Marauders: Tips & FAQs

Here are some tips and useful FAQs for the Marauders game.



  • CTRL + Click an item to fast move it from a container to your inventory.
  • HOLD Left click and pick up and item and THEN press CTRL to split.
  • Middle-mouse bandages, food or any use item to use the item instantly. You will say a second or so and this can be the difference between life or death.
  • You can reload AND heal at the same time, however the animation that takes precedent will be whatever one takes longer.
  • Fold (empty) backpacks and you can take them out the raid, folding them allows them to be placed inside another backpack.
  • Plate Rigs are one of the best crafting recipe armours for storage and protection – 1 Metal sheet, 1 Fabric and 1 Leather Strip.
  • You reload while sprinting, always stay moving.
  • You can look at the floor to hunch over your entire body and while running can make a good combo to avoid being shot in the head.
  • Leaving a raid in your own ship will grand you 2x XP and 3x if it’s bigger than the Rust Bucket.
  • You can open Jewellery boxes and other crates.
  • Empty ammo from guns to sell for extra cash.
  • Always carry a lockpick, they are incredibly cheap and anything they open will be worth it.
  • Some weapons come with different fire mods, such as the Mauser (Semi/Full auto) and the M16 (Semi/Bust) – you can change the firemode by pressing X; which is the default key.
  • All of the maps contain 3 stashes and a vault; the locations are listed in this guide.
  • When you scrap something, you can craft straight from it after clicking twice on the craft button or changing tab and coming back. Alternatively you can leave stuff there as a form of “storage”.
  • Your escape pod is a very valuable tool for many things, it is also how you enter some places such as the Merchant and Capital Ship


How do I choose map?
You cannot it is completely random, as are the spawn chances of Merchant and Capital Ships.

Where can I find X item?
If it is a quest item, it should be contained in this guide, if it is otherwise you may have to do your own research.

How do I enter the Merchant/Capital Ship?
You must enter your escape pod and fly towards the vessel, pressing F when prompted to breach the hull
Why should I prestige and what are the benefits?
Prestiging rewards you with tokens to unlock more rows in your stash, more slots in your hanger and unlock exclusive cosmetics.

Why shouldn’t I prestige and what are the downsides?
Prestiging resets everything EXCEPT; Stats, Outfits, Trader Levels, Daily progression (however you will not receive NEW tasks after prestiging if you currently have none available).

What is a Marauder or Raider, Security, Prisoner etc?

  • Marauders = Players
  • Miner = AI – Found in the Asteroid Mine
  • Prisoner = AI – Found in the Prison
  • Raider = AI – Found in Asteroid Mine, Spaceport, Terraformer and Scout Ships
  • Security = AI – Found in the Merchant Ship and Interceptor Ships (Typically 3-4)
  • SAS = AI – Found in the Navy Outpost
  • SAS Captain = AI – Found in the Navy Outpost
  • Commando = AI – Found in the (Damaged) Capital Ship
  • Commando Major = AI – Found in the (Damaged) Capital Ship

Items required for the main questline:

  • 3x Junk
  • 8x Metal Sheets
  • 1x Silver Coins
  • 3x Ration Crates
  • 3x Biscuit Tins
  • 1x 1911 G (Item is used so if you have more than one, can be useful in case you lose one)
  • 9x Toolkits
  • 1x Trench Gun (Item is used having more than one, can be useful in case you lose one)
  • 1x Nuclear Material
  • 12x Methyl
  • 1x M1A1 PARA
  • 5x Mosin Obrez
  • 1x Machete
  • 3x UA Intel
  • 1x Gold Bullion
  • 1x Heavy Thompson (Item is used having more than one, can be useful in case you lose one)
  • 3x Medical Crates
  • 1x Blowtorch (one comes as a quest reward, additionally Item is used having more than one, can be useful in case you lose one)

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