Lust for Adventure: All Cheat Codes (V.7.9 Updated)

Lust for Adventure is a 2D RPG adult game developed by Sonpih. this game is based on the classic game World of Warcraft. that you can explore in an open world. here is a list of all cheat codes for each version.

The latest version is 7.7, which adds new zones, NPCs, Character, and sex scenes.


All Cheat Codes

  • v7.9 – boyslove (New)
  • v7.7 – demonde
  • v7.6 –  bimbo
  • v7.2 –  alchemy
  • v6.9 –  potions
  • v6.7 – costume
  • v6.6 – trollslave
  • v6.5 – 6.5: captain
  • v6.4.5 – “pirate”
  • v6.4 – “cocktail”
  • v6.2 – “savage”
  • v6.0 – “explorer”
  • v5.9 – “bro” “dildoparty”


A solution to Mansion Puzzle (by Skads)

Mansion “puzzle” part 2 Electric Boogaloo.
Bottom right room, Slime, pull sword. Pool, use bone. Nilk, give all, fight giant(you can fuck elf after if male).
Top right room, Scientist, brain, key. Cupboard, syringe. Monster, uncover, inject.


Lust for Adventure FAQs

What’s the Order of  The Ghost appears and Demon Appearance?

The Ghost appears in this order:
History Class -> Hallway -> Gym -> Shower Room

Demon Appearance Order:
Hallway -> Bathroom -> Shower Room -> Gym -> Headmaster’s Office (Thursday Nights Only)

How to Find this Armor below?

you have to beat Ryan in the gym 3 times 1 win with every position

How to defeat hakkar?

When Hakkar’s lust bar is full, use guard. You will become immune to his spell then

How do you get the pristine worgen hide?

Defeat the worgens, with your weapon/magic. Not by lust. Eventually you’ll get it.

How do you get the troll slaves?

Quest for killing all boss in the last dungeon. you need to talk to the captain on the ship, then kill all, then return and when the captain fuck you, You need go room under captain’s room.

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