Ninja Village: All Achievements Guide

An overview guide describing all the achievements you can get in the Steam version of Ninja Village


Hello! In this tutorial I will explain how to get all the achievements in Ninja Village. In general the game is quite linear and it’s pretty hard to miss a particular achievement, but their names aren’t too obvious, so if you’re curious, welcome!

The first step toward a unified land.

Proof of winning the first battle.

The first achievement is super simple, just win the first battle for the Iroha District, which will happen at Y1 M4 W3. No equipment or upgrade required

A friend, a dream or an Illusion?

Proof that the rare animal became a friend.

You must defeat the Tsuchinoko Gang for this achievement. Battle with this rare animal appears shortly after capturing the Tanegashima Clan (it is located in the northwest of the map)
Tsuchinoko has quite a lot of life, so be sure that your squad has plenty of upgraded fighters with relevant gear. In the NG playthrough (no Kairo armor/Kairo mail) mode I had 3 infantry, 5 gunners and 2 cavalry

The lord who even made a baby stop crying.

Proof of expanding the area to maximum.

Get all the Land Deeds and restore your area (whatever it’s called).
Here is a map with all battles:

After beating Chosokabe Clan you are unlocking “Illegal Passage” battle for Villager which grants another Land Deed. There are no special tips here as these deeds you will just gradually get over the course of the game

Become the unified land!

Proof of victory over all warlords.

Win all castle battles except the final one with True Tokugawa Clan. A detailed description of how to pass the game deserves a separate guide, but it is quite possible to do it in the New Game without transferring unlocked items.The key to victory is a strong economy built on the proper placement of facilities in the village. With lots of money, sooner or later you’ll be able to build up a large army and hire strong villagers who can be upgraded and equipped with top weapons and armor.

That amazing yamabuki color.

Proof of wearing legendary Kairo gear.

There are two different Kairo gear in the game: Kairo Armor and Kairo Mail. Both items are unlocked at the end of the game, transferred to New Game+, and are valid for this achievement.
Kairo Armor is unlocked by defeating True Tokugawa Clan, the final boss of this game. You need a large army for this one, because you have to fight against 750+ units of every type in powerful weapons. This path is a continuation of the previous achievement, so there’s not much more to say.

Kairo Mail, in turn, opens for completing 99 levels of training grounds, where you have to fight against the imperial army. It seems that this way is even more difficult and tedious, because you have to win 99 (!) battles from the easiest to the one comparable to True Tokugawa Clan. It’s not even that the emperor’s army is dangerous (for some reason the emperor doesn’t value gunners, the game’s most damaging units) – it’s just that at the last level you have to break through an army of unreal size with 2k+ infantry.

All in all, if you’re going to play NG+ with Fast mode and Kairo gear, you have to go through both anyway. If you’re just interested in unlocking achievements, it’s better to go to war with Tokugawa

By the way, achievement unlocks at the moment when any Kairo gear is given to any villager, not by just unlocking!

The battle of ninjas continues.

Proof of surviving a world of war for many years.

Reach the game end at Y16M4. The results and achievements obtained during the game do not matter, if you want you can just sit in your area and do nothing =)

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