Lust and Power: How to Remove Anti-cheat and Eable the Console

Here is a simple guide on how to remove the default anti-cheat system in Lust and Power, which will allow you to enable the console and enter the commands in-game.

Note: This method works with every version of the game, present or future


How to Remove Anti-cheat with Mod

Uploaded by TCMS


  • Extract this inside your “Lust_and_Power-(XXXXX)-pc” folder. //XXXXX=the version you’re playing
  • Windows will ask you to overwrite some files.

Download Link: MEGA [5.36KB]


How to Open Console In-game

After you have installed the mod above, you can enter ‘Shift + O‘ to open the console.


All Console Commands

(IGNORE THE “//” and everything after it. It’s just explaining what it does.)

  • v_my_weight_max = 9000 //sets max inventory space to 9000.
  • v_my_energy_max = 1000 //sets energy max to 1000
  • v_my_health_max = 1000 //sets health max to 1000
  • v_my_health = 1000 //sets health to 1000
  • v_my_energy = 1000 //sets energy to 1000
  • v_exp = 1000 //sets experience points to 1000 (which you can use to raise your spells levels)
  • v_dtm = 8 //sets time of day to 8 (only use if you’re raising your spell levels and don’t want to go to bed)
  • v_home_food = 10000 //sets food at home to 10000
  • v_home_batteries = 100 //sets batteries at home to 100 (take them when needed for sis)
  • v_home_chocolate = 100 //sets chocolate at home to 100 (you can use the one bellow to give sis chocolates, but it’s always good to have some backup)
  • v_home_wine = 100 //sets wine at home to 100 (might as well have a stash)
  • v_inv_chocolate = 100 //sets chocolate in your inventory to 100 (Use it to give them to sis and increase stats.)
  • v_inv_food = 20 //sets food in inventory to 20 (good for the police quest)
  • v_inv_wine = 100 //sets wine in your inventory to 100 (it’s good when you’re improving potions and police quest)
  • v_inv_red_heart = 100 //sets red hearts in your inventory to 100 (good for the improving potions)
  • v_inv_yellow_heart = 100 //sets yellow hearts in your inventory to 100 (good for the improving potions)
  • v_food_collector = 10000 //sets the amount of times you’ve
  • collected food to 10000. (This means you can progress on your moms early stage quests pretty easily)
  • v_inv_gold = 10000 //sets gold in your inventory to 10000 (this is for the witch quest or something like that)
  • v_emm_sp = 1000 //sets mom’s submission points to 1000
  • v_emm_lp = 1000 // sets mom’s love points to 1000

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