Metal Hellsinger: All Weapons List

Here is a list of all weapons in Metal: Hellsinger.


All Weapons List


TERMINUS (sword)
“The Unknown’s Blade”

Unlocked in: Always available
Range: Short
Ammo: None
Ultimate: fires a rapid series of slashes in a straight line in front of you.

PAZ (lightningbolt-skull & the narrator of the game)
“The Pulse of the Universe”

Unlocked in: Tutorial
Range: Short to medium
Ammo: Infinite
Ultimate: summons a bolt of light that spreads to nearby enemies.

PERSEPHONE (shotgun)
“Queen Death”

Unlocked in: Voke
Range: Short to medium
Ammo: 8
Ultimate: fires off a massive burst of bullets, dealing heavy damage to anything in its path.

THE HOUNDS (dual pistols)
“Orthrus & Cerberus”

Unlocked in: Stygia
Range: Medium to long
Ammo: 12
Ultimate: create a clone of you that fires a volley of bullets over a period of time.

VULCAN (arbalest)

Unlocked in: Yhelm
Range: Medium
Ammo: 2
Ultimate: creates a gravity well that temporarily traps enemies in its orbit.

HELLCROW (two throwing scythes)
“The Traitor Sovereign”

Unlocked in: Incaustis
Range: Medium
Ammo: None
Ultimate: creates a storm of crows around you, dealing massive damage to anything that comes near you.

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