Men of War Assault Squad 2: All Faction Heroic Difficulty Guide

Heroic difficulty guide for all skirmish missions in every nation.


Introduction and aim of the guide

I’ve seen some guides on this already but they are either incomplete or missing some important information so here I come to beat the dead horse a bit more. Hopefully with my tips you’ll be able to get all the heroic achievements in “one” go, I’m very bad at micromanaging the troops, so if I could do it, so can you.
As every faction has the same type of missions, I’ll begin talking about those and then I’ll point out any faction particularity or playstyle.
But first of all some general tips before going into the journey: use multiple saves and feel free to “savescum”, heroic is already hard to be losing squads and tanks all over the place; learn to master direct control, tank and cannon AI is very stupid, they’ll aim for the wrong spots constantly; MGs have the highest damage in the game and they are instant kill on close quarters, always pick them up.

Mission 1

The first mission should be very easy as there are no enemy spawn waves at all, the hard part is the final defence. The defence segment at the beginning is a walk in the park, watch out for your mg position. Throughout all the mission try to capture anything the enemy has like AT cannons, tanks and MGs. The final defence is the hardest part, try to position your tanks and cannons behind cover and keep your guys fed with ammo constantly, especially the MGs.

Mission 2-4-6

These are the long missions, three lines of defences and a final victory point, the enemy will spawn copious amounts of infantry and tanks, generally better than the ones you get at the time you capture the flags and in the overall mission. All factions start the same, get the soldiers you start with and call in a mortar, pound the first flag and cap it without calling any reinforcements, then proceed with the second flag, at this point you don’t have a medic so try to maintain your guys alive. If you can’t cap the second flag call in a light tank but to proceed with the second line of defences always call in a medium from the second flag. A trick I did on all missions, NEVER cap a line of defence completely, always leave all the right side flags (generally the worst units are there anyway) empty of enemies but uncapped until you reach the victory point, when you go in and cap it then you can move a single soldier into each line flag and cap it in a go. This is because each time you cap a line a strong wave of enemies will always spawn (a less strong one with the first defence line), by closing all the lines when you have the victory point, you’ll negate these waves (they will all spawn at the end of the match all bunched up at the back of the map but the map is over hehe, it’s pretty funny).
I’ll break down the factions for these missions as there are some heavy differences between them.

Mission 3

The fun mission, tank defence baby. Ok, some of these are more challenging depending on the faction. Always go quickly at the start of the mission to repair the heavy broken tank, its not optional, you can’t complete some of these without that tank. Always call in your special heavy and some SPAA guns for the last wave as some infantry will come for you.

Mission 5

The somewhat boring stealth mission. I haven’t played with assault infantry, but given the troops that you get to start with it has to be a pain in the ass and maybe almost impossible to complete. With snipers its still a pain in the ass but doable. I leave everyone at the spawn point and take a single sniper, always crawl or you’ll get spotted, when you shoot always move to another bush or they will find you and don’t get reinforcements before you destroy the tanks. I generally move through the map first searching for the circular sandbag entrenchment where the MG nests are and then move for the tanks. There is tank crew repairing the tanks and some soldiers dozing always, you have to kill them either shooting them or if you get close enough use the knifes, it could help if you kill some other sniper in the way of doing these and take his knife. When you have cleared most of the tank crew (the ones that can see you approaching or repairing the tank you are going to search) go and search the tanks, generally you will need to search two tanks for dynamite and throw the two to the tanks in a way all three explode, you can also take an AT grenade to get this done, your sniper will be killed but the main objective is done, you can now call in all the reinforcements you want and start killing everyone, get AT infantry, you’ll need it. The free air strike you get is to take out the artillery, if you have encountered while going through the map, if not try to guess where it is. It would be good if you can ambush the final officer but its not necessary, same with repairing the heavy tank that comes with the officer, not necessary but it will help.

Mission 7

The almost fun defence mission. You have to hold for the 30 minutes with 3 points and then attack 3 enemy points. This one can be harder depending on the faction. The enemy will attack with tanks and copious amounts of infantry the left flank around minute 15. Generally, you can begin to retreat to the last point at minute 20, enemy mortars will spawn and kill your guys even if they are in the trenches, but not on the last point. Get the special “heavy” tank you can call in almost immediately. When you have holded out allied spawn waves will start to come in but so enemy spawn waves and waves of 3 tanks. You need to get your artillery and autopropelled artillery to bombard the enemy points and that’s it.

Mission 8

This is not a stealth mission but it can be almost impossible if you go in all crazed out trying to kill everyone. The secret to this mission is attacking and retreating. You’ll have to learn where the convoy comes through. Let the first convoy pass through and attack the second one, there is always a tank in the second convoy, the objective is to capture it, when this is done, you are good to go. In this mission the “get all your guys MGs” applies heavily.

Now let’s proceed with some faction specific tips:


Mission 2-4-6 for this faction, as the other ones have no real particular way of playing outside of what is said above.
For these longer missions you want to keep yourself to the left side of the map, don’t cap the center flag from the second and third defence lines as some waves of panthers will spawn. But with this faction it might come in handy to finish the first line of defence as you will get paratroopers, very handy to get rid of the enemy artillery near the victory point at the back of the map, you get limited uses but they are more than enough for this task and you can use the rest on AT cannons.
As for tanks, always repair enemy tanks and if you can get the jumbo from the left side heavy tank flag in the second defence line go ahead, it’s the only tank worth it.
Second easiest mission 7 in the game. Playing as the americans you only get one crocodile Sherman, exceptional to push enemy infantry waves back, try to maintain it alive. The flamer fuel tank can last you all the mission.


Easiest faction of them all in every mission. Armor without comparison, when you are playing other nations, you repair and capture german tanks, with Germany you call them in, nothing more to say. Follow the general tips for every mission.


For missions 2-4-6 I’d say it’s the most difficult faction to play, their tanks are ♥♥♥♥, albeit the game has some good tank assets for brits, they aren’t used in the missions. Call in a couple matildas as the first tank but you will need a crusader to take out enemy armor and capture it as what they have is not worth it. Capture the center second defence line flag as you will need the artillery barrage to clear the enemy artillery guns and AT guns. Keep to the left of the map and call in a Churchill heavy if you can, only worth it tank but all the brit guns are weak overall.

Soviet Union

The soviet union is the third easiest faction to play in my opinion for missions 2-4-6. You’ll have to rely on capturing tanks after calling your first t34-76, the soviet tanks although you can call is-2 on these missions, they are not worth it, what the german throw at you is so good you don’t need to spend any points calling tanks. Same as with the americans its worth it to close the first defence line as youll get a powerful artillery piece to take out the back enemy artillery. But the main and map-victory flag you need to get is the center second defence line flag, once you get the motherland charge its over, keep calling the charges until every flag is cleared and you reach the victory point. The only rough map is Konisberg, the choke points on the first flags make it very difficult to assault at first, have patience, let the tanks come to you and capture them, once you have surpassed the first one the rest is easy.


Japan is the second if not first on the easy factions although it has a somewhat difficult mission. For missions 2-4-6 its imperative you capture any enemy tanks that you can get, all the Japanese tanks you can get are not worth it, even more than the british ones, armor is paper thin but at least they have somewhat decent guns. But on the second defence line center flag is where the victory button for Japan is at, the banzai charge. Once you reach this flag its over, banzai charges are like motherland charges but with tanks. Youll need the center flag of the third line to get the artillery piece to get rid of the back end enemy artillery.

The difficult mission here is Singapur. Japan and the commonwealth is a nasty matchup. If it was already hard to pen matildas and valentines (which I encourage you to capture) with japanese weak guns, once every few minutes when you reach the third defence line a Churchill AVRE will spawn and this tank is just not penetrable by ANY Japanese tank that you can call in ANYWHERE, youll need to search in vehicles for dynamite and approach the tank, try to capture at least one AVRE. To add salt to injury, the enemy artillery is two autopropelled artillery which are very sturdy, you’ll need to save and reload while shooting with your artillery to get a direct hit to destroy it.

Easiest mission 7 in the entire game. After you have held for 30 minutes there will be some Sherman crocodile in the field almost for sure, the main objective is to cap one or two. With the flame thrower of the tank, you can push the enemy back to the end of the map in mere minutes.

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