My Little Universe: Achievements Guide 100%

All achievements for My Little Universe including hidden achievements. (SPOILERS AHEAD)


Normal Story Achievements

These are achievements you will get as you complete the story.

Tutorial Planet

First Steps

Complete Tutorial Planet.


I Have The Power!

Claim the sword.

The Power of the Sun, in the Palm of My Hand

Pick up your first Source Core

One Down, and Many More to Go!

Complete the planet Gaia.



Rescue the Tailor by defeating the Troll on the Mainland.

Savior of the Flock

Rescue the farmer by defeating the Troll in the Mountains.

Back to the Seas!

Rescue the sailor by defeating the Troll in the swamp.

No More Trolling.

Complete the planet Trollheim.


Set Sail!

Purchase a raft.

Master of the Seas

Complete the planet Dimidium.


Experiments Gone Wrong

Explore the secrets behind the dark and twisted research of Nexorum.

Science Gone Too Far

Complete the planet Nexorum.


Tis the Season to Be Jolly

Complete the Winter Celebration Tree.

Ending of a Fairy Tale

Complete the planet Wadrium.


Vacation Time!

Finish the Settlement in Odysseum.

Fool Me Once

Use the oldest trick in the book to get within the castle walls in Odysseum.

End of An Odyssey

Complete the planet Odysseum.



Turn the sundial.

Here be Dragons

Complete the planet Dragonora.


The Moon’s Path

Complete the planet Egyptium.



Finish Fortifying the settlement.

Spiritual Journey

Complete the planet Asium.

The End?

Complete the story!

Side Quests

Achievements related to going out of your way to do something.

There Is Another

Connect a second player.

Treasure Hunter

Find 10 treasure chests or coin piles.


Pick up 25 resource pickups

Stickman SMASH!

Gather 10,000 resources using the special charge-up ability.

Goblin Slayer

Slay 25 goblins

That’s Just Dundee

Slay 25 crocodiles.

Decked Out

Reach Level 10


Slay 50 ghost pirates

Crabby Secrets

Unlock the secrets of the Ghost Ship

My First Million

Gather 1,000,000 resources.

Extraterrestrial Exterminator

Slay 100 Aliens.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Activate the Mirror
How to obtain: Build a path to a mirror in the White and Black Queen cave

Of Course, There’s Something There

The classic hiding spot.
How to obtain: Check the waterfalls in Odysseum


You’re not supposed to be here.
How to obtain: After defeating the librarian, go through the crack in the wall.

Up to the Challenge!

Complete all of the Planet Challenges.

All Maxed Out

Upgrade your armor and tools to the maximum level


Gather 10 million resources.

The Completionist

Reach 100% completion on every planet.

Boss Achievements

Achievements unlocked from completing boss fights.


The Bigger They Are…

Defeat the Cave Guardian



Defeat the Spider Queen

Somebody Once Told Me

Destroy the toilet shack and fight off the ogre.


Shivered His Timbers

Defeat the Skeleton King

Holy Crab!

Defeat the Crab King

There She Lurks!

Defeat the Kraken


A Worthy Adversary

Defeat the Red Knight

There’s Always a Bigger Fish

Defeat the Alien Queen


That’s For All the Cavities!

Defeat Crunchy.

Savior of the Winter Spirit

Defeat the Mean One.


Defeat both the White Queen and Black Queen.


It Was Me, The Sorcerer!

Defeat the Sorcerer.



Free the Settlers by Defeating the Stone Giant.

I Forgot My Library Card

Defeat the Librarian.

Horrors beyond your Comprehension

Defeat the Cosmic Entity.



Defeat Khan.

Finding Inner Peace

Defeat the Kitsune Deity and its avatars to free The Turtle Deity from corruption.

Costume Achievements

These are all achievements related to character costumes.Use collected stars to unlock costumes!

To the Stars! – Unlock The Astronaut.

Reward for all stars on Gaia.

Rawr!!! – Unlock the Bearbarian.

Reward for all stars on Trollheim.

Master of the Six Isles – Unlock Captain Scurvybeard.

Reward for all stars on Dimidum.

No Longer a Meatbag – Unlock the Robot Character.

Reward for all stars on Nexorum.

He Arrives Precisely When He Means To – Unlock Strudus The Wise.

Reward for all stars on Wadrium.

Reap What You Sow! – Channel the power of the Reaper! Reward for all stars on Odysseum.

Lizard Folk – Embrace the inner Dragon… or Lizard, it’s close enough.

Reward for all stars on Dragonora.

I am a Goddess! – Become a goddess!

Reward for all stars on Egyptium.

The Last Samurai – Become one with Bushido.

Reward for all stars on Asium.

Assembled! – Unlock every character.

Achieved when all above are collected.

Fishing Achievements

Achievements related to the fishing mini game.

Safer Waters – Catch a predator of the depths.

Catch one shark while fishing. Sharks can be obtained at any fishing location. Catching a shark also removes it from the ocean, allowing you to swim safely.

Embrace the Crustation – Unlock Seamore.

Unlock Seamore by collecting a total of 25k fish oil.

Master Fisherman – Catch every single shark type fish

There are 8 types of shark, 1 per planet, with the exception of Dragonora since it is the only planet that does not have an ocean.

Sharks (In Progress)



(not caught yet)






(not caught yet)


(not caught yet)

Hidden Achievements

These are the achievements that you should try to find yourself.

Good Soup – You are soup.
How to obtain: On Dragonora, swim in a caldron.

Shoot for the Stars! – Woooosh.
How to obtain: Shoot for the Stars! – Woooosh.

Thank you for playing! – Get to know the team.
How to obtain: Go up to every character on the Credits planet.

Got Coal? – Gather insane amounts of coal.
How to obtain: Gather a total of 404k coal.

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