Moonstone Island: Achievement Guide 100%

Welcome to my comprehensive guide detailing all achievements and outlining both missable and ones to prioritize.



To keep it short this game is a Faming Sim/Monster Taming hybrid so I’ve divided the achievements into sections accordingly. “Spirits” for monster related achievements, “Social” for relationship achievements, “Cumulative” for progression type achievements and of course the stereotypical “story”, “missable”, and “miscellaneous” sections with an additional “priority” section for achievements to keep an eye on.

NOTE: I thought I should mention that there is an official Moonstone Island wiki[] which is an extremely helpful additional source of info which has stuff such as all the sprites of the holographic spirits in the game, information on best choices during dates, NPCs likes and dislikes and much more extra info which my guide doesn’t cover if that interests any of you.


Estimated difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to complete: 50-70 hrs
Offline achievements: 53
Online achievements: 0
Playthroughs required: 1
Missable achievements: 1
DLC achievements: 0

(Source: I made it up)


Seanie See, Seanie Dew
Clear three dungeons in one day

There are 30 available dungeons spread throughout the various sky islands, if you complete them all before this achievement you’ll need a second playthrough. A dungeon is considered “complete” when its respective guardian is defeated and the Ando Tree blessing is received. Having a secondary home and the “Morning Person”~”Early Riser” skills from the Social skill tree are helpful but not necessary. Simply choose 3 dungeons close to your home and spend 1 day clearing out the enemies beforehand while learning the route to the guardians, and a second day to actually complete all 3 of them.


Banana Peel Moment
Fail to Flee three times in one battle

This should be done before unlocking the “Peaceful Presence” and “Fleet Foot” skills on the combat skill tree, if you’ve already unlocked them this achievement can still be done be done in the 4 temple boss battles and final boss battle that all have 0% escape rate.

It’s Not Alchem-You, It’s Alchem-Me
Get rejected for three dates in a row

This achievement should be done earlier in the game before you increase your friendship level with the NPCs too high. Higher friendship level increases their likelihood of accepting your date request and decreases the chances of getting this achievement. Asking them early on in the game to go to the Hot Spring should be 10% and help get this achievement out of the way quickly. Though you can still obtain this even in the late game with the unlikely 90% odds by save scumming (saving and loading between rejections).

You Dunj Messed Up
Miss a date by passing out in a dungeon

This achievement along with the next 3 achievements conflict with the Making Your Mother Proud achievement so it’s best to get them out of the way as quickly as possible. Also keep in mind that if you want to chain this achievement with the others for the My Hero achievement make sure to pass out in any dungeon besides the one on the starter island or you won’t be rescued by Magic Man.

Reverse Frankenstein
Pass out after being struck by lightning

Lightning strikes exhausts you of 10 stamina, to get this achievement you simply need to be struck by lightning on a electric island with less stamina than that. Also as previously stated this achievement conflicts with the Making Your Mother Proud achievement so should be done as early as possible and it can be chained with the others for the My Hero achievement.

 She Did Warn You…
Pass out after eating Ossono’s Dish of the Day

Ossono’s dish of the day can be purchased from Ossono in the tavern west of town, each day it has a random status effect which can include reducing your stamina. Simply eat the dish when you get this effect and are below the indicated stamina.

My Hero
Be rescued by the Magic Man 5 nights in a row

This will likely not occur naturally so you’ll have to go out of your way for it, the previous 3 achievements can be chained while aiming for this one but you’d still need to pass out an additional 2 days. Again this conflicts with Making Your Mother Proud achievement.

Making Your Mother Proud
Spend a year away from home and never pass out

This achievement is to spend a year or more specifically 112 days without passing out, doesn’t matter when in the year you start. The earliest this can be obtained is the second day of the second year due to the game having a mandatory pass out on day 1. Like previously stated you should do the previous 4 achievements quickly then begin this one.

Props To You
Propagate 20 seeds

You can sell seeds from the outer islands to Ofelia or Gaiana in the conservatory and they will propagate them so they become purchasable from Rowan’s General store. They ask for 10 seeds per season so the earliest you can get this is Summer, though it’s unlikely unless you managed to craft a moonstone scythe in Spring. You’ll need to get all of them regardless for the I’ve Seed It All achievement.

I’ve Seed It All
Fill seed case

You fill the seed case by propagating all 40 seeds Ofelia asks for, you don’t have to worry about getting all the spring seeds on the first year as you will have to go into the second year regardless but you should make a moonstone scythe during Summer or earlier and start trying to get them all from there.


Temple Tamer
Clear all the temples

This achievement is unmissable, you should achieve this naturally by clearing the four seasonal temples spread across the sky islands.

Nature Is Healing
Close the Rift

The rift is located on one of the dark islands which can be found somewhere along the outermost ring (randomly generated), to close the rift you need to obtain the seals from all 4 seasonal temples and place them on the pedestals surrounding the rift.

You’re A Real Alchemist Now
Spend a year away from home

Self explanatory, you’ll get this achievement on the first day of the second year in the game. A year is 112 days.


Gotta Catch Some Of Them
Tame 10 Spirits

Spirits can be found on any island beside the central island, they can be tamed using crops that have the “Tame” stat, you can only hold 3 spirits on you at all times after which you’ll need to craft a spirit barn or release the spirits. (released spirits do still count towards the tally)

Tame 69 Spirits

There are 61 tameable spirits in the game so you will need to catch duplicates to get this achievement and the Hope You’ve Got A Lot Of Moonstone Stalls achievement.

Hope You’ve Got A Lot Of Moonstone Stalls
Tame 100 Spirits

You should unlock this naturally if you utilize the strategy in the Holo There achievement to get a holographic spirit.

Horse Whisperer, But For Spirits
Tame a spirit higher than level 50

You will need to obtain the “Master Spirtmancer” skill from the Spirits skill tree to be able to catch a level 50 spirit. You will also need crops with high “Tame” stats.

Gotta Tame ‘Em All
Tame one of every Spirit

There are 61 tameable spirits in the game which I provided in the table below. The remaining 5 are the temple bosses Wildwood, Tidan, Snapdragon, Sparking, and the final boss Missingno

NOTE: Ice type spirits only spawn during winter on Earth and Water Islands. Psychic Spirits are found in Psychic Storms which occur on a random island every day at 20:00 p.m. You can later unlock the blueprint (random) for a potion that reveals the storms.

Ankylo (only obtainable as starter or eggs)
Bulbot (only obtainable from eggs or electric island mines)
Dropple (spawns on water islands after Summer temple completion)
Lucerna (only obtainable from eggs or fire island mines)
Prikli (only obtainable from eggs)
Minoot (only obtainable from eggs)
Puppox (only spawns after rift is sealed)
Gemlin (only obtainable from eggs or earth island mines)
Snaplant (spawns on poison islands after Fall temple completion)
Sparky (spawns on electric islands after Summer temple completion)
Longlog (spawns on earth islands after Spring temple completion)
Trunkle (only obtainable from eggs or poison island mines)
Torble (only obtainable from eggs or water island mines)
Punchypot (only obtainable from eggs or earth island mines)

Fishbo? FishBYE
Banish 200 Spirits

Spirits are banished when you defeat them in battle, completing the temples and clearing all dungeons should greatly contribute to this achievement. It can also be farmed on a low level island.

Elemental, My Dear Spirit
Have 3 Spirits from different biomes following you

There are 8 different spirit typings in the game, for this achievement you need to catch 2 more spirits of different typings from your starter and form a team of 3 different typings FOLLOWING you (make sure the follow option is actually toggled in the spirit medallion and they appear in the overworld). Refer to the chart in the Gotta Tame ‘Em All achievement section for a list of all the spirits if neccessary.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Have Hopstraw, Flamane, and Armbot follow you

Simply have Hopstraw (Earth spirit), Flamane (Fire Spirit), and Armbot (Electric Spirit) all in your party AND following you.

Terraria Forever!
Have Coolslime and Mystislime follow you

This is just like the rest of the following achievements, for this one you need to have Coolslime (Earth spirit) and Mystislime (Psychic spirit) following you.

Holo There
Tame a holographic Spirit

Holographic spirits are variants of the base spirits with altered color palettes, this doesn’t affect gameplay and is purely cosmetic. Holos have a 0.2% or 1/500 chance of being encountered. They can be both encountered and hatched. Below I’ll list the 3 easiest methods to get one.

1.) By far the easiest method, get a bunch of eggs (I recommend between 20~40), place them all the same day, save the day before they hatch. What spirit an egg hatches is predetermined but whether its a holo, so you can keep reloading. The achievement will pop inside your home when you wake up before you even see the spirit in the barn. This method is great because you don’t have to keep an eye out for the holo so don’t risk running away from one by accident, which can be annoying especially when some of them have slight alterations that are barely noticeable.

2.) Have Evileye (dark spirit) in your party which have the passive ability to make spirits spawn more frequently, then simply go on your island of choice until you see a holo spawn in the overworld.

3.) Spam re encounters with a wild Spirit. Although the Spirit engage battle with is predetermined, if the fight is a group encounter and that spirit has allies then its allies can be holo even if the spirit you originally engaged wasn’t.


Gift fibre to every villager

Fibre is a resource that is obtained by cutting down grass with the scythe, you need to gift one to each of the 10 villagers. You don’t need to gift to magic man unless you completed the “Close the Rift” quest causing him to move back into the village .

On The House
Get a free item from any shop

You can get a free item by completing 5 specific peoples’ matchmaker quests, those people include Ossono, Quill (only on Fridays), Ofelia, Gaiana, and Magic Man.

Please Like Me
Reach 8 hearts with someone

There are 11 romanceable NPCs in the game, the 10 initial villagers and Magic Man after he moves in . You can raise their friendship points through conversation (i.e talking, joking, and flirting), dates, and gifts. Additionally on the last day of the year during the “Happy New Year!” quest you can also gain points by watching the fireworks with a person of your choosing . Reach max hearts with someone for the achievement.

Everybody’s Favourite Person
Reach 8 hearts with 10 people

Only 10 of the 11 romanceable NPCs are required to reach 8 hearts for this achievement, this includes Magic Man .

They Said Yes!
Have a villager accept a Moonstone Bracelet

The Moonstone bracelet blueprint is unlocked through progression of the Social skill tree, once unlocked you give it to one of the romanceable NPCs to become “more than friends”. This will unlock the option for Home Dates and to sleep in that NPCs bed.

Where’s Waldo? In Your Heart
Go steady with Magic Man

Simply give the Moonstone bracelet to Magic Man for this achievement, Magic Man becomes datable when “recovers his memories” though that’s only partially true. You need to complete both the “The Magic Man’s Mirror” AND “Close the Rift” quests.

Sleep in someone else’s bed

Once you gift the Moonstone Bracelet to a romanceable NPC you can sleep in their bed, you can just go to their house manually or do it through a home date with them as long as you don’t choose the bad dialogue choice during the date.


Blaze it
Collect 420 Stones

As simple as it sounds, stone is an extremely common resource obtained by breaking rocks using the hammer. Rocks are found both on the surface of the islands and in mines (mines are also found by breaking rocks).

Whose Mine Is It Anyway?
Discover 10 mines

Mines can be randomly found by smashing rocks with the hammer, there can be 1 mine per island with the exception of the starter island that can have 3. You simply need to discover 10 of them, you don’t need to clear them.

Bachelor Of Mine Arts
Discover 50 mines

Similarly to the Whose Mine Is It Anyway? achievement, you need to continue breaking rocks until you discover 50 mines.

Oooh Look At You, So Fancy With Your Big House
Upgrade your house

All building upgrades (besides Greenhouse) in the game including your home can be purchased from Paolo inside the Carpenter Shop (located South of the Conservatory). The First and cheapest Home upgrade costs 50 stone 50 and 2000 .

So Much Room For Activities
Upgrade your basement to maximum size

Similarly to the Oooh Look At You, So Fancy With Your Big House achievement, you can unlock and upgrade the basement for your home in the Carpenter Shop. This is the most expensive upgrade, to build and upgrade the basement four times it will cost you 1000 stone 1000 wood and 20,000 coins..

This Baby Can Fit So Many Spirits In It
Upgrade your Spirit Barn to maximum size

The Spirit Barn blueprint is unlocked upon completion of the quest “Spirit Research: Taming Spirits 101”, it can then be crafted using the moonstone enchanter (obtained via the crafting menu). These upgrades are the most useful since it allows you to be able to hold all 61 tameable spirits in the game without the need to release them, this will increase your Spirit capacity by 80 for a total of 120 while setting you back 300 stone 300 wood and 10,000 coins.

Ten Green Fingers
Upgrade your Greenhouse to maximum size

The greenhouse is a building that can be constructed using a moonstone enchanter. Unlike the other buildings this one is upgraded in the Conservatory (the northern most building in town made of glass). You need to upgrade it twice for this achievement, these upgrades come to a total of 350 stone 350 wood and 12,000 coins.

Offishally Reel-ly Good At Fishing
Catch 100 fish

To get started you need to purchase a fishing rod from Tobin in his store on the beach, from there just equip it on your Tool Wheel and start fishing. This one is extremely easy, can be done in two in game days. You’ll likely get this while trying to complete “Mythical Fish” quest for Tobin, which you should do so you can get a Moonstone Rod to help with the Offishally Maybe Too Good At Fishing achievement.

Offishally Maybe Too Good At Fishing
Catch 1000 fish

This is a tedious one, you can make this task go by slightly quicker by upgrading your fishing rod to the Moonstone Rod in Tobin’s store (you must complete the “Mythical Fish” quest to be able to do this), and have 3 Snorcko (water spirit) in your party. The moonstone fishing rod makes fish bite faster and similarly Snorcko has a passive ability to make fish bite faster while it follows you. (they should be following by default but you can always toggle the follow option in the spirit medallion)

Eat The Rich
Earn 1 million coins

This sounds more difficult than it actually is, after completing the “Close the Rift” quest Magic Man will give you the blueprint for a Moonstone Machine which produces 1 Moonstone a day, so an infinite source of moonstones that can be smelted and sold to Ferra the blacksmith. I would suggest to save up moonstones once you clear the third temple so you can immediately craft lots of these, I had around 30 moonstone so I crafted 10 then eventually crafted 90.

Avocado Toast
Earn 2 million coins

Same thing as Eat The Rich achievement, just keep selling moonstones produced by Moonstone Machine .

Been There, Dunj That
Clear all the dungeons

There are 30 dungeons spread across the islands that need to be cleared for this achievement, dungeons abide by the same level rules as islands so if an island warns you the spirits are higher level the spirits in the dungeon will also be higher level. As highlighted in the Priority section make sure to do the Seanie See, Seanie Dew achievement before this one.


X Marks The Thingy
Find a buried treasure

Treasure maps are items that can be found randomly found on islands, upon inspection the map reveals an image of a different island with an “X” mark indicating the location of the treasure. Digging in the area located on the map with a hoe will award the player with a treasure chest and the achievement.

They’re Made For Walking
Catch Old Boots twice in a row

Like the description says you just have to get the item “Old Boot” two times in a row while fishing, this should be obtained naturally while going for the Offishally Maybe Too Good At Fishing achievement, if you don’t have it by that point you can also get it by save scumming. Catch the old boot, save, fish and reload until you get it a second time.

So Sweepy
Get to bed less than 5 minutes before 2AM

Each Day in game ends at 2:00 a.m. but the in game clock system only tracks every 10 mins, the easiest way to get this is to keep saving once the clock hits 1:50 a.m. next to the bed since your save file keeps track of time by the minute. Once you see 1:55 a.m. on the save file, rest to get the achievement.

Craft 1000 items

This achievement sounds gruelsome but should be unlocked naturally if you’re going for 100% completion, while going for the Hope You’ve Got A Lot Of Moonstone Stalls and Gotta Tame ‘Em All achievements it’ll help to craft a lot of moonstone stalls which greatly contribute to this due to the cloth consumption. If you don’t have it by the end simply craft paths or fences since they’re extremely cheap.

Off The Grid
Place a home on the outermost ring of islands

This achievement can only be done once you craft a second home, as your first home can’t be picked up until a second one is placed down. You don’t need to pick up the original one just to place the second one on any island on the furthermost ring.

Farmer’s Markup
Sell a crop for 200 coins or more

There is no crop in the game that costs 200 coins, but with the “Quality Produce” skill from the Agriculture skill tree you can boost a crops value by 20%. Though even with this method only four crops fit the criteria for the achievement, the Icicle Root (Dark Island), Gift Plant (Psychic Storm), and Snowdrop Flower (Psychic Storm) all of which are winter plants. The Black Pearl (Dark Island) can also be sold for 200 coins but only with “Best Produce” skill that increases a crops value by 30%. A crops price can also be increased by using fertilizer (all except growth fertilizer) but that isn’t necessary.

Plant Lover
Have over 25 plants in your house

Plants are sold by Gaiana and Ofelia in the conservatory (glass building north of town) which rotates 3 decorative plants daily, 2/25 can be obtained for free (one for each of their completed respective Matchmaker quests). An easier solution is to simply craft plants using the decoration station, for example the “Tiny Plant”. Regardless of method, once you have all 25 simply place them down.


And that’s everything, you have now 100%’d the entire game or read ahead/skipped to the end I dunno. This is my first ever guide so apologies in advance if there are any errors, call them out and I’ll fix them. Leave an updoot or something if this guide helped you, or don’t. I don’t know how this works anyways.

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