Neverwinter: A Bard’s Keybinding Guide

This guide goes over the Songs for the bard, as well as how to keybind each song. I googled around for a few hours in order to adequately write this up for those who wish they didn’t have to “guitar hero” the class.


General Introduction
To the Reader of this Guide:

I’m not a great guide writer nor do I claim to be a great player. Bard looked like such a blast to play, so I went and made one. Sure enough the dps is great, heals is nice… Only thing I didn’t like… having to go into performance and ACCURATELY press the corresponding numbers for a specific song… So… I did what I like to think most would do, and I googled ways to play the bard efficiently. This guide will go over each Song available to the bard, and there will even be a section on “How To Create Key Binds” There is absolutely no easy way to make a keybind in the options that allow you to activate all your songs with a press of the button except by quick slotting them. The way I am showing you will make it so you don’t even have to use quickslots. Let’s begin then.

Songs of the Bard
There are a total of 12 songs for the Bard. If I am correct, you can have 4 songs pinned and 1 quickslot for Songblade paragon (dps) and 2 quickslots for Minstrel paragon (healer) This guide will go over each song and the code to enter in order to keybind it.

Hotkey Coding

When keybinding, making sure you do not use a key that you use for anything else. Doing so will erase the slotted key for your other action.

How to:

In each song section on the bottom will be a CODE bracket followed by a strange looking string. It will start with “/bind (key)”. You copy that code using CTRL+C and open your game window. You paste that code by using CTRL+V and press the Home button. Then before you hit Enter to send the chat, where (key) is you replace with the key.

for example…
/bind F12 “invocation” –causes the F12 key to invoke instead of the Ctrl+I.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions 🙂

Song 1: Blaze Flamenco
/bind (key) “+PowerMusicNoteExec 12 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 14 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 12 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 12 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 14 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 12”

Song 2: Rejuvenating Carol
/bind (key) “+PowerMusicNoteExec 10 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 7 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 13 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 10 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 7 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 8”

Song 3: Tailwind Mambo
/bind h “+PowerMusicNoteExec 8 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 10 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 12 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 13 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 8 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 10 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 12”

Song 4: Steel March
/bind (key) “+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 7”

Song 5: Ballad of the Witch
/bind (key) “+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8”

Song 6: Ballad of the Hero
/bind (key) “+PowerMusicNoteExec 7$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13”

Song 7: Defender’s Minuet
/bind (key) “+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13”

Song 8: Warding Carol
/bind (key) “+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9”

Song 9: Aurora Fantasia
/bind (key) “+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12”

Song 10: Sheltering Etude
/bind (key) “+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 7$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13”

Song 11: Reprised Carol: Enhance
/bind (key) “+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9”

Song 12: Reprised Carol: Recovery
/bind (key) “+PowerMusicNoteExec 8$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 7$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 7$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8”

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