Metro Exodus: How to Change Your FOV

Greetings, this is a simple guide that shows you on how to change the FOV in Metro Exodus.


How to change your FOV

The location is:

C:\User\[name]\Saved Games\metro exodus\[#####]\user.cfg
Changing Metro Exodus FOV Settings

After locating the file, you can use a text editor such as Notepad to open it.

Press CTRL+F to search for the following line:
The default value is 60, but you can change it to whatever works for your monitor setup. Save the file and then start the game to see your difference.

FOV 70 works well for a 2560 x 1440 resolution without creating too much distortion. As shown in the images below, you can see more of the world and your weapon which gives you that greater feeling but it also adds more enjoynment to the game from my experience.


Default FOV

70 FOV

90 FOV

Extra information

The weapon is holstered in the images, but if it were drawn, you’d be able to better see your watch too. This would be especially useful in areas where you have to check your watch while wearing the gas mask.

But try not to go too overboard with it. The setting only changes the vertical FOV, so the view doesn’t scale properly. I set the value to 90 for the sake of comparison and immediately saw distortion. The gun is stretched out and you can see all the way to the butt of the rifle, which is clipped off at the end. The distortion is significantly worse in narrow areas like tunnels and the train car.

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