MMM Murder Most Misfortunate: Walkthrough & Achievements Guide

You may be the prime suspect but it’s always time to get achievements!


True Ending

Exhaust all dialogue options. Once given control to look around the bedroom, click on various objects in the room until a character brings you to the main hall with the others.

Chapter 1
Complete Chapter 1

Exhaust all dialogue options until you are given a choice of where to go. Open inventory (bag icon in the top-left) and click on handbag to receive knife and ring.

Go to Main Hall and talk to Sherice. Exhaust all options and select Leave.
Select Examine Room and click on candle to obtain.
Click on the landing at the top of the screen and select the phone dial.
Enter 11223344 into the phone, make the call and exhaust all options.
Click on the wire coming out of the phone base to obtain evidence of wire tampering.

Go to Queen Bedroom. Select Examine Room and click on the pillow on the bed to obtain knife. Click on top button “Click to stop investigation” and select Leave.

Go to Breaker Room. Examine the room and click on the electrical panel to open it up.
Click the timer device in the bottom-right corner of the panel to obtain it.
Click on top button “Click to stop investigation” and select Leave.

Go to King Bedroom and talk to Lia. Select “Sherice and the Prince”. Then, “Your murder mystery” and, finally, “Her family’s shady past”.

Go to Dining Hall and talk to Horatio. Select “Your lightning ‘magic'” and present the timer when prompted. Select “The Announcement, again” and present the diamond ring when prompted. Select “He was going to propose to Sherice”. Back and Leave.

Go to Smoking Room. Select “Gather everyone, I know who the killer is” and “I’m ready”.

Chapter 2
Complete Chapter 2

Save your game.

Make the following dialogue choices: “Horatio”, “Proposing to Sherice”, “You want to protect Sherice”, “You want to marry Sherice”, “He was electrocuted”, “Horation tipped off the auditor”, “No, there was a 2nd knife” and “Dining Room Blackout”.

Chapter 3
Complete Chapter 3

Achieve the True Ending

Conviction Ending

Load your save from True Ending section.

Make the following dialogue choices: “Sherice”, “He was pushed and fell”, “Investigating him” and “She tipped off the auditor”.

Prove another character is guilty

Bad Ending

You achieve this achievement by accusing anybody for the wrong reasons.

Load your save from True Ending section.

For this case, we will select “Horatio” and “Titanico’s bankruptcy”.

Go to jail

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