Mist Survival: How to Find & Craft the 50. Cal Machine Gun

This is a basic guide on Finding & Crafting the 50. Cal Machine gun.


Guide to Finding the 50. Cal Turret parts

This is a Map of the Location of the parts you need to build the 50.Cal turret.

To craft the 50.Cal you will need these following items

    • Garage (You have to craft it)
    • SUV (Can be found at junk Yards)
    • Broken Machine gun
    • Mounting Part
    • 50. Cal ammo

The 50.Cal Turret

The 50.Cal Turret is located on the top right of the map (as shown in map above). You will need to clear the camp of bandits first.

This is the Bandit camp you’ll approach, The turret sits on that watch tower to the left.

Mounting Part

The 50.Cal Mounting Bracket is located on the botton middle of the map (as shown in map above).

This the road leading up to the bandit church. Be really careful when approaching this place, There’s alot of bandits here, You’ll want to be very careful taking them all out.

Front of the Church, Enter and go to the back left.

Room to the Left in the back.

Mounting Bracket on the shelf, Along with 50. Cal ammo in a storage locker (Ammo can be spawn randomly in lockers).

Ready to Craft 50. Cal Turret

Take your parts to the parts storage work table. There you will see what other items youll need to craft the turret & machine gun.

Your SUV armed with the 50. Cal is ready to go! Raid bandit camps or shoot some zombies!

50. Cal Ammo

50. Cal ammo can be found in Lockers, Mostly in bandit camps is where you’ll find them.

The only time you need the empty can is for when you craft the turret, So do save one for crafting your turret.

Survivor Camp Ammo Trader

The Ammo trader in the survivor camp sells 50. Cal ammo.

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