Microsoft Flight Simulator: Location of Loading Splash Screen

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – In this Guide will find the location of the Landscapes that appear on the screen!


  • Choose the image copy the Coordinates and paste it in the search box on the in game World Map!
  • Click on the symbol that will appear on the map and choose departure then select Fly!

Not finished yet, work in progress!

1 – Australia Canberra
35°18’55.2″S 149°07’03.9″E

2 – Australia Green Island
16°45’34.3″S 145°58’21.3″E

3 – Australia Northern Territory Stuart Highway
17°51’09.7″S 133°41’09.9″E

4 – Australia Simpson Desert
25°00’41.0″S 136°55’10.6″E

5 – Australia Tarrabool Lake
18°25’40.1″S 135°03’01.1″E

6 – Australia Uluru Kata Tjuta
25°22’22.0″S 131°00’58.0″E

7 – Canada Manitoba Reader Lake
53°56’15.7″N 101°31’19.6″W

8 – Canada Yukon SS Klondike
60°42’50.2″N 135°02’48.1″W

9 – Chile Natales
51°08’17.5″S 73°41’16.6″W

10 – Eritrea Dahlak
15°38’49.4″N 40°08’14.4″E

11 – France Baie de Somme
50°12’06.7″N 1°38’48.3″E

12 – France Charmonix
45°58’02.1″N 6°52’43.0″E

13 – France Chateau de Queribus
42°50’12.5″N 2°37’17.6″E

14 – France Mont Blanc
45°50’02.0″N 6°51’57.3″E

15 – France Les Iles Chausey
48°52’23.9″N 1°49’49.4″W

16 – France Parc de Carmargue
43°31’13.2″N 4°39’18.7″E

17 – France Pyrenees Argeles Gazost
43°00’23.1″N 0°05’57.4″W

18 – France Viaduc de Millau
44°05’32.9″N 3°01’20.5″E

19 – French Polynesia Moorea
17°29’18.2″S 149°55’55.3″W

20 – Iceland Eastern Region
65°20’32.7″N 13°39’48.2″W

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