Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl: How to Enable Keybinds

Here is a simple guide on how to enable keybinds in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.


How to do the binds?
In the options section as you can see there are no options for changing keybinds.
You have to go to the character select screen and press C to rebind your keys

In that screen you can rebind anything you want! … Except movement keys. For some reason movement keys are locked to arrows
Also menu navigation is always on Z, X, C but I assume that shouldn’t be a problem for many people

When you open the rebind section you can scroll down(↓) and see all the actions with a bind next to them
Thoose are the default binds

When you hover over them you can press any button on your keyboard(except arrow keys ofc) and it will bind that action to that button! Pretty neat right?

But wait! There is more!

I am not sure if this is a bug or not but the game seem to remember everything you bound to an action even after you change it, and keeps it until you bind another action to that specific button.

Meaning even tho keybinds section is only capable of showing 1 bind per action, you can actually bind as many buttons to an action as you want!
You want entirety of your numpad to make you jump?
You can do that! … Why would you do that?
No idea. But you can!

I really hope even if this is a bug they won’t ever “fix” it and if possible go the opposite way and let us see all the buttons we have bound to every action without going into game files and opening the controls.json file with a text editor(Strafe action is called “Fun” in the json file for some reason lol)

Also after you bind them if you ever open rebind section again and go over the binds by pressing ↓ without changing them you might see them change back to their default state.
Don’t worry this seem to be only a visual bug. There is nothing to worry about.
You can just press confirm to close it, even tho the buttons that are being shown in binds are not yours when you get in-game you will still have your layout.

Recommend Binds
Airdash/Defend=Q, W, E, Left Shift, Right Shift
Grab=F, num0
Strafe=Left Ctrl, Right Ctrl
Taunt=R, T, Num1

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