Moncage: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to getting all the achievements in the game. Please read the note.



To get all the achievements, you need to complete the game 2 times. All achievements are in chronological order. Attention – if you miss the achievement, then you will need to play the game again.



All achievements are story-driven, you won’t miss them. See the video, there is a walkthrough of all levels.

No Mercy
Wandering Soul
There are a total of 28 photos in the game, use my video to find them all (in chronological order). See timestamps.

Piecing Together


00:38 – Photo #1
04:45 – Photo #8
11:37 – Photo #15
18:54 – Photo #22
00:44 – Photo #2
04:50 – Photo #9
12:22 – Photo #16
19:02 – Photo #23
01:07 – Photo #3
06:58 – Photo #10
13:07 – Photo #17
19:50 – Photo #24
01:45 – Photo #4
07:47 – Photo #11
14:34 – Photo #18
20:17 – Photo #25
02:02 – Photo #5
08:27 – Photo #12
15:19 – Photo #19
21:30 – Photo #26
02:08 – Photo #6
09:06 – Photo #13
16:39 – Photo #20
21:37 – Photo #27
03:30 – Photo #7
09:38 – Photo #14
17:45 – Photo #21
21:57 – Photo #28 (Auto)

Quick Reaction

When you activate the lever, the robot will put the box on the conveyor and you need to connect the children’s slide the first time so that the box will slide down it.


You need to move the arrow in the rocket to the left. To do this, place the arrow of the compass in the ship in the middle by activating the upper part of the steering wheel, then click on the lower part of the steering wheel and connect the compass to the rocket sensor.


You need to shoot from the gun, never miss your shot, i.e. solve the puzzle in the correct sequence the first time. In total, you will need to make 3 shots. Watch the video. Time – 10:12

Exhaustive Method

When you get to the moment with the trolley, you need to ride the trolley on all planes, in two different locations. As soon as you move it to the other side, roll it back and forth on this plane and only then move to the next one. The achievement will be given when you enter the mine.

Time Flies

You need to be in the hospital for 4 years. Scroll through calednar until you are given the achievement.


You need to complete the game in less than 45 minutes. If you watch the video, the game can be completed in 25 minutes.

Retire in Peace

This achievement is a secret ending that can only be obtained in the second playthrough. After the first passage of the game, you will have some branches near the cube. You will need to connect them in the game, with certain objects (4 in total). Screenshots to help. Also on video. Time – 24:08

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