Mecha Knights Nightmare: How to Change Background for Screenshots

A requested guide on how to change your backgrounds for photos and remove your HUD for Mecha Knights : Nightmare.


How to Enable Photo mode and Change backgrounds

Step One

First off, be sure you are in your hangar and your save is loaded up.

Step Two

Second click the last tab at the bottom labled “Photo” This is the photo op mode for the hangar/mech

Step Three

There will be a tab “Change background” you can click and cycle through the games backgrounds for taking screenshots.

Additional info

Change Pose button

Just before the Change background button there is a Change pose button, this will change the mechs pose to a few premade positions.

Hide Hud

You can hide your Hud for steam screenshots (if you do not use the built in screenshot button)

The key is “U’ by Default

Move Camera

In addition you can move the camera with the WASD keys or Arrow keys on your keyboard, this can help with position (though it’s not perfect)

In addition you can Rotate the mech with your mouse by clicking and drag left or right.

Screenshot Save locations

Your screenshots if you click the save screenshot button are saved locally (if you want it on steam you have to take a manual steam screenshot)

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\MKS\Mecha Knights\Screenshots

Example Screenshot with Hud,Background, and Pose changed

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