Neon White: How to Jump (Speedrunner Edition)

Here is a basic guide on how to jump in Neon White.


Step 1:SpaceBar
You start out walking and Parrying a projectile from the Stomp Wizard and grabbing a stomp card on the way out

OpinionĀ : Shoot a projectile with the pistol you grab to gain a small movement speed buff
Then swap to the katana

Step 2:Jump
Take you way out

shoot the Crate and grab a second Stomp Card

After Grabbing a Stomp Card, jump off the left inner pillar that is inbetween both Trees

and discard the Stomp card the moment you are over the Pillar

Step 3: The Last Time You Touch The Ground
walk through the gate and Kill the two demons over the ledge then back out the moment you kill the two

and take a right and jump off the platform

Step 4: Leap of “I started Blasting” and The End
As you travel down to the end, you kill every enemy Starting from The Highest to lowest and discard your Stomp Card at the end

By Naoko Mesawhite

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