Sword Bridges and continue on the bridge back to Threedom Town Square. Talk to Neeshka here and show her all 4 items. After the cutscene, you get some pips and a Rulemaster’s Bow card. Interact with the marker near the Gondola to leave the area and unlock;

One Way Ticket To Sixtopia
Sneak aboard the spider gondola.

Back in control, head to the glowing pad to switch to Dicey. Navigate the pipes to reach the higher glowing pad and open the gate for Even to go through. Head up the stairs and talk to Lucky on the far side. She tells on you to Nanny Fortuna and after the cutscene you enter the first fight with her.

There isn’t much to this fight. She charges at you when you’re close and throws bombs at range. To get the energy for the first roll, get her to charge at one of the crystal mounds. Small enemies start to spawn a bit later to provide more Dice Energy. Once you get her down to 25% or less, a cutscene triggers and you unlock;

Not Over Until the Nanny Sings
Fight the Nanny.

Fourburg #1

You end up in Fourburg after the cutscene. Follow either path to end up near a wall. Drop down from here to find some spider gondolas searching for you. Take the path to the left, avoiding the red spotlights where needed. You reach an archway eventually, drop down and walk a bit further to be diverted off the path. Walk forward and eventually you reach a door past a long, windy walkway. Interact with the door to reach Fourburg Square. After a short announcement, the glowing door opens for you to go through. You enter into an arena to survive against the Fourman’s minions. After some enemies are defeated, a cutscene triggers. You meet Ludo Betz. Exhaust all the dialogue options and take the path to the left after he’s gone to find a ladder that leads up towards Lost Soul Alley. Talk to the kids here before moving on to collect a ghost story. Talk to Fourdinand and Razz Matazz to pick up a quest. To the right of them should be a Dice Door and a ladder down. Talk to Burbink Topsy-Turvy here and tell him about beating Royam to get another Rulemaster’s Bow card.

Take the only path to the open area with a caged Storybook page. You need to hit 4 switches in the time limit to open the cage. Take the path up next to the cage up to the dead end so you can see a switch on the far side. Hit the switch and turn to the right to hit another switch on the walkway you just came up on. Head down the same path and hit the switch opposite to the last one you hit. Walk straight from the bottom of the walkway and above the vendor opposite Mannie’s store is the final switch. If you hit them all in time, the cage should open and you unlock;

Catapult Slinger
Solve the puzzle in Fourburg.

Pick up Storybook page (6/10) and talk to the vendor Spooky Steve to pick up another quest. You can turn in the one ghost story that we learned from the kids near the ladder. Take the path to the right of Steve and talk to Corporal Neil Oyster to pick up another story. Take the path straight past Mannie and the glowing door to reunite with Seemore. Talk to him to upgrade Dicey to rolling fours. Finish up the conversation to unlock;

A Dicey Situation – Secret
Reunited with Dicey.

The Soothsayer Tents are directly behind the two NPCs. Follow the path until you reach the Rugbearer’s Domain. Talk to Madame Tetra to pick up another ghost story. Head into the tent for a cutscene and conversation with the Rug Reader. Head back out through the Soothsayer’s Tents and talk to the two NPCs standing right next to the gate. Follow the choices below;

  • “Sure, sounds like fun”
  • Either choice
  • Either choice
  • “Ok! I’ll roll your dice”
  • “Is that… good?”
  • “All in. Everything”

When you’re done with the conversation, you get a Sonic Bloob card and also unlock;

Gazoo, Gazaak!
Win a game of Gazoo, Gazaak!

Head up the ramp and into the arena that opened up. Purchase the Dice Slice card from Mannie Dex if you haven’t already and equip it. We need it for another tricky achievement. If you have been looking for pots and Dice Door frequently, you should also be able to unlock all the card packs for Mannie’s store so all that’s left is to buy the remaining cards. Drop down and use Dicey to start the Board Game.

The Board Game takes you up a windy path to the end, nothing different from the ones previously encountered. Keep rolling and defeating enemies until the piece gets to the top. Take the ladder down after you’re done and talk to the Two Town Worker. You get a Purple Thread at the end of the conversation and teleport back out to the entrance.

Head through the orange-lit pathway to find a Wanted poster of you. Interact with it for the first of 5 posters. Head up to the path into an encounter with some enemies. If you have the Dice Slice card, you could try to pop the next achievement here. Take out the flying enemies first and reduce the health of the soldiers down to as low as possible without killing them. When rolling the dice, pin the Dice Slice card so it appears in every subsequent roll. Once you have just the soldiers left on low life, pop the Dice Slice and exit the dimension. Send Dicey off as far away as possible, then put the enemies in the line between the two of you. With any luck and a fair bit of dodging around, you should be able to knock it out and unlock;

Dice and Slice
Defeat 3 of the Queen’s minions using the same Dice Slice.

Talk to Elma near the exit, then drop down and pick up poster #2. Talk to Rando Dicewise near the center of the area. Climb up the ladder and head back towards Elma’s friends in Lost Soul Alley (take the path under the purple neon dice). Talk to them to complete the quest and gain a Super Elixir card. To the left of their location is the next arena that opened up after talking to Rando. Head in and enter the Board Game.

This one is a bit of a chase. Once you roll your dice, the back wall starts chasing your piece. Try to get as high a roll as possible, and add Game Master cards to give your piece a movement boost. Once you reach the end and beat all the enemies, you receive a Dead Dice as a reward as well as some coins.

Hang right and head back across to Rando. Talk to him about Cubey and gain the Blue Thread as a reward. Take the stairs to the right and head straight to the area with the collected Storybook. A new NPC can be interacted with here. Talk to her and another arena nearby should open up. Turn right from her location and over to the far corner to interact with Alotta Kards in front of a poster. After the conversation, interact to collect poster #3. Head over to Spooky Steve and turn in the stories you’ve collected. You get some coins and a Hammer of Two card. Talk to Mannie to buy some cards while we’re here.

Opposite Spooky Steve is the alleyway where the next arena opened up. Head in and shoot the globe in to the hole. Drop down and start the board game.

This Board Game requires you to drop globes into the hole to bring a ladder down in the middle. Each globe brings the ladder a step down. Globes are collected on top of three platforms after every time you roll. You have to hit the switches to drop the globes onto the lower level and into the hole. You can also use your weapons to nudge them in the right direction when necessary. When the ladder drops, you get a Dear Jane Letter and some coins. Head up the ladder and out the arena to Odessa. Finish the dialogue options to get the Red Thread.

From Odessa, head straight through Lost Souls Alley and into Quarterstone Arena for poster #4, then head back towards Odessa and a little bit further past Mannie to the left is poster #5. You get a Super Elixir card as a reward. Turn right and head to the Rugreader’s Domain through Soothsayer Tents to talk to the Rug Reader.

You teleport to the catacombs. Follow the path and interact with the stones for some lore content. Reach the marker for the next conversation. After the cutscene, you receive some more Dice Pips and the Quick Draw card. You should also unlock;

Without a Trace
Meet the Witch of the Valley.

Fourburg #2

Head out of the Soothsayer Tents into an encounter with a few enemies. Clear them out and head over to Seemore. Before you choose to leave, Fourburg is a good spot to farm for coins. It is a relatively small area with a lot of pots around, so it is possible to clear the pots then exit to Main Menu and reload the game to respawn the pots. Your coin count persists every time you reload, but if you are facing issues, talk to Mannie once and back out for the game to save. I’d recommend farming here until you buy all the cards or maybe have 3-4 left, it does save some hassle in collecting all the pots and Dice Doors later. If you do farm them all out now, after exiting the shop you should unlock;

Card Collector
Buy all the cards Mannie Dex has to offer.

Talk to Seemore to upgrade Dicey to 5 pips. After the cutscene you immediately enter an encounter in the Fourman’s arena. Take out the enemies to get a High Roller card. After the cutscene, exhaust all the dialogue options with Dicey and talk to the ghosts. After you talk to Johnny Sleeveless with the [!] mark, you enter a boss fight with the Bag Brothers.

It’s a simple boss fight, there are two of them carrying light sources that you can knock off for Dice energy. They both share the lifebar so isolate one and attack them with either the lance or the hammer. They have a swooping attack that can be easily dodged and if you have the time stop card, you can leave them vulnerable for a significant period of time. After beating the brothers, you should get a Sword of Three card as well as unlock;

A Grim Fairy Tale – Secret
Defeated the Bag Brothers.

When you’re back in control after the cutscene, follow the only open path and interact with the marker. Wait for the incoming ship and a cutscene. Keep walking straight ahead in the void until you reach another cutscene. Head through the portal to reach a maze, follow the path around to reach a ramp upward and drop down in to a room full of Odds. Head towards the shiny RGB mask. Finish the conversation with Odd and you end up back in the boat with Death while unlocking;

Back on Track – Secret
Got a pep talk from Death.


You land in Fivetropolis and Dicey is fully upgraded to 6. Follow the ghost to the door and use Dicey to open it up. Head down the only path and drop down into an area with three people and a Mannie store ahead. Head up past Mannie to talk to Cinco Jinx who calls some guards for you to fight. Clear them out and head through the path he was blocking to talk to him again. He gives you a card for your troubles.

Follow the path ahead and around into an enemy encounter. Clear them out and climb the ladder to reach Card Maker Road. You get a quest automatically and can talk to 2 NPCs here, 1 on either side (Ned and Larry). After talking to them, take the path ahead and drop down to the Bottom Level of Card Maker Road. Talk to Kleeb here to complete the quest and get some coins.

Head towards Visionary’s Shrine past Mannie’s store to encounter some enemies. After clearing them out, take the door on the upper level that is directly across from the exit. Follow the path around to pick up Storybook page (7/10). Take the path on the lower level to a conversation with The Visionary. Head back towards the Bottom Level and take the stairs on the left side up to Level One. Interact with the marker to be taken to the Sacred Studio.

Walk a little further ahead into an enemy encounter. Clear them out and take the path ahead down towards the Holy Gluery. After the conversation and cutscene, follow the path up next to the Painter all the way up. The Narrator is interrupted in between, but push forward and interact with the marker at the end to be dropped off at Cogwheel Paths. Follow the path down past Mannie and into the small maze of pipes. Try to go right to find your way out and drop down into the arena. As you approach the door on the opposite side, you start a boss fight with the Queen’s Shadow.

She isn’t too tough. She does summon some enemies to help but they just make it easier to refill Dice Energy. She does also move while you’re in the Dice Dimension so be careful of standing still for too long. Use your bombs, hammer and time stop to clear this out and collect some coins. Head out the door and take the path up towards some large cogs.

Use the switches to stop the cogs and pass through them. Once you’re on the other side, turn right and interact with the brass speaker for the first part of an achievement. After a little bit of intro, make the following choices;

  • “Uh… right, to sunshine?”
  • “Let’s go forward to the clanking.”
  • “Sabotage the robots, kid.”
  • “Go forwards, Bernie!”

Now take the path to the opposite side past Mannie into a room with 7 glowing pads. Get up on to the platform and walk over to the side with 3 empty floor tiles. Send Dicey to the middle pad and sprint on the opposite path to Dicey. This should open up a gate in the room as well as unlock:

Solve the puzzle in Fivetropolis.

If you’ve correctly done all the other puzzles, you should also unlock;

Master Puzzler
Solve all of the puzzles.

Head through the gate and hit the switch on the left to trigger an enemy encounter. There are some souped up enemies here so bring some firepower and healing. After clearing them out, take the stairs up and talk to the Gluer. After the conversation a path opens up next to stairs, go through it and follow the path to climb up a large ladder. The ladder breaks in between but Even hangs on. Keep following the path up to the Mystic’s Quarter. Turn right at the signpost and take a right past the quest NPC to find the second Walkie Talkie. When giving Bernie advice, tell him to “follow his adventurer’s heart”

Talk to the quest giver we just skipped to pick up the quest. Take the path past the Walkie Talkie and up some scaffolding. Keep going ahead to meet back up with Herman. Talk to him and exhaust the dialog to receive a card. Take the path upward until you reach a person and a signpost. Take the path to the right to find the last Walkie Talkie. Choose any conversation options here and once it ends, you should unlock;

Bern, Baby, Bern
Help Bernie find his way over Talkie Walkie.

Backtrack a bit to the signpost and head upwards into another encounter with the Shadow Queen. Easy enough to beat the second time around, nothing changes apart from some tougher enemies alongside her. Once the fight is done, you enter a conversation with the Alchemist. Exhaust all the options, then take the path upwards out of the area and into the Tainted Factory. Keep following the path and turn left at the signpost to reach the third encounter with the Shadow Queen. Clear out the enemies as you see fit and proceed through the door that opens. Head up the stairs and interact with the marker.

You drop immediately into an encounter. Clear out the enemies and take the plank up to another area for some more enemies. Head further up for a final set of enemies and some coins as a reward for beating them. Go through the opening to the left into the Sanctified Library and talk to the Rulemaster. Exhaust the conversation and then head past him to the opening on the right. Take the path up to the Chimney Top.

Protect the Card Makers from the enemies. After the first wave, the Queen’s Shadow appears one more time with more enemies alongside. Defeat them all to get some coins as reward and trigger the next cutscene. Once you’re in Sixtopia, you should unlock;

Down the Rabbit Hole
Receive your dream card.

Sixtopia and Finale

Walk down the bridge and use Dicey at the door to open it. Head through and follow the path straight forwards until you meet the Janitor. Exhaust the dialogue options and go through the open gate. Follow the ghost and take the path behind Mannie to drop down into an encounter with a large crystal in the middle. Clear out the enemies and keep them away from the crystal as much as possible to avoid healing them back up. Head through the opening and clear out the next set of enemies. Eventually you come across an enemy shooting from a bridge above. Clear out the enemies in this area, then take the path leading to the bridge. Before going towards the bridge, turn around to find some stairs up to a Storybook page (8/10).

Follow the path down and around to the right to reach a pipe you have to cross over. Drop down to the next area and follow the ghost along the pipes and in to the next area with a Mannie store nearby. Head past Mannie and take the left path across the pipes to drop down and collect Storybook page (9/10). Keep heading forward along the path and into the large area with the enemy encounter.

Clear them all out, then head through the opening to the right of the locked Storybook page (opposite to where you entered from). You meet up with Seemore and an enemy encounter. Finish talking to Seemore and give him the eye from the Visionary. Once you’re back in control, take the stairs immediately to the right and follow them around to the last Storybook page (10/10) which should unlock;

Once Upon a Time
Collect all of the lost storybook pages.

Backtrack down the stairs and take the other main path through to an area with prison cells. Talk to the prisoners if you want for some more backstory, then take the stairs up to the right of where you came from. Follow the path until you approach a small hill with a prison marked with a red banner. Before going up the hill, walk straight toward the other cell in the area where the Shadowman is and talk to him. Be careful not to skip too quickly through these dialogues as we need to pick two specific ones to unlock the next achievement. Pick any of the dialogue options for the first two prompts. Select the “I pity you…” dialogue option and then the “Pitiful” option. Finish the conversation to unlock;

Find and defeat the Shadowman once and for all.

Now head over to the Narrator’s cell and interact with it. Finish the conversation here and take the path on the right upwards until you reach a fork with a way down and a way up. Either way leads you to the gate, but if you still need to buy some cards, take the path down and across the small bridge. There are some more pots in the area that you can farm. If you’ve been exploring thoroughly, you shouldn’t need to but the option is there.

Taking the path to the right at the fork, head up and cross the bridge to the gate of the fortress. Go through the gate and take the path behind Mannie. Drop down to enter an enemy encounter, after which you can take the small stairs up and across some pipes. Take the only path up in to the Palace.

The stairs leading up are locked for now, so take the path towards the bottom and interact with the elevator to reach Spider Hall. Follow the only path past the scene with Nanny Fortuna to pick up the key we need. Head back to the elevator and interact to go back up. Unlock the gate and climb up. Halfway up the stairs is an enemy encounter. Clear out the enemies and follow the path further upwards in to the Queen’s Throne Room. Take the path behind the throne and head all the way up to the open room for a cutscene followed by a Boss Fight with Nanny Fortuna.

She doesn’t do anything different from the first fight, except now she has the red shield covering her so direct attacks with weapons are useless until she is stunned. Use the triple bombs to do a ton of damage and stun. During the cutscene after beating her, you should unlock;

Ding Dong – Secret
Defeated the Nanny.

Finish the conversation with Nanny and head up the ramp to the glowing portal. Keep following the path ahead through more portals until one drops you right in front of the last Mannie store in the game. If you haven’t bought all the cards by now, this is your last chance to do so before you are locked out of the Card Collector achievement.

Head past Mannie into a cutscene with the Queen and Odd followed by a boss fight with Odd. She spawns some clones of herself in the battle as it goes on, they all perform the same teleport-pierce attack either once or thrice in a row. The key here is to Blink Dodge, then use any weapon to hit her. If you have bombs, you can plant them around the arena and lure her to them to do some good damage. You also may not be able to see Odd while in the Dice Dimension, I believe she teleports out when you start the roll and returns once you’ve ended it. Defeat her to unlock;

Through Thick and Thin – Secret
You saved your sister.

After the following cutscene, complete a chase sequence to another cutscene and a boss fight with The Queen. She’s very similar to Odd except that her attack is more of a teleport-slice very close to her. She also summons some enemies to help but you should be able to deal with it easily enough. After you have beaten the arena, The Queen holds Dicey aloft and monologues (sigh, villains never learn). Use your slingshot to shoot Dicey to trigger another cutscene after which you have another linear running sequence. Take the path all the way out for the final cutscene, at the end of which you unlock;

Lost In Random
Complete the Game.

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