Love Season Farmer’s Dreams Walkthrough (Updated to Chapter 6)

Here is a full walkthrough for the Love Season: Farmer’s Dreams game. This guide will do its utmost to make sure your journey through the game as painless as possible.


Love Season Farmer’s Dreams Walkthrough

Chapter 1
1. About you of course. [NinaLove+1]
2. I’m good thanks. [TrevorFriend+1]
3. Protest. [NinaLove+1]
Outside House
4. Always willing to help. [EveLove+1]
5. Choose one:
A) Apologize. [SophieAplogized]
B) Fuck that. [SophieLove+1]
6. So, I’m just “Someone”. [Mialove+1]
7. They remind me of you. [Mialove+1]
8. Choose one:
A) Sure thing. [MarcusFriend+1] [Corr+1] [PeepLake1]
B) Nah, It’s a bad idea.
9. Choose one:
A) Mia. [MCMiaLike1]
B) Evelyn. [MCEvelynLike1]
C) Sophie. [MCSophieLike1]
D) Nina [MCNovaLike1]
E) Nova [MCNovaLike1]
10. It’s not bad. [Mialove+1]
11. I could (Your Choice).
12. Nah, I’m not much of a drinker.
13. I don’t like to lose control. [EveLove+1]
14. Choose One:
A) Punch Toby. [LauraLove+1] [MarcusFriend+1]
B) Talk it out. [LauraLove+1] [SophieLove+1]
15. Choose One:
A) Fuck it! You only live once! [BrookeLove+1] [DrinkOn1]
B) Fuck that! You only live once!
16. Choose One:
A) Beg her! [BeggedSophie]
B) Don’t say it. [SophieLove+2] [Honor+1]
C) Eh, there are better ones out there. [SophieLove+1] [Corr+1] [BetterTitsSophie]
After Party
17. Choose One:
A) Go for it! [LauraLove+1]
B) Better not. {Go to #19}
18. Choose One:
A) Hell to the yes. [FuckedLaura] [NotAVirgin]
B) This doesn’t feel right.
19. I don’t know… maybe… [TrevorFriend+1]
20. You’re actually surprisingly hot. [NinaLove+1]

Chapter 2
21. Close your eyes for real.
22. Choose One:
A) I can’t control it. {Go to #24}
B) I’m sleeping next to a naked girl…
Note: If [NinaLove] >2, then [NinaLove+1].
If [NinaLove] <=2 {Go to #23}
23. No, it doesn’t. [NinaLove+1]
24. Offer to help her. [NinaLove+1]
Cave Entrance
25. Choose in Order:
A) Go to the right.
B) Go to the left.
C) Go down the middle.
• I wouldn’t care. [NinaLove+1]
• Trevor would be thrilled… [NinaTrevor+1]
26. Choose One:
A) Pull out!
B) Cum inside! [CumInNina]
27. Best mushrooms ever! (Your Choice)
28. Choose One:
A) No. [NinaProposition1]
B) Yes.
Wake Up
29. Choose One:
A) Tell the whole truth. [LisaInterest+1] [NinaLove-1] [CoolStoryBro1]
B) Tell the partial truth.
30. Choose One:
A) Shake his hand. [TrevorFriend+1]
B) Don’t. [TrevorFriend-1]
31. Choose One:
A) Don’t do it. [NovaLove+1]
B) Go for it. [NovaLove+1] [NovaDarius=1]


Chapter 3
Selena Meeting
32. Sure! (Your Choice)
33. Choose One:
A) Go down on her.
B) Back off I don’t know her. [Honor+1] {Go to #35}
34. Choose One:
A) Press her further. [Corr+2]
B) Back off. [Corr+1]
Evelyn Pub
35. It was nothing.
Note: If you did NOT obtain [CoolStoryBro1], then [EveLove+1]
36. Joke with her. [EveLove+1]
37. Coffee. [EveLove+1]
38. Evelyn was hot at least. (Your Choice)
39. Choose One:
A) He wants to get a girlfriend. [NovaLove+1] [NovaGFTell1]
B) Nothing in particular.
40. Turn around and comfort her.
41. Choose one:
A) Turn away and go to bed.
B) Up the ante. [NovaFlirt1]
42. I don’t like how Darius creeps on you. [NovaLove+1]
43. I understand why they didn’t want that. [EliseLove+1]


Chapter 4
44. Fine. [NovaLove+1]
45. Look for her.
46. Carry her to bed. [NovaLove+2] [NovaBlanket=2]
Note: #47 is only for those who obtained [NovaDarius=1].
47. Choose one:
A) Don’t say anything.
B) You know what, don’t bother… [NovaDarius=0]
48. Choose one:
A) The book is too important. [Corr+1]
B) Confess and help Mia. [MiaLove+1] [Honor+1] [TellTruthMia=1]
49. She said you gave good head. [LauraLove+1] [LauraCanSuck=1]
50. Choose one:
A) Stop Nina. [NovaLove+1] [NinaLove-1]
B) Stop Nova [NinaLove+1] [NovaLove-1]
C) Stop both.
Nina Leaving
51. Choose one:
A) Stop him and go after here yourself. [NinaLove+1] [NindLeavingTalk=1]
B) Let him go after her. [TrevorFriend+1] [NovaLove+1] [MiaLove+1]
52. Do not kiss Nina. [NinaLove+2]
Hero Choice
53. Choose one:
A) Just man the fuck up and do it… [HeroAlignment-1]
B) You got this! You can do it! [HeroAlignment+1]
C) If you go you might die….
54. Choose one:
A) Intervene. [NegotiatedBandits=1]
B) Stay hidden. [NegotiatedBandits=0]
55. Choose all in order.
56. Choose one:
A) Go with it. [Corr+1]
B) Something is wrong here. [Honor+1]
57. Your Choice.
58. Choose one:
A) Take me. [NovaLove+1] [MiaLove+1] [TrevorFriend+1] [FairyMcPick=1]
B) Trevor. [TrevorFriend=0] [MiaLove-1] [FairyTrevorPick=1]


Chapter 5
59. Choose one:
A) Warn Trevor. [HelpTrevor=0]
B) Help him out. [HelpTrevor=1]
60. Your Choice.
61. I think it was more than that. [NovaLove+2] [NovaMore=1]
Note: If [NegotiatedBandits=1], then [SophieLove+1] [EvelynLove+1]
else [NovaLove+1]
62. Choose one:
A) Check the Gloryhole. [SophieGlory=1] [SophieGloryHole=1]
B) Head outside for some fresh air.
63. Choose one:
A) He’s okay. [NinaLove+1]
Note: A will only appear if [TrevorFriend] >2.
B) Not really. [NinaLove-1]


Chapter 6
64. Choose one:
A) Pretend not to remember. [EveLove-2] [Evelie=1]
B) It was great. [EveLove+2]
Outside Pub
65. Choose one:
A) Being a hero has it’s… [EveLove-2] [BrookeLove+1]
B) Ha-ah, very funny, Brooke. [BrookeLove+1]
66. Choose one:
A) Kiss her [NinaDecision=1]
B) Maybe…
Note: If [NinaDecision=1], then [LauraLove+2]. {Go to #68}
67. Choose one:
A) I think you’re beautiful. [LauraLove+1]
B) Thank, but I think this is… [LauraRejected=1]
68. Choose one:
A) Let her go. [NikkiLove+1]
B) Give her some gold. [NikkiLove+2]
C) Don’t let her go.
• Your Choices.
69. Choose one:
A) Try to find Brooke at the beach.
• I believe in love. [BrookeSex=1]
• I agree with Savier. [BrookeFree=1] [BrookeSex=1]
B) Just look for pearls.
70. Choose one:
A) I use her butt cheeks.
B) Try penetration again. [NinaAssCum=1]


Gift Day Chapter 6 Continued
73. Choose one:
A) Friendly gift.
B) Romantic gift. [NinaGift=1]
74. Choose one:
A) Ask for her panties… [MiaPantieGift=1]
B) Thank her.
75. Choose one:
A) Visit Laura.
Note: A will only appear if [FuckedLaura] & [LauraLove] >=0.
B) Visit Nina.
76. Choose one:
A) Gift the erotic novel. [EvelynGift=0]
B) Don’t gift the erotic novel…(This seems like the better choice)
77. Choose one:
A) Stop right there and…
B) Complain she’s teasing you. [EvelynGift=1]
78. Your choice.

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