Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!: 100% Achievement Guide 2021

A guide listing all Achievements, their descriptions, what is required to unlock them, and some tips for doing so.


Assumptions This Guide Makes (or, What This Guide Is, and Isn’t)

This guide will assume the following: first, that you’re intending to complete 100% of the game’s achievements; second, that you already have a basic understanding of the game’s mechanics (i.e. how to make money, how to earn affection points with executives, how not to go bankrupt, etc.); third that you are playing each of the game’s three campaigns in order to start with; and fourth that you will be clearing each district completely as you go. I will not get into ideal strategies for gameplay here – Kilroy has already put together a very good guide (link), and I won’t be re-inventing the wheel. Check it out if you’re struggling with strategy, I know it was helpful for me.
I will do my best to avoid spoilers as much as possible, but some are inevitable by the nature of an Achievement guide. Consider this your warning.

A Few Notes on the Game’s Structure

Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! is structured in three acts or campaigns, gradually increasing in length and complexity. I’ll refer to them as the first, second, and third campaigns below, but the terms 1 Star, 2 Star, and 3 Star campaigns can also be considered interchangeable. When you first start the game, you will automatically go into the first or 1 Star campaign. Upon completing this campaign successfully, you’ll be able to pick a new starting executive and given your choice of either the first or second campaigns, with the second continuing the story from the first. Completing the second campaign will then unlock the third, which completes the story. As said above, I’m assuming that you will play through the entire story once before going back to repeat campaigns.

While the timed nature of the loans acts as a soft limit on how long the game will go on, you have a lot of control over when it ends based on when you choose to engage the last boss, and the map will not change or grow throughout the campaign (with one exception, for the True Ending – see It Is Over below for details). As such, you’ll know exactly when it’s going to end, so make sure you’ve accomplished everything you want to during each playthrough before you move on – the ONLY thing that carries over between campaigns is your relationship level with executives and any friendships they have made with each other (though not their corresponding cooperation levels). Everything else – money, gold, Kingsmen, assets, gear, Executive stats, unlocked buildings, which Executives are on your board, everything – will be reset to scratch.

I will break achievements out into groups based roughly on which campaign you can reasonably expect to unlock them in. However, there is some RNG business at play here, so your mileage may vary somewhat. Note that there are a couple achievements you’ll want to prepare for in advance: Beau Monde, which wants you to train 100 Kingsmen, will require you to train Kingsmen as aggressively as you can in each playthrough on 2 Star or above, as 100 is a lot; and Industrialist, which will require you to choose a different starting Executive each time you play.

Your First Campaign

Just Getting Started – Pay Off Your First Loan
One Step Closer – Pay Off the Second Loan
This Had Better Be It – Pay Off the Third Loan
You’ll unlock each of these naturally over the course of your first campaign, the first two in cash and the third in Gold. Each installment paid will earn you more executives, board chairs, assets, etc., so you’ll want to make it a priority anyway.

Yep, Still Poor – Have £10,000
You’ll just need to have £10,000 in the bank at one time, and it will unlock. Unmissable (unless you go bankrupt real early, I guess).

Thicc Fists – Train an Executive’s Fisticuffs to 50
Thicc Stache – Train an Executive’s Moustache to 50
Making installment payments in your first loan will unlock the Boxing Gym and the Barbershop, which will enable you to pay to train your Executives in Fisticuffs and Moustache respectively (yes, even the ladies. Don’t worry about it…Moustache is more like a state of mind). 50 is really quite low and easily attainable – you won’t be able to finish the campaign without at least hitting these numbers.

Fearless Leader – Have 100 Employees
Again, basically unmissable as you won’t be able to finish the campaign with less than 100 employees at any given time. Just make sure you have 100 at once, and this will pop.

Make Way – Defeat 6 Rival Companies
Every company on the district map is a “rival company”, so – assuming you take over every company in every district (which you really should be doing) – you’ll get this in your second district. Unmissable.

Hobnobbing – Hire Three Executives
You can get this achievement simply by paying back your loans, as a number of the installment rewards are new executives. This will come quickly, and is unmissable. They do not need to all be actively in the field, Executives in the Rec Room count.

Second Class Ticket – Travel 10 Times
You’ll unlock the train station after you’ve paid back your first loan. The route to Edinburgh is free, takes 1 day’s travel time once per week, and gives rewards of either cash or gold. Just send an executive to travel to any destination a total of 10 times and this will unlock. Does not have to be done in a single campaign.

First Impressions – Go On Your First Date
Get an Executive’s affection to level 2 (will take 6 Affection Points) and the first date will unlock. After you’ve completed the scene, the achievement will pop. Just choose whichever dialogue you want, it won’t have an effect on your relationship levels.

Getting Around – Have a Level 2 Relationship with Three Executives
Simply get 6 Affection Points with any three executives and this will pop after you’ve gone on all their dates. Relationship levels, including partial levels, carry over from Campaign to Campaign, but you’ll get this one early in the first.

Powered Up! – Have 10 Assets at Once
Assets are acquired either as rewards for paying back loan installments, rewards for beating district bosses, or purchased from the Merchant every two weeks. Make sure you never miss a visit from the Merchant, and you’ll get this one pretty easily. In later campaigns, you’ll be able to get assets after unlocking the fourth office in the Executive Offices as well, and making the weekly exchange.

KO! – Defeat Your Rival
This is awarded for defeating the boss of the final district, the rival who has been taunting you all game. This will end the campaign, so make sure you’ve accomplished everything you want to first.

Your Second Campaign

Am I Rich Yet? – Have £1,000,000
You need to have these all in the bank at once. This is easily obtained in the second campaign, because it’s twice as long as the first, so you’ll have more than enough time to stockpile the necessary cash.

Filling the Pool – Have 1,000 Gold
This also needs to all be in your account at one time. Later in the campaign you should be able to generate gold at a good clip, so just wait until you have 1,000 in the account before you pay off the fourth loan.

Oh God, Another? – Pay Off Your Fourth Loan
This one takes 500 gold. Just use half of what you saved up for the previous achievement, and bang. Done.

Splendorous Fists – Train an Executive’s Fisticuffs to 1,000
Resplendent Stache – Train an Executive’s Moustache to 1,000
Just keep training in the boxing ring or barbershop until you hit 1,000. Assets that boost the training value of either or both will be invaluable here, just to cut down on the number of in-game hours needed. You’ll want to pick one Executive for the Moustache achievement and one for the Fisticuffs achievement, and any tonics that you pick up which boost either go straight into them and them alone. Note that this gets pretty expensive at the highest levels, so giving them gear like the Moustache Wax or Boxing Gloves that lower training costs are both good investments. Just keep grinding it, and don’t finish the campaign before you hit the 1,000 mark.

Secret Service – Have 10 Kingsmen
Note that you must have all 10 Kingsmen at one time. You’ll unlock the training facility after paying off the fourth loan, and you’ll then be able to convert increasingly large quantities of employees into a single Kingsman. Get your 1,000 Moustache recruiter from the last achievement to work promptly in the Slums and leave them there – the 10th Kingsman will cost around 100,000 employees before Assets that lower your cost come into play. Getting those Assets, such as the Magnifying Glass, will make this easier, but aren’t absolutely necessary for this one. Get as many Kingsmen as you can per campaign – that achievement for recruiting a total of 100 Kingsmen is lurking out there.

Board Meeting – Have Four Executives On Your Board
You’ll need to unlock three additional board chairs other than the one you start with – two will come from installment payments on your first and second loans, the third must be bought from the merchant, gained randomly as an installment reward in the third and fourth loans, exchanged for Blood Debts after unlocking the final level of the Executive Offices, or as a district reward (additionally, one can be earned by spending Essence with Dandy to upgrade your existing chairs – more on Essence below under “Just Dandy”). Once you have four board chairs, simply place an Executive in each one. Then put ‘em to work, the freeloaders.

Team Stacking – Have Five Executives On One Building
You’ll need five board chairs (see above for sources) and enough of the Assets that boost the number of Executives who can work in a single building (Zoning Permit, Passport, Boxing Credentials and upgraded version, Barbers License and upgraded version, Pocket Watch, etc.) to bring the available threshold to 5. Then put your five Executives down. They don’t need to actually work even a minute together, just pause, drop them all in place, and then move them to where you actually need them once the achievement pops.

Full House – Have 12 Executives in One Company
You’ll get several Executives by paying off your loans, but once those are exhausted (the last comes on the fourth loan) you’ll have to add the rest through the bi-weekly Executive Gala event. In my second campaign, I might have missed the first Gala, but I don’t believe I missed any others, and I still had to extend my loan by two weeks in order to hire the 12th Executive, at a total cost of 700 Gold just for loan extensions. Bear in mind your loan extension costs go up by 100 Gold every time, and they’re for one week, while the Gala is every two, so circling back around to another Gala would have required an additional 1100 Gold – missing more than one Gala risks pricing this one out of reach quickly.

Around the World – Purchase All Travel Destinations
Note that this requires you to purchase all the travel destinations in a single campaign. Any purchased in previous campaigns will not count, and you can only unlock the last three in a 2 Star or above campaign, so don’t bother trying on your first campaign. I recommend unlocking this on the second campaign, as the added mechanics in the 3 Star campaign will serve as a drain on your available funds and make it harder, while you’ll hit a point in the second campaign where money is basically no object.

The Full Monty – Reach Maximum Relationship Level with an Executive
Executive Affection levels take an increasing number of points to advance the farther up you go. The maximum level is 6, and your progress will carry over from campaign to campaign. Just keep giving flowers or going on lunch dates, and you’ll eventually get there. I focused primarily on one Executive in my first campaign, and so reached level 6 relatively early in the second, but if you spread your love out more, it will take a little longer.

This is, by the way, where the sexy business occurs.

The Sanctus Lapis Fortunae – Reclaim Your Family’s Honor
This is awarded for defeating the final boss in the 2 Star Campaign. Make sure you’ve done everything else you wanted to do before you engage in manful (or womanful) combat.

Your Third Campaign (Part One)

Under the Table – Bring Your Taxes to Zero
This is most easily knocked out early. The tax mechanic will be introduced at the beginning of the Third Campaign, and your tax rate will rise as you conquer more districts. Your first week it should only be 10%. Sending an Executive to the pub will lower your tax rate for the week, at the exchange rate of minus 0.5% tax rate per permanently lost point of Moustache. You’ll want to send someone with low Moustache to lobby your rate down every week, because it’s cheaper to get someone from 0 to 20 Moustache than it is to go from 100 to 120. Either way, as soon as the mechanic is introduced, send an Executive with 20 Moustache and let them lobby your tax rate down to nothing.

Just Dandy – Upgrade 30 Assets
After you raise your first Executive relationship to level 5, you’ll unlock a scene with Vlad and start accumulating Essence. From then on, every time you gain relationship points with any Executive, you’ll gain an identical quantity of Essence. A short while later, Vlad will return with Dandy, who will offer to upgrade your Assets in exchange for 5,10, or 15 Essence depending on the particular Asset. Each Asset can be upgraded once, and doing so adds to or improves the Asset’s effects. After the first scene with Dandy, you’ll have to send an Executive via the train station to meet him, and then he will give you a selection of up to six random Assets to upgrade. Dandy moves around a lot, so be on the lookout for when he’s only a single day away, and if you have 20 or 30 Essence, send an Executive. Aside from the Smut Peddler (whose price will now be 1 Essence instead of £25), Essence has no other uses, so feel free to spend it all. You do not need to upgrade all 30 Assets in a single campaign – I was able to do it in two.

Three-Peat – Defeat Your Rival Three Times
This will happen automatically after you defeat your rival in the middle of the third campaign. The achievement actually unlocked for me when I defeated the district boss in the prior district and opened up my Rival’s district, but I assume that’s just a glitch. Either way, you can’t miss it.

Dismissed Fists – Drain an Executive’s Fisticuffs to Zero
Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good – Banish 69 Spirits
Midway through the third campaign, you will notice a small black and red ghostly-looking face with a number beside it on the details panel for enemy executives. After you defeat those executives, they will release the listed number’s worth of evil spirits into the various buildings around the town square. These spirits will give a chance for your Executives in the affected buildings to either fail their tasks there or take longer to complete them. This will also unlock the Temple building, where (much like the Pub and the Tax Rate) you can send your Executives to build up energy to banish the spirits at the cost of draining their Fisticuffs. As with the Pub, you want to send Executives with low Fisticuffs for this task, as it’s cheaper to train them back up from 0 than from a higher level, so just send in one of your Executives with low Fisticuffs and drain them to 0. As far as banishing 69 total spirits, as long as you’re taking over every spot in every district, and clearing the spirits out entirely as you go, you’ll easily hit this number in a single campaign.

Cleaning House – Defeat 100 Total Rival Companies
As long as you’re taking over every spot in every district, you’ll hit this mark in your third campaign. It counts up rival companies taken over in every campaign, it does not need to be in a single run.

First Class Ticket – Travel 50 Times
I got this early in my third campaign, but it will depend on how often you use travel as part of your strategy. I definitely used it more in my 2 Star campaign, as my Executives had more idle time, and then finished it in the third. But just keep sending them off to gather loot, and you’ll get there eventually.

Higher Taxes – Pay 420k in Taxes
This does not need to be in a single bill, so you can pay a manageable amount of taxes every week by simply not negotiating your tax rate down all the way each time and it will eventually pop. By the mid-point or so of the game, however, you’ll probably find that you could do it all in a single bill if you so desired. I don’t know if your progress carries over from campaign to campaign on this one, but it’s very easily gotten in a single campaign so I see no reason not to just knock it out and move on.

Come at Me, Chum – Defeat a Rival With Every Trait
The latest update added 30 different traits for enemies (the achievement description says “Rival”, but it doesn’t mean “Your Rival”, it just means enemy Executives), which you’ll start to see around the mid-point of the second campaign. These traits are listed in the same place as where District Bosses say “Timed” under their portrait. Your progress will carry over from campaign to campaign, so unless the RNG gods smile or frown upon you a particularly great deal, you’ll probably get it somewhere in your third campaign. You can track your progress with a list if you like, but – and again I’m assuming you’re taking over every business in the district – there’s no real way to hunt for the ones you still need. Just keep plugging away until you get them all.

Building Rapport – Pay Off Your Fifth Loan
At 1,600 total Gold, this is a big one, but you have ample time to get there. Target those assets that give a boost to Gold making at the Factory, and make sure you regularly send Executives to do so, and you’ll make it.

Storytime – Unlock a Friendship for Every Executive
At 1%, this is the rarest Achievement in the game at the time of this writing. The thing to note is that the Friendship you’re looking to unlock here is not a Friendship with you, but rather with each other. The Achievement only counts the primary 12 Executives (so not Angel or Cashious), and if you pair each one up with another (i.e. Penny with Pip, Summer with Bonbon, and so on without any repeats) you can do this with six Friendships. A Friendship is unlocked by having two Executives (and only two) work together on any task until their Teamwork reaches level 6, and a scene between the two unlocks. Friendships will carry over from campaign to campaign, but not the corresponding Teamwork level…so if you get two Executives to Teamwork Level 5 and then end the Campaign, you’ll have to start over at 0. You can monitor your progress by clicking on the Office button, then Memories, then pushing the button shaped like a hand pointing to the right. This will bring you to the Friendship web, where a colored line indicates a Friendship has been unlocked. Teamwork levels pretty quickly, so just pick a partner for each Executive and have them always work together (no matter what they’re doing) and this will unlock after every character has been in at least one Friendship scene.

Entrepreneur – Start Three Companies
You’ll get this at the end of your third campaign. While the Achievement says “Start” three companies, you will have to finish three campaigns to get credit. Note that going bankrupt still counts, you do not need to win the campaign. Abandoning the campaign does not count, however.

Your Third Campaign (Part Two)

Loan Ranger – Pay Off 10 Loans in One Run
You’ll need to pay off the first five loans in the third campaign on installments as usual, and then you’ll need to pay for 5 one-week loan extensions. The first extension will cost 400 Gold, and each extension afterwards will cost 100 more, so you’ll need 3,000 Gold all told for the extensions. Make sure you have Executives minting Gold at a good clip throughout, as you don’t want to try and have to make all 800 you’ll need for the last one in a single week. It should be noted that you can do this in the second campaign as well, and because you don’t have to pay off the fifth installment loan that’s only present in the third campaign, it will actually cost about half as much despite the fact that you need to make 6 extensions instead of 5. I preferred to do it in the third campaign personally because the presence of the evil spirits meant that my overall pace through the campaign was slower, so I wasn’t dragging my feet just to make enough gold to run up the loan score, but either way is perfectly valid.

Is It Over? – Witness the Ending
This is awarded for completing the 3 Star Campaign without maxing out all 12 of your Executive relationships.

Your Fourth and Subsequent Campaigns

Beau Monde – Train 100 Total Kingsmen
This achievement will likely take you the longest out of all of them. Note that it will add the total number of Kingsmen you train across all 2 and 3 star campaigns together, but there still is, unfortunately, no quick or easy way to grind this one that I’m aware of. Once you’ve completed the story and are replaying campaigns to grind this out, you’ll need to push through to where you’ve paid off your fourth loan to even get started on progressing it further. Train up a handful of recruiters so someone’s always bringing in new Employees, have someone with solid market share paying for all that Moustache training, and a few goldsmiths to keep ahead of your loans and extensions, and just ride that pony for as long as you can. Of note: during the boss fight that leads to the True Ending (detailed below) all your Kingsmen will be wiped, so you’ll have an opportunity to quickly add another double handful. Still, it may be more time-efficient to not bother pushing through the back half of the campaign and just hang out around the mid point grinding up Kingsmen until you can’t pay the loans back anymore.

Capitalist – Start Eight Companies
As with Entrepreneur, you’ll need to start and finish 8 Campaigns. Note that going bankrupt still counts for your tally, so you can start a campaign, and then just not do anything for a week, and you’ll get credit for “Starting a Company”. Starting a campaign and then abandoning it, on the other hand (by hitting Abandon Company in the Main Menu) will not advance the tally. So you need to either win or go bankrupt.

Industrialist – Start a Company in 12 Different Industries
Each time you begin a new campaign, you will be able to choose a starting executive – this dictates the Industry in which your Company is started. You’ll therefore need to begin 12 campaigns, and choose a different starting Executive each time. Thankfully, the game keeps track of how many campaigns you’ve completed with each one and displays this right in the Executive selection screen. To be able to use an Executive at the start of a new campaign, you’ll have to have previously hired them at least once and gotten them to Affection Level 2. Note that going bankrupt does count towards the tally, so you don’t need to play 12 campaigns all the way through and win, however just like the Capitalist achievement above, you will not get credit for starting a company if you abandon it.

Harem – Max Out 12 Executive Relationships
Just like with The Full Monty, just keep plugging away at Lunch Dates and Flower Carts until you get all your Executives to Level 6 Affection. Note that one of the Board Chairs – the Banquet Chair – can be upgraded to ensure that its occupant is always present for lunch dates, if you’re down to just one or two that still need to be maxed out. It is most efficient to spread your love out – while you decide exactly where the Affection from Flowers and Love Tonics goes, you can only control who appears in Lunch Dates if you have the Banquet Chair and have upgraded it, and you have no control over which executives appear in the thrice weekly events or when you start a new district. Trying to raise all your Executives’ affection at roughly the same rate ensures that you’ll rarely, if ever, run into an event where you’re not advancing someone’s Affection. After completing the first three campaigns in order, I only needed one additional run of the 3 Star Campaign to complete this Achievement. Note that you do not need to have a Sexual relationship with every Executive to earn the achievement – you can leave as many of them on Friendly relationships as you want and still get it.

It Is Over – Witness the True Ending
Completing the third campaign with all 12 base Executives (not Cashious or Angel) at max Affection will unlock a scene, and a new boss fight district not previously on the map. In this district, you will be on a 30 minute timer (which pauses when you pause the game), and all of your Executive skills, money, gold, Kingsmen, and Essence will be removed. All you will keep is your market share, assets, and equipment, so make sure you have whatever of these you need before you fight your Rival the second time in the Campaign – having all 7 Board Chairs will be very helpful, as will anything that increases banishing capability at the Temple and Barbershop/Boxing Ring effectiveness. Once you’re in the final battle, you’ll need to get some of your Executives generating cash straight out of the gate, and then your first priority will be using the Temple to clear away the Cherubs your Rival has summoned around all the buildings – each Cherub functions like a Spirit, but they not only give you a chance of failure on the building in question, they also strengthen your Rival’s Fisticuffs. Each Cherub you clear out will reduce your Rival’s Fisticuffs by 50, from a starting value of 2,000 down to 500 when they’re all gone.

While you’re dealing with those Cherubs, you’ll need to be building up a few recruiters and pugilists. Assuming you have some assets that will reduce the cost of Kingsmen, you will have time to get at least a few, and potentially as many as 10 trained. As your Rival starts with 250,000 Employees, they’ll be helpful. Train your four or five best fighters up (Max, Pip, and whoever you’ve already had well equipped), and four or so recruiters (Bonbon, Gunn, and whoever you’ve already had well equipped), and have just enough cash income to cover the cost of their skill increases – having this many trained will enable you to cycle replacements through as they tire. You’ll have the option to spend cash to speed up the various buildings – increasing the speed of the Boxing Ring, Barbershop, Temple, Trade Hall, and Slums as far as you can with just cash (not Gold) is a good idea. Feel free to ignore the Factory, Train Station, Executive Offices, and Pub. Don’t worry about making Gold, and only bother with clearing your Tax rate if paying it will put you in the red. Your primary concern is getting rid of the Cherubs, building up your Moustache and Fisticuffs, Recruiting Employees/Training Kingsmen, and actually winning the fight, in that order. Once you’ve defeated your Rival in this time trial, you’ll experience the true ending and unlock the Achievement.

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