Marfusha: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Marfusha.


A few (& last) words

Most of the Achievements are actually self-explained and you’ll get them easily. It’ll ony cover the Achievements with additional tips upon how I obtained them !
Some Achievements such as (Obtain all weapons, characters & played Challenge mode first time) will only pop up once you leave the main game.
If you enjoy this guide please leave a like and support this more then the other 1 if lazy to copy & paste into a google translator. xd

Main Story mode

My First Malfusha

You get this actually upon starting up the game if not just run the story mode.
Nope, it’s not a typo error either.

Defeat one enemy.

Defeat 10 enemies

Defeat 50 enemies

Defeat 100 enemies

Defeat 250 enemies

Defeat 500 enemies

Defeat 1000 enemies

I got a dog

A bit RNG but won’t cost you. Fun fact: In Challenge mode you can have 3 dogs in the Dormitory at once.

I’ve cleared the main mode

I saw the good ending

The 1st 40 days counts. So try not to retry too often and get yourself a comrade to make your life easier unless you wanna git gud in a hardcore way. 🙂

Clear the main mode without helpers

Check tips & tricks section.

Challenge mode

I played Challenge Mode for the first time

I survived 10 days in challenge mode

I survived 20 days in challenge mode

I survived 30 days in challenge mode

I survived 40 days in challenge mode

I survived 50 days in challenge mode

All characters & weapons

I used all weapons
Weapons to obtain

Normal weapons (costs 10 Bucks):

  • Handgun
  • SMG
  • Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle
  • LMG
  • Grenade Launcher

Advanced weapons (costs: 15 Bucks):

  • Sniper Rifle Advanced
  • SMG Advanced
  • Assault Rifle Advanced
  • Shotgun Advanced
  • LMG Advanced
  • Grenade Launcher Advanced

I got all the characters
Characters to obtain
  • Belka (SMG)
  • Bion (AR)
  • Enos (LMG)
  • Alibina (Advanced AR)
  • Felicétte (Advanced SR)
  • Strelka (Advanced SMG)
  • Lacia (Advanced SG)

Tips and tricks

Best way to max stats (if having issues):
From day 41 & 81 onwards keep failing, which gives you each restarts, 20 Bucks & you can draw a card that’s always shuffled while keepint the stats, which is very helpful if trying to beat the main game alone or while trying to obtain weapons/characters. Just bear in mind that the weapon durability will still go down as usuals.For challenge mode, I never used any other characters except Marfuscha (starting character). Just try to manage through your money while applying stats for yourself, buying weapons, hiring the right companion etc which is a little RNG-ish. Oh and also maybe play your own music to boost your own moral.

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