Midnight Ride: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Here is a full walkthrough with 100% achievement guide for Midnight Ride.



Optimal skip configuration

  • Text Scrolling: ☐
  • Text Speed: 30
  • Skip Speed: 30
  • Delay Reduction: 30
  • Click on ‘Save’ to apply the configuration.

Galactic Detour DLC is required for achievements. More DLCs are planned, so getting the Season Pass might be a good idea.

All Endings

  • Start a new game.

Get Out!
Get kicked out the car

  • Save 1
  • Wait for another car

Declined your first ride offer

  • Save 2
  • Refuse it
  • Check the light

You got abducted by aliens!

You got analyzed by aliens

  • Save 3
  • Square door
  • Save 4
  • Leave this place.
  • Save 5
  • Don’t trust her

Alien Pet
You could not escape the aliens

  • Save 6
  • Don’t do it
  • Save 7
  • Leave this place

You were too scared to enter the graveyard
  • Save 8
  • Wait for another car

I can walk!
Declined every ride offer
  • space out

Good Cop, Bad Cop
You found the cabin in the woods
  • Load Save 8
  • Take the ride
  • Dance for them

Free Ride!
Who needs a taxi
  • Load Save 7
  • Try to find the keeper

Eternal love is not a fairytale
  • Load Save 6
  • Expose tits

You did what?
  • Save 9
  • To be pleasured by her

Horsing Around
You always wanted a pony!
  • Load Save 9
  • To pleasure her

You handled the Brofist like a pro
  • Load Save 5
  • Trust her

Robot Romance
You escaped with a friendly robot
  • Load Save 4
  • Connect to his visor.

Big Hero
You held on to a big opportunity and escaped the aliens
  • Load Save 3
  • Oval door to the left

What the hell is that ?!
  • Save 10
  • Too dangerous
  • Open their cell

Double Trouble
They always come in pairs
  • Load Save 10
  • Release the person

Go ♥♥♥♥ yourself
  • Load Save 10
  • Too dangerous
  • Just leave

Space Tourist
You unlocked every Galactic Detour’s gallery image
  • Load Save 2
  • Accept the ride
  • Save 11
  • Refuse it

Home Sweet
Home You made it home without a scratch!
  • Load Save 11
  • Give him a blowjob

Long Haul
You helped out David
  • Load Save 1
  • Take the ride
  • Save 12
  • Refuse the offer
  • Accept the request

Present You got a surprise!
  • Load Save 12
  • Accept the offer

Enjoyed one cup of tea too many

You unlocked every gallery image
By lylat and Pris

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