Lunistice: 100% Achievements Guide

A guide that explains all the achievements in the game, and how to get them. Some are a bit tricky and not self explanatory. Good luck on that 100% ^^



I’m using 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2 etc. to explain which level I’m talking about. Each stage have 2 levels, while stage 7 have 3. I recommend to play through the game with all characters to get a better understanding of the game, before going for the 100%.


You get these by just playing through the game with Hana.

A Dream of Home
Beat Stage 1

A Dream of Summer
Beat Stage 2

A Dream of Family
Beat Stage 3

A Dream of Comfort
Beat Stage 4

A Dream of Melancholy
Beat Stage 5

A Dream of Wanderlust
Beat Stage 6

The Infinite Dream
Beat Stage 7


Beating Stage 7 unlocks the other 2 characters. Complete all the levels for Toree & Toukie.

No Jumpscares here
Beat the game as Toree

Back to Eventide
Beat the game as Toukie


System Override

This is the true ending for Hana. Each level has a collectable you need for the true ending (for example 1-1 have a golden key, while 1-2 have a document | 2-1 have a golden key and 2-2 have a document etc.). You will find these collectables at the end of each level, and the purple-ish/glitching platforms will only be visible when you have collected all H A N A letters in the level. When you have all the keys and documents, head to 7-2. At the end of the level there is a document icon floating. Walk into it to unlock 7-3

You will find the H A N A letters by exploring the levels. They are usually found on the side-paths.

PSA: You don’t have to get both S-Ranks in the same run. I recommend to get the S-Rank for the Cranes/Baubles/Stars first. Then you can focus on the S-Rank for resets. 4-1 & 4-2 is a bit tricky without dying, but take your time. Practice makes perfect!

Golden Perfection
Get all S-Ranks in all levels as Hana

I need ice cream now
Get all S-Ranks in all levels as Toree

Toree which doesn’t have an attack button, can knock out enemies on the slides as long as you have the speed-arrow on the green bar. I didn’t know about this before very late in my 100% run.

Thorough Explorer
Get all S-Ranks in all levels as Toukie


That’s more than 1000
Collect all Cranes as Hana

Star Birb
Collect all Stars as Toree

Memorabilia Collector
Collect all Baubles as Toukie


They were kinda asking for it

At the end of 3-2 you have to eliminate all of the enemies in one attack. I recommend to attack from the side.

Park-Cleaning Duty
Remove all crystals in Stage 3 – Act 1

Destroy all of the purple crystals on the map. Some of them might be on the walls/under the floor/on pillars and other tricky locations, so explore every nook and cranny.

Hey, Jerry
Land on the big Jerry’s head

Big Jerry is located on Toree’s last stage. You will hear a sound when he appears. Go to the beach chair and use it to jump on his head. It’s a bit tricky to get the timing right on the jump.


You Monster
Ruin the cat slimes’ vacation

On Toukie’s last stage there are cat-slimes chilling in beach chairs and in the water. Take them out!




Nobody will even get this in-joke
Find all Box Buddies in all of Hana’s levels

1-1 In the beginning of the level, on top of the tower.

6-1 At the end of the level.
6-2 At the end of the level.

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