Meaningless: Guide for Getting started

“Meaningless” is a relaxing puzzle game that allows you to do more than just align pieces: it enables you to create a sequence of movements that are as satisfying to watch as they are to play. Inspired by the satisfying videos found on the internet, Meaningless invites you to unleash your creativity while testing your puzzle-solving skills.


The main goal in “Meaningless” is to guide a ball from the entry point to the exit gate. However, there is another dimension to our game: the competitive mode rewards players who move the most blocks during the recording phase, adding a new layer of strategy to each level.


  • Launch the ball: Click on the ball or press the space bar.
  • Move color blocks: Simply click on the blocks you want to move.
  • Pause the game: Right-click or press the P key.
  • Zoom in/out: Use the scroll wheel on your mouse.
  • Move the camera: Hold down the middle button and move the mouse to move the camera during the zoom phase. Note that zooming, unzooming, or moving the camera will automatically pause the game, allowing you to click on the blocks more easily when the ball is in motion.

Game Modes

  1. Chill/Relax Mode: In this mode, you are free to play at your own pace, with no constraints on the number of actions and no scoring system. It’s perfect for a relaxed gaming experience without the pressure of a score.
  2. Competitive Mode: If you’re looking for a challenge, this mode is for you. You have a limited number of actions during the preparation phase, and each block you move while the ball is rolling allows you to earn points. To achieve the gold medal, you’ll often need to achieve the highest number of points possible. The scoring system is designed to encourage players to create a visually satisfying sequence.

Game Phases

  1. Preparation Phase: Before launching the ball, you have the opportunity to move the blocks to prepare your path. In competitive mode, each block movement causes you to lose points, symbolizing the energy consumed to perform the action.
  2. Movement Phase: This phase starts when the ball begins to move. All your actions and block movements are recorded. In competitive mode, each moved block earns you points. The goal is to move as many blocks as possible during this phase to achieve the gold medal.


After successfully completing a level, you can replay your sequence in a loop. Playback controls, such as fast forward or rewind, allow you to fully enjoy your creation.

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