Minecraft Dungeons: All Runes Guide 2022

This guide shows, where all the runes are located, so you can unlock the secret MOO(???) level.


Rune B

  • This rune will given to you, after completing the story(defeating the Arch Illager) in Default difficulty.
  • And then in your camp, head southeast. At the edge, you can see some jump pads, jump into the pads to reach the south side of you camp.
  • Now after walking a little far ahead, turn west, and take the path from the lamppost.
  • After travelling west you’ll see a path leading to a wooden bridge. Lower the bridge, to get shortcut access to the church from your camp.
  • Inside the temple, at the very end, you’ll find 3 gold block, clicking the middle one will prompts you to ‘Place Runes’. Upon interacting with it. You’ll notice the Rune B will be glowing.
Rune O

  • This rune can be found in Creeper Woods. Simply run the mission until the objective is to ‘Free the Villagers’.
  • Head to the southwest corner of that area. There you will a stone platform. A switch will be near about it. Upon interacting with the switch, the stone platform will open up, leading to the dungeon underground.
Rune V

  • This rune can be found in Pumpkin Pastures. Play the mission as normal, and keep a lookout of a burning house in a hill.
  • On the right side of it, there will be stone brick walkway, and the far end of it, you’ll notice some crates, there will be switch around somewhere near those crates, after clicking the switch, a door will open in-front of you leading to the Rune’s Dungeon.
Rune I

  • This rune can be found in Soggy Swamp. After defeating the boss Corrupted Cauldron. Go near the double doors, but DO NOT EXIT.
  • On the right side of the double doors. There will be a stone column, and on the left of that stone column, there will be a switch. On clicking the switch a dungeon’s door will be revealed leading to the rune.
Rune N

  • This rune can be found on the Redstone Mines mission. On the mission, when you will be asked to ‘Free the Villagers’ for the SECOND TIME.
  • Before exiting that area, check near the end of the barrier on the red crystals for a switch(due to MCD being random, you may have to look for switch in other red crystals, but it’ll near the barrier).The switch might be camouflaged. So just click near every crystal.
  • And upon clicking the switch, a dungeon door will be revealed to you nearby. Inside there will be the rune.
Rune E

This rune can be found in Fiery Forge. After you go inside the first dungeon.There will be a dead Redstone Golem, near it will be a switch, after flicking the switch, you can go inside the Rune’s dungeon, that will open in-front of you.

Rune P

  • This rune can be found in Cacti Canyon. When you come into the area where you need to get the blue golem key. There will be an ambush, survive that event, and then check near the bushes on the left side for a switch.
  • Flicking the key will trigger a door, that will open up behind the blue golem key. You can go inside that dungeon, and get the rune.
Rune A

  • This rune can be found in Desert Temple mission. When you get the golden golem key, check the rooms for a switch, on the right side of the wall.
  • Upon interacting with it, a dungeon will open, leading to the rune.
Rune T

  • This rune can be found in the Highblock Halls. When you reach the open courtyard area. Check near the archery practice range. You’ll find a extinguished torch.
  • Upon interacting with the extinguished torch. A dungeon will be revealed.
Rune H

  • This rune can be found in the Obsidian Pinnacle. Progress through the mission as normal. After a while, you will come across a dungeon that will lead you inside the castle.
  • After clearing that area. Head to the library part of the inner area.
  • On the very far end of that library. Interact with the bookshelf, and a hidden dungeon, will open up, leading to the rune.
  • After collecting all the runes, return to the temple, and interact with the ‘Place Runes’ button once again.
    This time, all the runes will glow, and a secret dungeon, will open up. Inside it, there’ll be the scroll for the secret level.
  • Collecting the scroll, will reveal the secret map in your Mainland. You can find the secret level, on the upper-left side of the map.
  • Congrats, you are now playing the secret MOO(???) level.

Note: The rune’s names are not randomly chosen, this is from a font known as the ILLAGER RUNE FONT

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