Love & Sex Second Base: How to Revert Sasha’s Breast Size (Cheat Commands)

Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating simulator game developed by Andrealphus. as the new version 22.5.0.b is now available. here is a guide on how to revert Sasha’s breast size with console command.


How to Revert Sasha’s Breast Size

Those commands could work, but there’s a chance you break your game when using them (either now or in a future version)…
The first two commands don’t reset her breastsize, but if you want to use your save in future versions of the game, it might be good to use them:

sasha.flags.BreastComplex = False

This one should actually reset the breastsize (be aware you might to have to change the room to see the effect…)

sasha.flags.boobjob = False

Method credit to gnadudu


Version 22.5.0b Patch Note:

- Warn about capped promotion
- Demo issues
- Easier stamina recovery
- Fashion harem triggering in the middle of interaction
- Lexi alternate ev 02
- Lexi ending
- Naked alexis ntr at nudist beach
- Wait for audrey + alexis tracker

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