Nearly Dead: Early Access Tips

A selection of tips and workarounds for people interested in exploring the early access game.
Things I found so far:
  • If you are photosensitive like me; when you create a new character buy a crowbar to take out the flickering lights in the starter shelter. With the crowbar equipped, you can put your mouse in the lower area of the wall below the light and melee attack the light. The crowbar so far seems to be the best tool for this job. You may need to step back or forward a bit, the light should break in one or 2 hits.
  • Boiling water is not done in the same way as other cooking tasks. Each time you cook water to make it clean, a menu will pop up under your mouse with a list of empty containers nearby or in your inventory. If you do not select a container the water is wasted (for example by clicking away, which is easy to do because the menu is not obvious). If you cook more water than fits in the container selected, the remaining water is wasted.The best thing to do is only cook water in batches large enough to fill the containers you have. The size of the container you want to fill with clean water is going to limit how much water you can cook at a time. So far I know that: regular water bottles hold 3 units of water, soda bottles hold 6, and jugs (usually found holding oil or gasoline) hold 12 units of water.
  • Equipping and changing weapons is a bit bugged in some way. The bug makes it so that when you attack the weapon doesn’t swing. If you change or re-equip a weapon, give it a few test swings before moving on. If it fails just re-equip it again.
  • Currently, you do not need fire to cook cup noodles, only the cup noodle item, and clean water. Also it gives you happiness, so it’s a pretty good food to keep around.
  • You can raise and lower hoods by selecting ‘Activate’ on clothing items with hoods. As well clothing seems to layer based on what order you equip it, so you can wear your undies outside your pants. This seems to affect the armor score, so maybe double-check before you go out.
  • Exploit: In the current version you can study in your sleep, start studying a topic near a bed and click the bed to sleep, you will study super fast while also sleeping!

By Ket

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