Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin: Hard Fatalis Coop Quest Guide

A complete guide to the new Coop Fatalis Fight, with strats, mechanics, patterns, etc.


What you need for the fight

  1. Evasion Riff. Get a HH with Evasion Riff, use this to dodge Hellish flame, and almost every AoE when he gets to last phase.
  2. Dragon weapons and dragon monstie. His defense values are really really high, so dragon damage goes a long way.
  3. Two other monsties with every type of attack (Speed, Power, Tech). You’ll be needing them for 2 things: First to double attack and to counter some of Fatalis attacks, mainly his Speed attacks, and second to have extra kinship when needed, both for Evasion Riff or, if the situation calls for, Kinship Skill to completely cancel Fatalis’ turn.
  4. Study his attack patterns. I’ll leave some of the things I learned fighting him below.
  5. Surrogate Gems. They last forever and completely negates 1 attack, can be very useful for some of his highest damaging attacks like Sky Force. either use this just before a big attack or when you have some time to spare. If this fight is done right surrogate will only proc when you really need it, as avoiding most of his damage before third phase isn’t very hard.
  6. Double attacks. Very useful for this fight, and try to do as many as possible with your fellow riders, 30 kinship for each party is amazing. Don’t be selfish 🙂
  7. Use Adamant Charm, if you’re playing with a friend, have them use Might Charm. Recovery Charm doesn’t do nearly enough to be useful, but if you’re really struggling then go for it. Also consider Health Boost if your HP is below 400.

Fatalis Fight

Fight consists of 3 enrages based on his HP, which is when he stands up, and also his normal mode, which he’ll start in and go back to after each enrage but the last. HP thresholds are: 75%, 50% and 25%.

  • Normal mode

    Fatalis will start in this mode.
    Uses mostly Speed Attacks.
    Uses Power Attack twice after Hellish Flame. If he gets enraged after Hellish Flame then forget about the Power Attacks, what he does during Enrage is pre-established.
    In the third turn he will go for a special attack, either Sky Force or Hellish Flame, pay attention to his target, if Fatalis is not targeting the host then it’s just Sky Force and one Surrogate gem will suffice, if Fatalis IS targeting the host then it can be either, so use Evasion Riff for safety.

  • First Enrage – 75% HP

    Consists of 3 turns and his attacks are 100% predefined, also keep in mind you can’t skip his last turn with Kinship Skill.
    First turn: Dragon Whip (tech) > Dragon Whip (tech)
    Second turn: Dragon Whip (tech) > Dragon Sweep (tech)
    Third turn: Dragon Sweep (tech) > Body Slam (none)
    All his attacks are counterable but the very last, if you’re not being targeted use Evasion Riff, as Fatalis can target anyone and Body Slam will always be a 1-shot unless they dodge/proc Divine Blessing/Tenacity.
    Will go back to Normal Mode after Body Slam.

  • Second Enrage – 50% HP

    Also consists of 3 turns of predefined attacks, attacks are listed below.
    First turn: Sky Force (none) > Dragon Whip (tech)
    Second turn: Sky Force (none) > Dragon Sweep (tech)
    Third turn: Sky Force (none) > Dust Explosion (none)
    For this enrage the best strategy is to spam Evasion Riff.
    First turn can be completely countered by Evasion Riff.
    Second and turn needs some extra help, as he’ll do 2 aoes after Sky Force. Use Surrogate gem on the second turn and Soap Scud on the third, both times on whoever Fatalis is targeting, as they’ll be taking damage from the AoE.
    Dust Explosion isn’t at all threatening alone, the problem is that it leaves Blastblight, that’s why using Soap Scud is useful here (or you can just heal later on, damage isn’t too high).
    Goes back to Normal Mode After Dust Explosion.

  • Third Enrage – 25% HP

    Attacks are also predefined but the list is too big, and there’s an easy way to counter pretty much everything here without much headache.
    I’d say this is a DPS race, as the earliest you get Fatalis to 1% HP the highest the chance of surviving.
    This stage requires good communication/coordination with your teammate, while one is countering, the other should be using Evasion Riff.
    Will Always target the host for his counterable attacks.
    Fatalis will be cycling attacks every 3 turns, each attack is followed by a secondary attack that is constantly changing. (but also predefined, at least the early ones)
    Those attacks are: Dragon Burst (power) > Sky Force (none) > Dragon Sweep (tech)
    Counter Dragon Burst and Dragon Sweep with double attacks, shared if possible, as kinship is very useful for spamming Evasion Riff.
    For the Sky Force turn there’s a few differences:
    1 – Sky Force may target anyone.
    2 – Will follow up with another ST attack if it’s the first time using Sky Force after getting enraged (second turn of enrage), but each other time it will be an AoE attack.
    3 – In this turn, if you’re the host then you should be the one using Evasion Riff to let your fellow rider recover some kinship, if you’re not, then you can either attack Fatalis or use a Surrogate Gem on whoever is being targeted by Sky Force. It’s not really needed, but may lead to some lost hearts.
    When Fatalis gets to 1 HP he’ll use Dust Eruption, He can either use this the second attack or the first, depending when he gets to 1 HP. He won’t die until he uses this ability, so you can’t skip it with Kinship Skill. You’ll usually end up dodging this anyway with Evasion Riff, so although it’s a very scary ability without evasion, Evasion Riff makes it trivial.

  • Third Enrage Extra

    If someone loses a heart in this phase, the best way to recover it is by (you or the other rider) using Kinship Skill and the other using a recovery item. Play it save, things can go bad really fast.
    When Fatalis gets to 1 HP he’ll switch out any attack he was going to do and replace it with Dust Eruption, thing is: it’ll look like he’ll doing something else (like Dragon Burst) but when it comes time for his action it will be Dust Eruption. This is why always using Evasion Riff is so important in his last enrage.
    If Fatalis gets to 1 HP after doing both his moves in said turn, he’ll do Dust Eruption as a third move, which Evasion Riff won’t cover as it was used on his second move, this is why always having 3 hearts is very very important.

By Dwyriel

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