Ministry of Broadcast: Achievements 100%

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Ministry of Broadcast.


A few notes before the guide

  • This is not a walkthough
  • The controls have been heavily influenced by the original (1989) Prince of Persia. You have been warned.
  • Their are 18 boots to search for (locations are listed in the guide)
  • You will need to find at least 12 to access the 4th ending. Be sure to interact with the shoes!
  • The pause screen will show how many shoes you have found (Lower left)
  • You can replay any level, and choose which checkpoint you want to start at. This is very useful for the achievements where You have to go through a section or level without dying.
  • There is only one save slot. There is no New Game+
  • Starting a new game wipes all your progress. DO NOT start a new game unless you’re sure
  • There is no achievement for difficulty levels.
  • Most of the dialog is not skippable
  • I have tried my best to list the boots, achievements, and info in the order you will encounter them
  • Good Luck!

Episode 1 Achievements

  • Shoes #1 – Right after the Frozen Puddle.
  • Shoes #2 – Arena 1. Shoes are in the room behind the Soldier and Dog.
  • Shoes #2.5 – Arena 2. In the Ventilation by the ‘volunteers’ to the left. Can’t be reached (but you will comment on them)
  • EXCUSE ME, A DAMN FINE CUP OF COFFEE IS RUINED – Arena 2. Top left, in the area with crane. Stay by scientist until his coffee break is ruined.
  • BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED ORDER – Arena 2. After lowering platform, use your first three civilians to make a bridge.
  • Shoes #3 – Arena 3. On the platform with the dog, above Boris. You have to evade the dog and take the elevator up.
  • Shoes #4 – Arena 4. After the Construction scaffolding collapses, go left to find the Soldier’s Shoes. (it is easy to miss, the body and shoes will under the “soldier -> X sign”)
  • EPISODE 1 – THE ONE WITH THE HAND – Complete Day 1 of The Wall Show.

Episode 2 Achievements

  • Shoes #5 – Arena 1. In the Room with Natasha. Once you are outside the Building on the Second Floor, go all the way to the right.
  • A RADICAL RAT – Arena 1. After the room with box and guard, flip the switch and go left and down. At the end of the corridor, you’ll find the turtle gang
  • HASTA LA VISTA, BABY – Arena 1. Die in the fire pit by the dog.
  • Shoes #6 – Arena 2. On the Ventilator (lower left) after you leave the Building, and before you reach the ground. You’ll have the grab the edge of the small frozen platform (don’t land directly on it!) and pull yourself up to make it across.
  • SHOCKING NEWS – Arena 3. Die by electrocution in the zeppelin hangar by trying to interact with the panel of wires in the tail of the zeppelin (it’s up the first flight of stairs)
  • HINDENBURG ACCIDENT – Arena 3. Die by being pierced on the front of the zeppelin. At the top of the scaffolding you climb in order to drop the snow on the bunch of people below, there’s an ice floor right at the top left part right before the elevator which takes you down. Just run and slide on this ice and you’ll slip off the edge to your embarrassing doom.
  • Shoes #7 – Arena 3. On the ground, past the manhole to the right after putting out dumpster fire. Player has to Lift Elevator with the Dog first.
  • Shoes #8 – Arena 4. In radioactive room on the Right upper corner of the area.
  • RUN ORANGE RUN – Arena 4. Survive the entire radiation room during Day 2 without dying.
  • EPISODE 2 – THE ONE WITH THE ZEPPELIN – Complete Day 2 of The Wall Show.

Episode 3 Achievements

  • KEEPING UP WITH THE CROWDARSHIAN – Arena 1. Follow the Crow’s guidance in the dark room of your dream without dying.
  • Shoes #9 – Arena 1. After you get ability to shoot, go to the left of side of the room and shoot the door. It opens and you can find the Shoes. (You’ll need to take a leap of faith)
  • Shoes #10 – Arena 2. After waking up – when you get to the Elevator that goes down.You should see those Shoes on platform on the right. Just quickly jump to it.
  • NO PRISON BREAK – Arena 2. Die by being stuck in the hole under the elevator. Drop the box on the elevator, then climb in and wait for death.
  • FAMILY LEARNING CHANNEL – Arena 2-3. Discover and listen to all 8 of the mural stories during Day 3 of The Wall Show.
    – Mural 1 unmissable
    – Mural 2 by pool of water, below 1
    – Mural 3 unmissable
    – Mural 4 in a room to the right of the smelly garbage, before going up the lift. Push the dumpster far enough to climb, but not completely off the lift
  • ORANGE IS THE NEW SNACK – Arena 3. Become a snack for Frank the alligator
    – Mural 5 unmissable
    – Mural 6 upper left of room with protesters cop, clogs, drains
  • TEAM ZISSOU – Arena 3. Clog all 3 valves using 3 civilians during the Day 3 of the Wall Show.
  • Shoes #11 – Arena 3. In the water below the 3 drains before you enter the Boat. You have to clog all 3 valves using 3 civilians
    – Mural 7 to left after climbing ladder after clog rooms
    – Mural 8 unmissable (by the sunken statue)
  • Shoes #12 – Arena 3. Second Frank encounter. It’s on the left Side of the giant head on which Player Escapes. The platform collapses once you step on it, so climb the right side and wait for Frank to leave, then get shoes
  • NOT SO BAREFOOT AND AFRAID – Arena 3. Try out at least 12 boots and find your missing pair. Should trigger here if you’ve been finding every pair of shoes.
  • Shoes #13 – Arena 4. When Joe stands on the Button keep pushing the Box to left and you will find the shoes. (you will then need to push the box all the way back and land on it to continue without dying)
  • EPISODE 3 – THE ONE WHERE A CROW TAKES YOU AWAY – Complete Day 3 of The Wall Show.

Episode 4 Achievements

  • RUN. DIE. REPEAT. – Survive the entirety of Day 4, on Insane difficulty, without dying. Not even once! As soon as you leave your living quarters, there’s a machine in front of it where you can switch the difficulty to Insane. (Good luck. I didn’t even try this one)
  • Shoes #14 – Arena 1. In the second Bunker there is secret Area in the lower Floor on the left. Push Box there and enter the Area. Tin Foil Guy will let you try his Shoes.
  • Shoes #15 – Arena 1. Soon after you get Shocked by the Explosion you should come across Submarine Pen sign. Go on the Ladder down. There is a Yellow Submarine. Shoes are inside.
  • EPISODE 4 – THE ONE WITH A BOMB – Complete Day 4 of The Wall Show.

Episode 5 Achievements

  • HELL’S KITCHEN and UNDERCOOKED – Arena 1,2,3. You cannot get these on the same run. For UNDERCOOKED you will have to kill every civilian you can. For HELL’S KITCHEN you will have to ‘save’ at least three. There may be others (there is a drain puzzle I was unable to find a non-lethal solution to), but I listed are the choices I found (I did all of these on one run to get the achievement, but you should only need three)
    – Kill only 1 person on the spikes OR kill 2
    – Don’t let the dog kill the hippie (just run through the tube) OR let the dog in
  • Shoes #16 – Arena 1. In the darkened area, on the platform on the right side, once you go up the ladder.
  • Shoes #17 – Arena 2. Once you get to the mountain view go on right over the platforms instead of up the ladder. There is one hard jump needing precision.
    – Don’t kill anyone on the ice (walk slowly back across the bridge) OR chase her with a dog
    – Don’t feed anyone to Frank OR give him a meal
  • Shoes #18 – Arena 3. In Frank’s Lair at the far right. There are two small platform you an reach in the area where Frank crosses back and forth. Climb the far right one, and wait for to pass to the left. Now you enter the lair, get the shoes, and leave before he comes back. (You will need to do this before you feed anyone to Frank)
  • SHOEMACHER – Try out all the boots in the game. This should trigger now.
    – Don’t feed anyone to the piranhas OR break the plank
  • DEADLIEST CATCH – Arena 3. Feed piranhas with a civilian – upper right in piranha area, standing on a breakable board.
  • HELL’S KITCHEN and UNDERCOOKED will trigger after the piranhas room, when you reach/pull the lever.
  • NO RAM CAN PUSH ME – Last Test. Traverse the entire cliffside without being pushed by a ram. (There are 3 you need to pass. This should trigger when you jump onto the moving elevator)
  • Shoes #(Your shoes) – Last Test. Joe leaves them behind in the elevator after he, uh, ‘departs’ if you found at least 12 Shoes. Needed for TRUMAN SNOW ending
  • SEASON FINALE – THE ONE WITH THE CLIFFHANGER – Complete Day 5 of The Wall Show.

Ending Achievements (Spoiler Alert!!!)

  • ASSISTANT TO THE REGIONAL MANAGER – Step forward and accept the final offer.
  • FIRED ON THE FIRST DAY – Step back and reject the final offer.

    To get the two hidden endings, after exiting the gondola, instead of heading towards the Grandmaster, go left and down the hill, then go right through the cave.

  • MAN VS WILD – 0:1 – If you did NOT find 12 shoes, or did NOT pick up your boots at the elevator, you will get this ending.
  • TRUMAN SNOW – If you found at least 12 shoes, AND picked up your boots at the elevator, you will get this ending.

By Gentleman John

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