Marine Survivors: Quickest Way to Farm Coins for the temporary buffs

This is a little guide for stockpiling the coins you need for the temporary buffs.
Including Screenshots and recommendations.


Gotta get those tasty coins!

First of all, once you unlock Outer Mars easy select that.

Pick the Marine I know he’s sooo sloooow but trust me

Don’t need any upgrades for the farm, Not the coins I have currently.

For you upgrades try to get as many levels into his Gauss Rifle or alternatively get the Turrets.

I actually got lucky this time and the Gauss was maxed before the 4 minute mark. It will shred the miniboss.

He drops quite a few as well as a red gem for more xp You can just die after grabbing them though if you want.

And there we go Easy Peasy

Nice decent amount I think. Considering its a miniboss drop every time.

By heyfunny

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