Master Of Pottery: Achievement Guide (How to Get)

In this guide you can get tips on how to get all achievements in this game


The Achievements for this game are really easy to get but if you can’t figure out, what you need to do for a specific Achievement, maybe I can help you.

1. First work
Create your first Pottery. That’s the first thing you do in the game. The rank of the work is not important for this achievement.

2. Grand Opening
After you created your first work, put it on the booth as you are told by the game and click the button in the lower right corner of the screen with the two arrows and the title “Next: Exhibition Day” to start your first Exhibition.

3. Culture succession
To get this Achievement, you need to finish training 10 apprentices.
Apprentices are locked until you reach a reputation of 500.
Apprentices come with time and fame. They send you emails asking you to accept them as apprentices.
Apprentices can be trained with your works, they try to copy them, which costs you 10 inspiration and a small fee per apprentice. Apprentices can learn every two days.
It is good to have some A, B or C works lying around because they need a long time until they can master your S+ works. And failing a work get them even less experience than succeeding on a C-Work.
I personally made some objects that I spent zero effort on doing just get through the process so that I have C-Works for them to train on.

4. Tourist attraction
For this one you need a total of 50,000 tourists to visit your exhibition hall. You can check how many tourists you had by going to the Information screen and look at the number at “Total Visitors”.
For more tourists make better products, show more products by buying more booths, and check the exhibition heat after each exhibition, when there is no more change one day you need to switch the pot to get back people’s interest. Or in short terms you need a higher reputation. You can also buy advertisement, but watch out that you don’t overpay by buying advertisement that attracts less visitors than you need to get your money back with the tickets. After enough exhibitions you should get the 50,000.

5. Collector
You need to create 30 Artworks to get this one. You can produce a max amount of two every two days so this needs at least 30 in-game days but even if you don’t rush it, you should still be able to get this achievement without doing extra effort in the game.
You can even sell works while trying to get this achievement, they count nevertheless.
You can see the number of pots you already made by going to the Information tab and looking at the number next to “Total works count”.

6. Art merchant
Sell 20 Artworks. This number includes pieces sold to buyers coming to your exhibition as well as pieces sold on the Pottery Shop on the map. But beware, the second option will only get you a fraction of the price you get when selling to interested buyers coming to your exhibition and sending you emails.
The number of already sold works can be seen in the Information-tab at the number according to “Sold works”

7. Business elite
To get this one, generate an amount of 500,000. To reach this goal make a compromise between number of tourists and money they pay to get in. Also sell your work to potential buyers.
This number only accounts for income, it doesn‘t mean you need 500,000 in your account to get it, so don‘t be afraid to spend some money.
The total amount of your income can also be seen on your Information-tab at the “Total income” number.

8. Pottery master
Create 10 SSS-Works to get this one. To know what you need to make SSS-level works read another Guide. But in short, spend some time doing it, take better and more expensive colors, clay and patterns and some of your works will definitely get SSS-level.

9. Marketing expert
Make 20 advertisements. You can find them in the Publicity-tab with the little TV-Icon. Over the time this will just solve itself. The only hard thing here is to have the money. I personally only take the first advertisement (Newspaper) and maybe on sunny days the second one (Magazine) but all the other ones don’t have enough monetary outcome via tickets to justify the cost … in my opinion.

10. Large exhibition hall
Buy every booth in your exhibition hall to get this achievement. And it makes sense, the more artworks you show, the more tourists will come to your exhibition. So buy booths. It’s good for business.

11. Decoration enthusiasts
Buy 10 decoration items. They can be bought over the map in the Decoration Shop and then equipped over the Decoration-tab, represented by the little brush-icon. Decorations are walls, booths, floors, roofs, potted plants and benches. You can buy them with “Raw Material” which you get from some potential buyers or from some apprentices after they left you.
It will take some time until you can get them, so don’t panic.

12. Highest achievement
If you have followed the previous steps, you should also have this achievement. You get it when you have gotten the eleven other achievements.

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