My Dear Frankenstein: Hint Guide (English Edition)

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Main Mission

About Chapter 1

Basically, if you follow the missions in order, you won’t get stuck.
If you can’t get into the Sweet Shop, there must be something you haven’t heard from Old Diddy. Talk to him again.
Turning on and off each streetlight will change the status of the next one. If you find it difficult, it might be easier for you to turn them all off.

About Chapter 2

Once you have identified the mural, collect the coins. If you look for the ! mark, you should be able to find them easily. You can learn where to put each coin by talking to Alexia.
Click on the floating patterns in the correct order to finish the chapter. If you don’t know the order, take a close look at the diagram in the book on the chair.

About Chapter 3

There are two ways to clear Chapter 3, but the steps are the same until you get the key. First, explore the area and look for it.
If you are a dog lover, we recommend solving the problem only in the downtown area. You can get along well with the dog just by playing with him, but you can win his heart by giving him his favorite food. He will stop following you around if you move to another screen, but you can just talk to him again when you’re back and he will follow you again.
The other method can only be done if you have a certain amount of “Reason”. If you feel you have enough, you can explore the Barns mansion. If you do not have enough, the event will not happen.

About Chapter 4

There are also two ways to complete Chapter 4.

  • One has tougher requirements, so if you’re on the first run, performing the play is the way to go. If you enjoy ballet and classics, you probably already know “The Nutcracker,” but if you don’t, ask Hervey and he’ll give you a synopsis.
  • Using the hammer is not hard as long as you have the right statuses and item. Just swing it down and you’ll hear the story of the skull.
About Chapter 5

When you enter the station, first talk to the station attendant and examine the bench.
The time on the clock can be set from the items page. Decipher the letter you received from the station attendant to set the time. If you don’t understand the contents of the letter, look at the map and check the coat of arms in the upper left corner.
Once you have set your watch, let the station attendant know and you should be able to make progress.
If you can’t solve the twins’ puzzle, first look for the numbers hidden around the station. The station attendant will have two numbers for you, so don’t miss them! Once you have filled in the colored squares with the numbers you found, you should be able to fill in the rest easily. Note that although the game is titled “Magic Square”, the sum of the diagonal numbers is irrelevant.

About Chapter 6

The grave keeper gives you assumptions rather than hints, so it might be easier to understand if you listen to him first.
It is Thomas who is lying. If you listen to Giles, you can learn what kind of flowers Thomas had. Then you should be able to solve the problem by simply placing the flowers as per the testimonies, and then the rest of the flowers by a process of elimination.


About Miguel

The letter you can give to Miguel is only available in certain chapters. Be careful not to miss the right moment to talk to Doctor.
The key can be found by searching all over the bedroom. Look into the mirrors.
Also, the key is a clue to the location of the keyhole. Think of the thing shaped like a spiral in the room where the bougainvillea bloom… And while you’re at it, take a look at the bit of the key.
Doesn’t it look like some kind of number?

About the Doctor

The first question is the Fibonacci sequence. If you don’t understand it after looking it up, add the first and second numbers together, you’ll get the idea.
The second question has two choices, so if you really don’t know how to solve it, just pick one.
The third question requires not only addition and subtraction but also multiplication. The number in the middle indicates how many times you should multiply. We’re sure you’ll be able to guess which numbers to multiply and how to!

About Paige

The “planchette,” which is necessary for event progression, can be obtained after Chapter 4. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail the Ouija until after the second time. The third time is the only time you need to succeed, but it’s not a difficult choice.
You will also need to move through the chapters to hear Paige talk about going to the station. When you get to the station, set the time on your watch to find the person waiting for you.

About Didier

The materials can be found in the plaza, Sweet Shop, downtown, and the basement.
Depending on the paints you make, the picture you see in the ending will change, but there is no big difference in the story.

About Melanie

You should be able to end up cleaning and looking for the recipe by just clicking on everything.
If you don’t know the password for the diary, go to the station and talk to the twins.

About Alexia

The coins are hidden in the ruins of the monastery, the back room of the Sweet Shop, and the cemetery.
You can enter the back room of the Sweet Shop as many times as you want, either during Melanie’s submission or by selecting the Sweet Shop at the end of Chapter 6. Select “From the Sweet Shop” on the Chapter 7 chapter selection screen and look for the coin before examining the trunk.
If you can’t get the coin at the ruins of the monastery, you may want to play chapter 1 from the beginning and try a choice you haven’t made before.
If you can’t get the coin at the cemetery, try exploring the mortuary.
You should be able to learn where to place each coin by listening to Alexia.

About Scott

In the scene where you give him the alcohol, the conversation will change somewhat depending on which drink you gave him. If you don’t have anything to give, go back to the mansion and look for a place where you can find alcohol.
While you’re gathering information about Scott, no submission icon will appear. Ask the people in town for information. If you want to collect all the information, you need to wait until Chapter 6, but if you just want to clear the sub-mission, you can do so in Chapter 3.
You can also talk to the lamplighter to recap the information.

About Hervey

To open the cabinet at the mortuary, observe the interior carefully. You should take a closer look at the top.
In order to decipher the contents of the note, you need to compare the two pictures. You may want to copy the letters onto a piece of paper. When you want to tell Hervey what you know, the answer should be five letters long.
When you get to the point where you are looking for something related to his relative, go to the cemetery and have a look.

EX Mission

About Jill

First, examine the flower bed on the right side of the room to get the trinket box.
To open the trinket box, you need to examine the signs inside the greenhouse. The underlined letter indicates the cardinal direction, so compare it carefully with the trinket box and match the panels.
Once the trinket box is open, examine the old woman and the lamp in the center, in that order, to complete the mission.

About the plaza

You must obtain all the newspapers in advance. If you don’t have them all, select “Start After Main Mission” for each chapter from the chapter selection and get the newspaper from the lamplighter.
Compare the name of the reporter at the end of the newspapers with the card that the lamplighter will show you, and you should be able to find the answer. You can also refer to the family name, but the day of the week is also a clue that means the same thing.

About downtown

The items related to the prostitute’s EX mission can be found in the greenhouse and in the dining room of the Barns Mansion. They are also available after completing the mission, so you can give them to her as soon as the bouquet is ready.
If you are looking for something related to Christmas, try going to the Sweet Shop.

About the greenhouse

If you can’t find the automata’s arms, complete Miguel’s sub-mission first.
When you can get to a certain place, examine the pile of dolls.

About the station

The twins’ EX mission is to move around the map and do what the twins tell you to do. Also, the last barrel is located in the Sweet Shop.
In the mission to complete the constellation, first click on the star to change the cursor to a star.
Then move the cursor around where Ghost says it should be. The cursor will change at the spot where the star should be.

About the cemetery

Play with the grave keeper. If you hunt calmly, you’ll probably win—go for it!


Main Missions

There are different items available in chapters 1 and 3 depending on your choices.
In Chapter 1, when you ask Melanie for a favor, just make a different choice from your previous playthrough.
Note that some of the items in Chapter 3 require a certain amount of Reason to obtain.


The items for Didier’s sub-mission will no longer be available after his sub-mission is completed. If you want to collect all the items, do so before the mission ends.
This is necessary to get the achievement for collecting all items in the game.

EX Missions

There are four types of flowers related to the prostitute’s EX mission, and two types of bouquets to complete. You can also get them after completing missions. Other than that, you should be able to collect them just by completing other EX missions.


There are also items that can be obtained by talking to certain people in the ending. You can’t get the pistol if there are people around. Aim for a time when no one is around.
In the Complete Edition, there are items that can be obtained by talking to specific people in Chapter 8, and by talking to specific people in the square in Chapter 7. Please try to look for them.

[In-Game] Achievements

Secret Achievements

One is hidden downtown, one in the Barns Mansion, one in the sky, one hidden in posters around town, one in the cemetery, and one in chapter 8.
In downtown, try taking a lot of walks with the dog. At the Barns Mansion, try talking with the silent resident.
For the one in the sky, go to areas where you can see the moon clearly, and talk about the moon at the picnic as well.
For the one hidden in posters, read the posters many times.
In the cemetery, try your best to excel in the mini-game, and don’t use the dog for the first few tries.
In Chapter 8, try to show your love to everyone.

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