Myriad Hotel Guide: All Clients, Choices, Routes, Endings and Achievements

A comprehensive guide of all clients, choices, routes, endings and achievements. Contains some spoilers.



Every character except Void has a little icon pop up when their approval is raised or lowered.
One character icon accounts for 25% approval.
Additionally there is an icon for when you gain or lose money.
One money icon accounts for one million jix.Back Button
The Back button is your friend! Finding you made a choice you don’t like the outcome off? Simply use the Back button! This will actually help with some achievements, so keep that in mind.

In the first half of the game after work with the exception of three days you can check up on your co-workers. This won’t necessarily affect your endings, so it isn’t really important which one you choose, but they give you more insight into the characters.
At the end of the day you get another set of choices.
From the bottom up “Check approval ratings” lets you see how well characters like you as well as how much money you have.
“Do some reading” gives you lore.
“Invite extra client” gives you another client.
“Check on Void” gives you a mini-scene.
None of those will end the day, only “(Continue to next day)” will.

In the second half of the game after work you get the end of day choices right away except ending the day is replaced with “Spend time with staff”. This is how you get into the Character Routes proper.
Each Route is comprised of two parts and has enough choices to get the character’s approval from 0% to 100%.
Getting the characters’ Bad Endings is actually more difficult than the Normal or Good Ending. For those avoid any decision that gets their approval up when possible and with Rusty Phisher choose “S-sure…” to lower their approval.
You need every character’s Good Ending to get to the Finale.


Clients marked with extra in brackets are those you can invite optionally at the end of the day. All of them are listed in the order you get them if you go through all of them.
For the interview answers I’ll list the correct ones for each client. They’re indicated by the Money Up sign popping up after choosing them.
For the locations there can be multiple correct answers and partially correct ones. I’ll list the best choices that are indicated by three Money Up signs popping up in succession after choosing the location.Winfrey Wingfield
> I find a quiet place and focus on my breathing.
> Consider striking up a partnership with Telepost.
> No nepotism. Go with Grant. OR > Lead the company until you die. Then you’ll never have to choose.
> Lava Spa + Glade Library

Schree Wailer (Extra)
> X-Caliber
> Steamed manticore meat.
> If I find youth, I will give the fliers to them.
> Stylelyfe Sim Center

Stu Brewman (Extra)
> Ask if he knows Macchiato.
> Buy him a new hat.
> 2 and 4.
> Tony Town

Tacia Inkmore (Extra)
> Spells for safety!
> Standard, Elemental, Medical, Physical, Charge, Dark and Potion.
> I’ll sign both of them.
> Glade Library + Stylelyfe Sim Center

Larry Ludbite
> This seems a lot like a scam.
> Fill 100 tiny pots with real gold.
> Beat Face with the yacht.
> Cointold + Titan Tourney + Stylelyfe Sim Center+ Lava Spa

Void Kioku (Extra)
There are no obvious right answers for him, you’ll get a Money Down after picking no matter what. But one flips eventually! Others are double wrong though, so I’ll list the best ones to pick.
> Vanilla OR > Chocolate
> Wisteria
> Either.
> Any.

Gloria Glacifer (Extra)
> He can stay with you if you’re careful.
> We’ll avoid visiting any libraries then.
> We’ll supply some glass walls in case you find one.
> New Necropolis + Han Abbey

Mikey Magpie
> The rejection was a test of your determination.
> They’re testing your resolve.
> I would love to!
> Valor Ven

Artemis Gladiola (Extra)
> Olive branch.
> Archer Swiftarrow is my bias!!! Giggle giggle~
> Carve the arrowheads in the shape of hearts.
> Valor Ven

Rusty Phisher
The first answer also depends on what Route you intend to follow! I listed the one that gives you a Money Up, but only the one that gives you a Money Down will keep every character happy.
> Only on Void.
> Tell them that the infection means the treatment is working!
> Sell it to Gaufrian organ traffickers. OR > Taxidermy.
> Tony Town + Lava Spa

Sir Art of Choke (Extra)
> Sure.
> Continue listening…
> Continue listening…
> Titan Tourney

Valerie Zucker (Extra)
> Don’t say that! Phlebotomy is a noble art!
> …I understand how you feel.
> BOO!
> New Necropolis + Lava Spa

M. H. Vanderbucks IV
> Wait, it’s already been dominated!
> I’ve got a bottle of sawdust right under my bed!
Vanderbucks owned charities, I hope?
> Tony Town + Cointold

Giavanni Wisher (Extra)
> Sure, I’ll buy a bottle!
> Slowly introduce wine to liquid wishes…
> We’ll make sure your room has one!
> Stylelyfe Sim Center

Oswald Porosis (Extra)
> He’s gotta be out there somewhere!
> He’s gotta be out there somewhere!
> He’s gotta be out there somewhere!
> Glade Library

Tubular Ted
> You’re just not being tubular enough!
> Make your own chromacurrency and sell it to him!
> Become a cheerleader for your son!
> Tony Town + Valor Ven + New Necropolis + Glade Library

Angelica Slimson (Extra)
> I love the way it jiggles!
> We accept pets of all kinds. OR > Slimes are better anyway.
> Just sell your jelly directly to the clients!
> Vegtopia

Ridley Phinx (Extra)
> Hahahaha~!
> Try opening with a riddle as a joke.
> I sealed the Great Centrifugal Chroma Fissure with a half-eaten cupcake.
> Tony Town + Valor Ven + Stylelyfe Sim Center

Sven Wolverton
> Have an honest conversation about how you’re worried as a friend.
> Sure, we can have you moved.
> I beg for his forgiveness for eating his sister.
> Glade Library

Minis T. Shrinkious (Extra)
> Make up a song.
> Why make peace when you can MAKE WAR!
> A flag!
> Tony Town + Vegtopia

Merlin Malacot
> 58
> Send Georgy off the way he would have wanted: with a crazy party!
> Arthur Artichoke
> Tony Town + Valor Ven

Agria A. Gresive (Extra)
> Let her win.
> Pyro. Our chroma jack-of-all-trades.
> If they run, just chase after them!
> Mystic Mountains + Titan Tourney

Chester (Extra)
> A chest???
> I suppose so.
> Redwood.
> Mystic Mountains

Fabio McFabulous (Extra)
> Faaabulous~!
> Fireworks! Explosions of color!
> We are what we think we are!
> Han Abbey + Stylelyfe Sim Center

Mr. Rat (Extra)
> Peanut brittle!
> Overrated.
> Drink!
> Glade Library + Han Abbey + Stylelyfe Sim Center

Madame Mystic (Extra)
> It’s just Fedic holding an exercise class!
> A piece of cheese with a lock of his hair.
> …a great struggle, then peace.
> Cointold + New Necropolis

Edward Exhora (Extra)
> Deus ex machina to the rescue: save them both!
> Simple but romantic: A pegasus proposal in the summer skies.
> You can’t let her go out of fear. Let go.
> Glade Library

Vii Tuber (Extra)
> Play dumb
> With friends
> Only the finest, fair tuber!
> New Necropolis + Valor Ven + Stylelyfe Sim Center

Prologue and Mandatory Story


  • Any dangerous plants? > Money Up
  • Are you sure you can handle two jobs? > Wisteria Up
  • No questions. > Nothing
  • Sure > Macchiato Up
  • -> Incredible! > Nothing
  • -> It’s alright I guess… > Nothing
  • I’ll pass > Nothing
  • What all do you serve here? > Money Up
  • What’s wrong with this place? > Money Up
  • Friend called in a favor. > Nothing
  • I was curious to see how the Myriad works. > Pyro Up
  • All true, of course. > Nothing
  • You’re attention to detail is amazing! > Clarity Up
  • Isn’t it expensive to customize the rooms like this? > Money Up
  • It’s an honor to meet you as well. > Nothing
  • That was a wonderful performance. > Space Up
  • What other programs do you have planned for the future? > Money Up
  • Aren’t you going to eat? > Cici Up
  • Thank you, the tour was very informative. > Money Up
  • Okay, bye. > Nothing

Void Scene 1

  • Void. > Cici Up
  • VOID brand trash cans. > Money Up

Spectrum Day

  • Offer to be his partner > Cici Up
  • I shouldn’t participate. > Nothing
  • -> Bet on a team to win. > Nothing
  • –> Clarity and Pyro > Clarity Up + Pyro Up
  • –> Macchiato and Spade > Macchiato Up + Spade Up
  • -> Help with the banquet. > Wisteria Up

Void Scene 2

  • Reprimand Void > Nothing
  • Sympathize with Void > Money Up


Scene 1

  • Health Inspection! > Nothing
  • Taste test > Nothing
  • Deny her request by citing company policy > Cici Up
  • Ask Cici to bake a wing substitute > Money Down + Cici Up
  • Allow her order to go through > Money Up + Cici Down

Scene 2

  • Demand to see the gum > Money Up
  • Respect their privacy > Cici Up

Scene 3

  • Enough is enough! > Cici Up
  • Go tell Pyro to turbocharge the AC > Money Down + Everyone Up

Scene 4

  • Raise awareness. > Money Up + Cici Up
  • As the manager, I have to remain apolitical. > Nothing

Act 1

  • The paperwork hasn’t been done. > Nothing
  • Cici’s right. > Cici Up
  • What’s in it for me? > Nothing
  • I’ll speak with him about it > Cici Up
  • Cast a wall of fire to keep them away. > Bad Ending
  • Summon a projection of Latte to distract the mob. > Nothing
  • Punch his lights out. > Nothing
  • Let Cici talk to him. > Cici Up

Act 2

  • Side with Void > Cici Up
  • Remain quiet > Nothing


Scene 1

  • Um…keep up the good work. > Money Up + Pyro Up
  • Stop undermining my authority as manager! > Pyro Down

Scene 2

  • I don’t think Pyro meant any harm. > Pyro Up
  • You should apologize to the kids, Pyro. > Wisteria Up

Scene 3

  • Macchiato > Pyro Up
  • Pyro > Macchiato Up
  • Me > Macchiato Up + Pyro Up

Scene 4

  • Step in and end the presentation professionally. > Money Up
  • Discipline the child… > Money Down + Pyro Up

Act 1

  • Not really > Pyro Up
  • A little bit… > Cici Up
  • Offer to tell Pyro they’re here > Money Up
  • (Say nothing) > Pyro Up
  • Tackle her! > Bad Ending
  • Trust Pyro. > Nothing
  • Let him hide > Nothing
  • Reveal him > Nothing

Act 2

  • Pyro, you’re fired. > Bad Ending
  • Pyro, we need to talk. > Pyro Up
  • I don’t want anything to happen to you. > Pyro Up
  • I can’t jeopardize your safety as an employee. > Money Up
  • I agree. > Nothing
  • The world isn’t always that simple. > Pyro Up
  • Are you okay? > Pyro Up
  • Thank you for your help. > Nothing
  • Yes… I suppose you’re right. > Nothing
  • I think that Pyro will make the right choice in the end. > Pyro Up
  • Fine, but as soon as we’re done experimenting. > Money Up
  • No. Tell him first thing tomorrow. > Pyro Up


Scene 1

  • Justice always wins. > Pyro Up
  • Love over the law. > Spade Up

Scene 2

  • Yes > Nothing
  • -> Spade > Spade Up + randomly Money Up or Down
  • -> Macchiato > Macchiato Up + randomly Money Up or Down
  • No > Money Up

Scene 3

  • Allow Spade to continue > Spade Up
  • Reprimand Spade > Clarity Up
  • Consult international law > Money Up

Scene 4

  • How did you learn all of this? > Spade Up
  • …Nothing. It was a beautiful performance. > Nothing

Act 1

  • Stop them. > Money Up + Spade Up
  • Let them go. > Nothing
  • There are a lot of people who would miss you here. > Spade Up
  • It would be quite a shame to lose you as an employee. > Money Up
  • Stay quiet. > Nothing
  • What’s the budget for this show? > Money Up
  • All right. I’m trusting you to make this work. > Spade Up
  • Let me take over instead, Pyro. > Nothing
  • Let Spade use the catalyst, Pyro. > Spade Up
  • Ash is too dangerous. > Nothing
  • Let’s cast Ash. > Spade Up
  • I suppose I can talk with her. > Nothing
  • I’ll do whatever I can to help. > Spade Up
  • Fire Pyro. > Bad Ending
  • Fire Spade. > Bad Ending
  • Find another way. > Nothing

Act 2

  • Tell Aster to do what they say > Nothing
  • Step out yourself > Nothing


Scene 1

  • “Clarity, I’m putting you in charge of training our staff” > Money Up + Cici Up
  • “Clarity, don’t you think you’re being a bit too harsh on Cici?” > Cici Up + Clarity Down

Scene 2

  • It can’t hurt to try the cleaner, Clarity. > Wisteria Up + Clarity Up
  • Clarity can do what she wants, Wisteria > Clarity Up

Scene 3:

  • Side with Clarity > Clarity Up
  • Side with Pyro > Pyro Up
  • Consult the Book of Arguments > Money Up

Scene 4

  • Ask why Clarity took the job here. > Nothing
  • Say nothing. > Clarity Up

Act 1

  • Is there a reason why you want to change all of a sudden? > Nothing
  • I’ll help you. > Clarity Up
  • Time will tell. > Nothing
  • She can handle this. > Clarity Up
  • Let it slide. > Nothing
  • Chastise her. > Clarity Up

Act 2

  • People change… he’ll understand! > Nothing
  • If he can’t appreciate the new you, find someone better! > Clarity Up


The trick to Void’s approval is as one might guess “Check on Void”. His approval bar is inverted by the way, so even though it will look like it is in the minus that’s actually not true.
For ease of getting all Void Endings you can hold off on checking in on him until the very end and make a Save before doing so.
Though even if you don’t do that after achieving one of them when starting a new game you can skip to the Finale, which will bring you to the end point as if you had achieved the Good Ending with all other characters, but not done any extra clients, done any reading or checked in on Void.

Ending Achievements

Sweet Victory
Get Cici’s good ending

Go through Cici’s Story and end with high approval.Still The Same
Get Cici’s normal ending

Go through Cici’s Story and end with about 50% to 75% approvel.

Get Cici’s bad ending

Go through Cici’s Story and end with low approval.

Chroma Enthusiast
Get Pyro’s good ending

Go through Pyro’s Story and end with high approval.

Status Quo
Get Pyro’s normal ending

Go through Pyro’s Story and end with about 50% to 75% approvel.

Memory Holed
Get Pyro’s bad ending

Go through Pyro’s Story and end with low approval.

Good Show!
Get Spade’s good ending

Go through Spade’s Story and end with high approval.

Bad Company
Get Spade’s normal ending

Go through Spade’s Story and end with about 50% to 75% approvel.

Get Spade’s bad ending

Go through Spade’s Story and end with low approval.

Seeing Clearly
Get Clarity’s good ending

Go through Clarity’s Story and end with high approval.

Maybe Someday
Get Clarity’s normal ending

Go through Clarity’s Story and end with about 50% to 75% approvel.

Dearly Beloved
Get Clarity’s bad ending

Go through Clarity’s Story and end with low approval.

Get Void’s good ending

Check in on Void as often as you can.

Missing Void
Get Void’s normal ending

Check in on Void occasionally. You have to kind of gauge the amount.

At What Cost?
Get Void’s bad ending

Never check in on Void.

Going Under
Get the bankruptcy ending

Very easy, you can ignore character interactions and just focus on making the clients upset.

Dubious Dealings
Take “the package” off Rusty’s hands

On Day Four answer the third question of Rusty with “The Myriad Hotel can take it off your hands.”. This will lead to a Bad Ending!

A Heated Election
Burn down Somethingville

During Cici’s Route when running away from the village mob choose “Cast a wall of fire to keep them away.”. This will lead to a Bad Ending!

Don’t trust Pyro. Never trust Pyro.

During Pyro’s Route with the Terrawelder choose “Tackle her!”. This will lead to a Bad Ending!

Fire Pyro in his own story (Rude.)

During the second half of Pyro’s Route choose “Pyro, you’re fired.”. This will lead to a quick Bad Ending!

Goodbye, Spade
Fire Spade

During the first half of Spade’s Route choose “Fire Spade.”. This will lead to a Bad Ending!

Goodbye, Pyro
Fire Pyro

During the first half of Spade’s Route choose “Fire Pyro.”. This will lead to a Bad Ending!

Under New Management
Get the time wizard ending

Basically achieve every Bad Ending. Or Normal Ending for the characters. Then when the game asks “Would you like another chance?” answer with “Yes”. You need to do this a total of nine separate times, so almost every Bad Ending.

Forbidden Memories
Get the secret ending

You need to have encountered the Wanderer, this will trigger a puzzle at the end of the Good Ending Finale while in the elevator. Aside from the obvious, pay attention to signifiers of top and bottom.

You need to press the elevator buttons in the following order:M 2 2 1 M M 1 M 1 B B

Completion Achievements

Manager Moneybags
Have over 50 million jix

If you go through the extra clients you should have this achievement at the end of Day Four through clients alone. It’s quite easy to get.Terrible Choice, 0/10
Send Void to every location

While accepting extra clients Void will show up at one point! Then try sending him to every location once. Very easy to do by just using the Back button every time.

It’s A Long Story…
Send Sir Art of Choke to every location

While accepting extra clients Sir Art of Choke will show up eventually! Then try sending him to every location once. Very easy to do by just using the Back button every time.

Full House!
Accept every extra client

At the end of a day always choose “Invite extra client”. This won’t end your day. You can do this multiple times a day and you need to do this every day! You should get this just before starting the last Character Route.

Read all the lore

At the end of the day choose “Do some reading”. This won’t end your day. Do this until it reads “It seems I’m all out of reading material”. Next you have to visit the Glade Library with a client to get additional books. After getting the additional books you can finish grinding out this achievement!

No, I want ALL the Sages!
Get every sage in the personality test

Eventually going through “Do some reading” you come across the test. Simply quicksave at the start and go through it.

Sage of Progress: the Scientist
Choose the first answer every time.

Sage of Miracles: the Chromologist
Choose the second answer every time.

Sage of Creation: the Artisan
Choose the third answer every time.

Sage of Beauty: the Muse
Choose the fifth answer every time.

Sage of Pathos: the Soulkeeper
Choose the sixth answer every time.

Sage of Antiquity: the Historian
> Yellow
> Dwarf
> I put the fire out and save the house! Why save one thing when I can save everything!
> Take a walk in the woods
> A sensible, modest man/woman with high morals
> Classical
> Standard
> Travel the world!
> Crumbling Catacombs
> Study the architecture of the building
> Kill it

Sage of Freedom: the Healer
> Blue
> Unicorn
> I would make sure everyone’s out safe rather than taking anything
> Take a walk in the woods
> Anyone who loves me and will stay true
> Lo-fi
> Medical
> Donate it to a hospital
> The Glade Library
> Leave.
> Get a cup and take it ouside

A-Voiding Responsibility
See every Void mini-scene

At the end of a day always choose “Check on Void.”. This won’t end your day. You can do this until it reads “Void’s not here…”.

You’ll get extra scenes after each Good Ending, though there are three scenes that need you to make specific choices. Finish “Do some reading” for one additional scene. On Day Four for another one you have to answer “Only Void” with Rusty. With Chester you have to answer “I suppose so.”. You should get everything just before the Finale. Also you can either view the scenes throughout the story as they come up or view all of them at the end.

Art Collector
See every CG

You get all the CGs simply by playing through the character’s stories and achieving all the Good Endings.

Perfect World
Get all good endings


Could Be Worse, Could Be Better
Get all normal endings


Destiny Of Darkness
Get all bad endings


Solve the Wanderer’s puzzle

You can encounter the Wanderer just before going bankrupt. You can encounter the Wanderer just before going bankrupt. After he showed up check in on Void until the puzzle appears! Each paper with numbers is a word. As indicated on the poem’s paper you get the letters by going down the rows depending on the second number of lines and right in the row by the first.
The solution is:LUTHER END THIS

By Niko

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