MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies – How to Skip the Intro

Seriously, it’s kind of annoying. But I have the solution to that right here.



Right-click the game on your Steam library -> Manage -> Browse local files
Then browse to [data] -> [ui] -> [logo]

You should see a file called “” – we are going to replace that…

…with this:

Simply download, copy, and replace. Voila.

What is it?

It’s basically just a file containing a list of what logos to display and in what order when you boot the game up. The file is exactly 256 bytes long, and seems to just crash the game if its size were to change.

What was changed to make them all skip?

I was able to change a specific byte that seems to toggle whether or not each video plays. The toggle does not seem to have any effect when it’s referencing an image instead of a video. There’s also a hardcoded value that indicates how many videos are in the playlist. Getting rid of them completely is not possible, so I shrunk the list to play just one -> the Tamsoft logo… but with the toggle bit switched off, effectively skipping it. All references to the other videos are zero’d out, and so the game never calls any other logo video than Tamsoft’s.

Why Tamsoft specifically?

It’s the smallest size video in the folder, in other words it loads faster… presumably.

Fun fact?

This file does in fact contain a hardcoded value that controls how many seconds should pass before you’re allowed to skip the videos. And they’re set exactly to 3 seconds by default. On my edited file, I’ve changed it to 0.5 seconds to be safe, even if it ultimately has no effect after this.

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