Magicka 2: Walkthrough & Achievements Guide

This guide is what I hope one day Valve implements into Steam Overlay as an non-intrusive helping hand, which guides the player during walkthrough. The goal is to increase awareness about possible achievements, because often that is the reason people miss unlocks – they simply don’t know there is achievement in that level. Existing achievements guides spoil too-much when all you need is a hint.



This guide is based on an idea, that some users want to earn achievements on their own without reading guides, full of spoilers. But at the same time they want a convenient way of getting as much unlocks as possible.

Without further do, let us move on.

Difficulty (Campaign)

We Have Normality
Beat the Main Campaign on Normal difficulty.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Beat the Main Campaign on Hard difficulty.

The Safe Word is “Bananas”!
Beat the Main Campaign on Bananas difficulty.

If you just want an enjoyable experience (especially if playing solo) – you might want to start with Normal/Hard difficulty. The problem with Bananas is not that it’s insanely hard (cause it’s not), but that you will tend to use only the most effective combos and ignore the rest. So what I’m saying is the game might not be as fun as on lower difficulties.

Tip for Bananas: Don’t underestimate Poison element as it works very well against fat bosses and helps kiting them.

Note, that you can revive your Fairy as well, which combined with pushing away enemies on respawn makes the game easier and allows trial and error.

Also, one important thing – unlocks are unobtainable with custom artifacts, so if you want not only to get the achievements, but also unlocks – you can’t use custom artifacts.

Some equipment tips:
If you are annoyed by killing yourself with electricity – concider Feskar’s Robe (beat Chapter 2). Another annoying status is burning – you can’t control yourself until extinguished. Use Pyromancer’s Robe for that (beat Chapter 3). Later on, many use Wuxia Robe (beat Chapter 7), because Movement Speed is the most important thing in Magicka.
You can even use robe’s vulnerabilities to your advantage. When you cast Absorption Shield (E-FFFF, E-AAAA) on yourself – you absorb (heal) the damage from that element. The more you’re vulnerable – the more damage you absorb (heal).
As for staves – Skull staff (beat Dark Altar in chapter 3) Staff of Helviti (beat Dark Altar in chapter 4) are pretty good ones to accompany you through the game. If you own Deluxe version of the game – Epic Crystal Staff is epic for chapters with men/elves/dwarves. After you beat the campaign – Staff of Lok is your pick if you can live without quick-casts (also without spell prisms as those can be focus-cast only)

Beating the game on highest difficulty will grant you “Wizards are immortal” unlock, which allows getting missing achievements lazy-way.

Secret interactions (Campaign)

There are several special objects/persons in the Campaign you need to interact with. So, keep your eye out for them. The hints are given in walkthrough order.

Respect Your Elders & Burying the Past

Find and talk to all Veterans of the Wizard Wars. Then kill them.

Location 1 hint: Ruins make good shelter for homeless wizards.
Location 2: Can’t miss.
Location 3 hint: It’s hard not to freeze in the cold guarding The Fence.
Location 4 hint: There are always alternative ways to pass the toll gate

Horse Whisperer
Find and interact with all the special horses. In a harsh way.

Hint 1: One horse is where there is cheer and festivity.
Hint 2: Second horse is disguised for certain winter holiday.
Hint 3: Third horse is found by the hidden path behind shallow body of water.

Summer is Fleeting
Listen to everything that John Frost has to say throughout the Main Campaign.

He may have several things to say.

Location 1 hint: This weather is too warm for his outfit.
Location 2: Can’t miss it.
Location 3 hint: Head upwards along snowy edge of the mountains.

Into the Caves of Insanity
Find and read all journal fragments.

As you can guess from the name – the fragments (parchments) will be in a caves. There is certain chapter that takes place in caves. You’ll find them all there.

Game Development is Hard
Find all six development jokes in the Main Campaign.

Location 1 hint: In the beginning of chapter.
Location 2 hint: The joke is blocked by an object. Push it out of the way.
Location 3 hint: Last time you meet a famous zoologist.
Location 4 hint: After the warning sign.
Location 5 hint: Folk disco is nice to listen to while ice-skating.
Location 6 hint: In the castle one of the doors may deserve special attention. Twice as much attention.

Shroom We Will Be Together
Unite the mushroom-obsessed farmer with the Humongous Fungus.

You will encounter an unusual mushroom at some point of the story. There will be an NPC after few chapters, that cares for this mushroom immensely. Bring it to him. If you lose the mushroom (death by falling of the edge) – quit to main menu and click “Continue”.

Walkthrough (Campaign)


Pet Sematary
Remember Behold the Watcher, eye-tentacle boss found in dungeons of castle Aldrheim? It’s where your start the game in Magicka 2. Find his remains and defile them by interacting with them in particular way.
Hint: Don’t go too far.
Hint 2: You’ll need some means of interacting with him.

My Loot!
Kill the looter Goblin in the Prologue of the Main Campaign.

Chapter 1

STRIKE! Oh, Wrong Game…
Interrupt the Kubb game. Kubb is a swedish lawn game. Ruin the game to get the achievement.

Tip: Goblins are weak to fire.

Chapter 2

You will encounter water in this level, which will prevent you from casting anything with electricity and damage yourself when you do, even insta kill with certain robes/staffs. Deal with it by casting watter immunity on yourself (water + shield) or simply drying by self-casting fire and immediately casting shield on yourself. There is small window before you become wet after drying yourself, so you can cast one spell.

Also, you will encounter new enemy – lobsters – which are weak to steam.

Chapter 3

You will encounter new enemy here – Beastskin. They are weak to poison.

That Escalated Quickly
Activate and survive a Dark Altar.

Dark altars are pedestals with ominous-looking statues. You will know it when you see it. There are few of them scattered across the Main Campaign.

Focus Spender
Finish Chapter 3 of the Main Campaign without using Spells. This means only use Magicks you have assigned to your 1-2-3-4 keys and weapon attacks.

Chapter 4

Tip: Orcs are vulnerable to electricity. Most of them are.

Chapter 5

Focus Saver
Finish Chapter 5 without using Magicks (Thunderbolt, Haste etc). Only what you conjure!

Bring Your Orcs to Work Day
Win the Khan fight after activating the orc warriors.

Tip: You can bring the boss very low, then activate her bodyguards and finish her.

Boss tip: She moves too fast, so if you’re solo – you best bet is to AoE her while always staying behind her back so she has to constantly turn around. If you’re with friend – you can just double-beam her (Poison+Cold should do it).

Chapters 6

Tip: Elves/Knights are weak to electricity. Dwarves are weak to ice.

The Circles of Life
Listen to all of Sir Antburrow’s nature trivia. You will encounter him multiple times in the forest. He may have more than one thing to say, so be sure to listen to everything! And DON’T miss the final encounter, it’s slightly off the path. hidden.

Hint: Look for the gates!

Chapter 7

Don’t Touch My Food!
Finish the Kebab Cart encounter without the cart taking any damage.

The problem with this one is that enemies come from 4 directions. You have to put some gear to increase MS or constantly haste yourself (and put it in 2 slot as well!). Still, doing this on Bananas (even in party) is gonna be a serious achievement, but is the pain worth it? It’s up to you to deside!

On Normal/Hard it’s doable, a good loadout would be Push/Haste/Ice Tornado/Thunderstorm. Also try using stone sword-walls (with frost/poison for slow) to block the cart from enemies.

The good thing is that checkpoint is near, so if the cart receives damage – you can insta-quit to main menu and continue to try again.

The King’s Speech
Listen to the King’s entire speech.

Let him talk while you deal with the others. He will aggro you if you harm him, so try not to use spells with big AoE like Highland Breeze.

Boss tip: What makes final encounter easier is using Dispel on mage when he casts elemental shield on himself. They you beam him or AoE. You can also dispel Disruptor (invulnerability) from princess. The rest of the fight is no problem, just don’t prolong it.

Chapter 8

Even Dead Gods Can Die
Activate and survive all Dark Altars.

You will find the final altar in this chapter.

Chapter 9

Shank Master
Finish the prison arena encounter using only melee attacks.

If you want some hardcore – screw custom artifacts (meaning immortality). You can enchant weapons, so use it. Just don’t try this on Bananas solo. Please.

Heart Hoarder
Put out all the torches in Vanirhall, without restarting from a Checkpoint. No Cheating!

Count the torches – should be 38. You don’t need to put out the ones on the lower levels, cause some people try to throw water-rock to get them (pointless).

You don’t need to pick hearts.

Advance to the next area to get the achievement.

No Collateral Damage
Defeat Elin in Vanirhall without killing her Vanir backup.

You have to get a good angle to beam the witch to death and not touch her minions. Actually on harder difficulty her minions are tougher than she is so you can bring her low with AoE and still not kill her minions.

It’s “Football” not “Soccer”
Defeat the final boss without using Water Sprays, or the Magicks Push and Concussion. Simply use your feet!

Boss tip: you can prevent Lok from reviving Golem and get all the spheres very fast. Just mind the wet status from the water, cause she will spawn electricity bots.

Trials & Challenges


Trial by Fire
Beat all the Trials in the Main Campaign on Normal difficulty.

Trial by Fire+Lightning
Beat all the Trials in the Main Campaign on Hard difficulty.

Trial by Fire+Lightning+Death
Beat all the Trials in the Main Campaign on Bananas difficulty.

Trials unlock as you progress through the Main Campaign. There are 9 chapters in the Campaign and there are 9 trials. In these trials you will either have to defeat 6 waves of enemies or defeat them on a timer. Deaths will add to the times, so don’t die.

My recommendations would be to:

  • Exploit different enemy types weaknesses.
  • Use equipment, that synergizies together. Good examples would be Vanir’s Robe+Jester Staff (read below), Death Apprentice+Skull staff.
  • Equip Area Prism or Force Prism (latter can be used to conjure black holes playing solo).

With a friend it’s even easier.

Most of these encounters are prolonged version of respective Campaign fights, so these tips should help in main story as well:
Mojito Boss Time Trial – the goblin doesn’t move a lot, so use that to your advantage (fire-beam, black-hole spam, dragon strike, etc). The jumping red grunt is annoying, you will need to kite him (poison sprays, poison beams). Beating the trial gives you Area Prism. Very important unlock especially if you’re playing solo. It let’s you do all sorts of broken combos, like Absorbtion Shield abuse, where you equip a robe with weakness to, for example, electricity (Vanir’s Robe) and Jester’s Staff, which boosts Shield. You then self-cast electricity shield and start spamming 5-electricity prisms, which will do huge AoE dmg and heal you for the same amount.
Crystal Caverns Trialuse steam with water for spraying distance on crabs. The rest is obvious. You get Concussion as reward.
Snowy Higherlands Trial – Dodge charge attacks of orcs and satyrs and you should be fine. Poison-water sprays with Thunderhead makes this very easy. You get Force Prism in the end, another important unlock for destructive combos.
Khan Boss Time Trial Look at Chapter 5 tip for this one. You get Dispel as reward.
Other Forest Trial – You get Sacrifice for this one. if you’re surrounded and going to die – killing yourself dealing AoE arcane dmg and reviving allies is nice, using it with Guardian is even more profitable.
Alliance Boss Time Trial – Look at chapter 7 tip for this one.
Lok Boss Time Trial – probably the easiest trial, read Chapter 9 boss tip.


Wizard’s Diploma
Beat the five base Challenges on Normal difficulty.

Professor’s Diploma
Beat the five base Challenges on Hard difficulty.

Sage’s Diploma
Beat the five base Challenges on Bananas difficulty.

Challenges are basically trials with 20 waves and increased difficulty, because:
1) You start without Magicks and unlock them as you progress
2) You will encounter bosses, sometimes more than one

To get the achievements you need to complete following challenges:

1. The Festival
You have time to prepare for each wave. Use it to spam mines.

2. Crystal Caverns
You have to do it under 1 minute. Spam AoE to get rid of grunts and steam-spray crabs. Then simply shoot ice at the gnomes.

3. Snowy Higherlands
No Revive here. Enemies will jump and charge you. Always have Guardian on the field and get to the Haste. Big bosses in the final waves aren’t dangerous – AoE them.

4. That Other Forest
Wuxia robe is a must here so you can outrun the crabs and keep spamming steam walls. Beware of flamethrower-goblins, place fire shield on yourself to get close. If riflemen bother you – frost-machinegun them or place Thunderstorm on top.

5. Veiditorp
Granny is super-stationary – make a wall with your sword (poison, steam etc) and watch her die.


Humble Beginnings
Inflict over 1,000,000 total damage.

Serious Damage!
Inflict over 5,000,000 total damage.

Terrible Terrible Damage!
Inflict over 20,000,000 total damage.

By the time you finish the game, beat all the trials and challenges – you should have all three. Use equipment for boosting damage throughout the game and you’ll get these.

Heal over 100,000 hit points.

Heal over 500,000 hit points.

Miracle Worker
Heal over 2,000,000 hit points.

These one may be a problem, especially if playing solo. My advice would be to use macros. Get a macro recording software (I used Pulover’s Macro Creator, you can use whatever you like). Equip heal-boosting equipment (Robin’s Robe+Olde Root, found inside a fallen tree in the middle of chapter 6). Record self-casting heal on yourself (F9 in Pullover to start/stop recording, F3 to play, F8 to stop). And set software to playback-repeat the comand (Timer -> Play every {X} Seconds, I set to 250 milliseconds).

You don’t need to injure yourself to heal!

Just Another Wizard Day
Die 100 times.

Trial and Error
Die 1000 times.

Play the game on high enough difficulty and you’ll get those. If not – see below.

I Meant To Do That
Kill yourself 100 times.

Trying to Get “Trial and Error”?
Kill yourself 1000 times.

Casting elecricity when wet, burning to death, standing in thunderstorm, dragon strike… you’ll experience a lot of ways to accidentally kill yourself during playthrough. Use macros to finish these as well. Equip Vanir’s Armor. Self-cast water, then electricity. Revive your Fairy. Repeat.

Did I Do That?
Kill your friends 100 times.

Oh, My Bad
Kill your friends 1000 times.

Ress plz…
Revive your friends 100 times.

Revive your friends 1000 times.

Obviously these 4 achievements require to play with somebody. The Bananas mode usually comes with a lot of unexpected deaths. You can finish these with macros as well – ask your friend to equip robe with major weakness (or simply set “Wizards health” to 15%) and kill them using AoE Electricity, then revive. Record-playback-repeat.

Kill 1000 enemies.

Kill 10,000 enemies.

The second one took some serious grind for me, even after completing game/trials/challenges I still wasn’t done with it. Good places to farm mobs are Chapter 2, Crystal Caverns Challenge and Other Forest Challenge. Or you can simply help out a friend – you both spam summon skeletons and insta-kill them with AoE Life (use macros, see “Miracle Worker”). Don’t forget to use custom artifacts to boost your spells (Fire 300% etc).

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