Mary Skelter 2: 100% Achievement Guide

In this guide I’ll describe how to get the achievements.


Clear dungeon Achievements (Story-Related)

The following achievements are story-related and will unlock after clearing a specific dungeon. In order to get this, you have to find the core of the dungeon, destroy that and after that kill the nightmare.

Liberated the Aquarium Ruins!
Cleared the Aquarium Ruins area. (Mary Skelter 2)

Liberated the Dorm!
Cleared the Dorm area. (Mary Skelter 2)

Liberated the Waterside!
Cleared the Waterside area. (Mary Skelter 2)

Liberated the Temple!
Cleared the Temple area. (Mary Skelter 2)

Liberated the Art Alley!
Cleared the Art Alley area. (Mary Skelter 2)

Liberated Downtown!
Cleared the Downtown area. (Mary Skelter 2)

Liberated the Station Grounds!
Cleared the Station Grounds area. (Mary Skelter 2)

Liberated the City Streets!
Cleared the City Streets area. (Mary Skelter 2)

Defeated 8 Nightmares. (Mary Skelter 2)

Liberated the Graveyard!
Cleared the Graveyard area. (Mary Skelter 2)

Combat related achievements

Different enemies:

Research Begins
Filled the Jail Creature Manual with 10 creatures. (Mary Skelter 2)
you’ll unlock this achievement very early on in the game after you have fought 10 different enemies.

Marchen Researcher
Filled the Jail Creature Manual with 80% of all creatures. (Mary Skelter 2)
This achievement unlocked for me while climbing the jail tower. I didn’t unlock all the hidden floors in previous dungeons, so if you have done that it might unlock earlier.

Different skills:

Entered Massacre mode for the first time. (Mary Skelter 2)
I’m unsure if this is story-related and with that if the first time will count toward this, but if not it is very easy to get by not licking the blood from the blood maidens but just letting them enter Massacre mode.

Entered Blood Skelter mode for the first time. (Mary Skelter 2)
The first time this happened in the Aquarium Ruins area doesn’t count as that one is story-related. After that just don’t purge with Jack so one of the Blood Maidens enters the Blood Skelter state.

Proof of Trust
Used Embrace 10 times. (Mary Skelter 2)
You can use this skill with a blood maiden when Jack transforms into Nightmare Jack.

Blood Impulse
Activated a Blood Soul Skill 30 times. (Mary Skelter 2)
The Blood Soul Skills are the abilities you get when licking a blood maiden when they have 3 or more full blobs.

White Zone Activates
Activated Nightmare Jack’s Nightmare Zone 10 times. (Mary Skelter 2)
This is the skill jack has to have a chance to tinker with the next enemy attack.

Nightmare Counselor
Used Otsuu’s Counseling 30 times. (Mary Skelter 2)
With this skill you can calm down jack.

Other achievements

Grew and entered a hidden floor. (Mary Skelter 2)
After you have beaten a nightmare you can unlock a hidden floor by unlocking it through the roulette. You need the roulette that pops during exploring, not in battle. The easiest way to get this is to set up a save file next to a heart, pick up the heart, save and then load your save to keep doing that. When the roulette triggers and you didn’t get the hidden floor result, just reload your last save pick up that heart again and keep trying.

Satisfied the Jail’s Libido. (Mary Skelter 2)
You’ll get this easily by just fighting and picking up hearts in the dungeons.

Satisfied the Jail’s Appetite. (Mary Skelter 2)
This will also very easily be unlocked as it happens all the time.

Satisfied the Jail’s Sleep. (Mary Skelter 2)
And this is the same as the 2 achievements above, you’ll unlock this for sure without trying to get it.

Collected 100,000 Gold. (Mary Skelter 2)
you need to own this at one point, so try to spend as little as possible to get this achievement.

Infinite Possibilities
Unlock 5 of the heroines’ jobs. (Mary Skelter 2)
I believe somewhere between level 40 and 50 you can unlock all the jobs for one character. For the achievement you only have to do this for 1 Blood Maiden, but I would recommend doing this for all, as a lot of their skills (especially passive skills) are very good.

Hameln’s Liberated District Advisor
Cleared 10 work orders. (Mary Skelter 2)
See the achievement after this.

Relied Upon
Cleared 50% of all work orders. (Mary Skelter 2)
After you finish a dungeon, you’ll unlock new work orders. The easiest ones are for going to a specific spot in the dungeon. When going to a new dungeon I would get the work order for completing one of the dungeons satisfactories. Sometimes you’ll not be able to finish a work order because you don’t have space for the reward. You can only hold 999 times a specific blood type and 99 times the same item. If you get this warning, just check of which you have to many and spend or sell it. For this achievement, you need to have completed 27 work orders. I would recommend just going for the easy ones and don’t bother with the others, like for example killing an enemy X amount of time, as most of the time those are the rare enemies.

Raised one heroine’s affection to max level. (Mary Skelter 2)
See the achievement below.

Understanding One Another
Raised all heroines’ affection to max level. (Mary Skelter 2)
You can easily level each blood maiden by giving them just a bunch of decor items that you can buy in the general store in your base, but the merchant in the dungeons might have a specific item for sale for the next Blood Maiden you’ll unlock. Little Mermaid will have 5pink hearts when you have reached her max affection level, all the others will have blue hearts. You don’t have to do the special events for this achievement, but it might be wise to do those to help you out in the game.

Get used to using the Blood Farm. (Mary Skelter 2)
This doesn’t seem to work with the Blood Farm options in your base. I only could unlock it by planting plants while being in the dungeon itself.

Strength Above and Beyond
Blood Devolution reached Level 80. (Mary Skelter 2)
You can unlock this achievement when you have a Blood Maiden that is level 81. In case you don’t want to level it up afterward, you can just save before you will use the devolution options, and after getting the achievement go back to your old save file.

Ending relate achievements – SPOILERS!!!

In this part of the guide you’ll find some big spoilers, please only scroll further if you want to see those spoilers.

Almost there, are you really sure you want to see this?

You’ll reach the end of the story on the 11th floor in the Jail tower. When you see a story point here, place a save point nearby and save. You will probably also need it if you fail the upcoming boss fight, as the fight you’re about the enter is clearly the hardest fight in the game.

The Two Departs Again
Unlocked the Bad Ending. (Mary Skelter 2)
To get the bad ending you have to answer one of the questions wrong. So if you answer “A member of Dawn” as your first answer you’ll get this achievement after the boss fight.

The Two’s Fate Is in Jack’s Hand
Unlocked the True Ending. (Mary Skelter 2)
If you thought the fight during the bad ending was hard… you’re up for a real challenge, as this one will be even harder. To get the good ending you have to answer 3 questions with the right answer: 1. Blood Maiden, 2. Alice, 3. Right Hand.

Obtained all Trophies! (Mary Skelter 2)
This will unlock after you have unlocked all the other achievements. if you have missed something, you can reload your old saves after you complete the game.

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