My Name is You and it’s the only unusual thing in my life: Ending Songs

A list of songs that I was able to identify using Shazam but unfortunately not for all of the endings.


Chapter 1
Hold your breath! – Victoria Antipina “Cocaine Time”
Handkerchief – Shortparis “Family’s White Silk”
Broken hands – Modern Stereo Music Box “Option”
Silence – shaMankey “Escape”
“Greetings from the past” – Mercurium “Need You”

Chapter 2
Crimson stream – Shortparis “A Hero”
Old friend – Mercurium “Love You tto Death”

Chapter 3
To lie down – Shortparis “Requiem”
To work – Modern Stereo Music Box “Cocaine”
Gigantic whale – Unindentified
You have so much work… – Shortparis “Pink Whale”
Again twin – Shortparis “White Skin – Version B”

Contributing artists that are also mentioned in the credit :

  • Denis Stelmakh
  • Standee
  • Lzhedmitry IV

By LX_Winters

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