Metro Last Light Redux: How to Get Good Endings

You all already know that Metro Last Light has two endings: * SPOILERS *

-Bad, where Artyom dies destroying D6 and good, where Black helps Artem to keep D6.
Most players get a bad ending, because to get it, you just need to beat the game.
-But to get a good ending, you need to fulfill the conditions. The main thing is to do good deeds and not to kill opponents unnecessarily, but to bypass or stun. And for every good deed there will be a flash (good deed). The more good deeds, the more karma, that is, the chances of a good ending.

I must say right away that you can sometimes kill or not get some kind of flash, but it’s not scary, just do more good deeds and just try not to kill just like that. Fortunately, YouTube has a huge number of guides on how to get through this or that location without killing.


How to Get Good Endings
List of conditions for a good ending:

1. Do not kill surrendering soldiers.

2. Listen to stories and conversations between NPCs

3. Give homeless patrons (at the level of Bolshoi and Venice).

4. Play musical instruments (balalaikas, button accordions)

5. Open the cells to the prisoners on the level (Paul). hint (there is a lever at the end of the level)

6. Complete the levels Parting, Camp, Revolution without killing people. (There are even achievements)

7. Save women and children at the Bandits level.

8. Find and return the teddy bear to the child at the Venice level.

9. At the beginning of the Infection level, do not let the enemies finish off the wounded soldier, and then listen to the end of his story about the infection.

10. Find all the caches with ammo on the Quarantine level (four in total). Look in the highlighted carriage windows

11. At the Quarantine level, help a person by giving him cartridges to buy medicine.

12. Complete the Bridge level without killing the Guardians

13. Do not kill Lesnitsky.

14. See all the visions in the Dead City (seven in total).

15. Save Paul from the hands of lost souls.

16. At the SAD level, after a fight with a bear, help her by killing the guards.

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