Magicraft: Author Killer Achievement Guide

Getting the author killer achievement + fun build to get there


How do I get to the secret boss?

1. Beat the first 3 levels of the game to unlockĀ HARD MODE
2. Beat hard mode and proceed further

How do I beat the boss?

^ like this pretty much

1. Get a wand with “ON HIT” extra slots
2. Find water stream spell (other fast firing cheap spells might also work)
3. Find a sword spell (unlocks after beating the game)
4. Multishot, mana discount and other things that let you fire faster
5. Spell duration + rotation for the blade makes them clear the entire screen while dealing damage multiple times per blade
6. 2-starring the blade (9 1 level blades) lets you redirect enemy projectiles back while dealing insane damage

doubled cheap water stream -> [ON HIT SLOTS] rotating extra time big blade

Other things to consider

1. Utility wands that store/share mana
2. Backup wands for previous bosses (can’t redirect some projectiles), electric field is a really strong alternative for blades
3. Remote wand control

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