Monster Girl Garden: Basic Controls & Passwords

Monster Girl Garden is a gardening/time management game developed by Noxious Games. here is a guide for the basic controls and password for the current version.

The new version 1.23 is now out.


Monster Girl Garden Controls

garden controls:
Movement – WASD / Left Stick
Camera – Mouse, Wheel (or Up Down) / Right Stick
View Mode – V / Left Stick Button
Menu – Escape / Start (special right)
Swap Tools – E / Right Trigger toggles open, WASD to pick a tool, E or Left Click to select
Use Item – Q / Left Trigger toggles open, WASD to pick an item, Left Click to select
Use Tool / Pickup Item – Left Mouse / Pad Face Bottom (a) (To pick up an item, you must have no tools equipped)
Cancel – Right Mouse / Pad Face Right (b)
Rotate Decoration – R / Pad Face Left (x)
Page Up – Speed Up Time
Page Down – Slow Down Time

player controls:
Toggle Player Mode – C / Select (special left)
♥♥♥♥ Monster – Left Mouse / Pad Face Bottom (a)
Run – Hold Shift

monster/arena controls:
monster command:

Holding no tool or item (press B) hover desired monster until locked, Left Click or A to open Command Menu, WS or Left Stick to select a command, Left Click or A again to choose command, if a target is required hover over the target Left Click or A again, can Cancel at any time with Right Click or B

arena controls:
(This only functions when you have chosen to control your monster in battle)
Movement – AD / Left Stick
Attack – Left Mouse / Pad Face Bottom (a)

Monster Girl Garden Passwords (V1.23b)

Current Password: 5b3R9wJDkAPVeu4R
Milking Machine: 9841864085

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