No Time: How to Multiplayer

This topic here covers the basics of Multiplayer in No Time.


How connect with each other

(Credit goes to Neko for the screenshots)

Step 1:
Craft a Multiplayer Beacon with the Mr. Crafty or spawn one in via Sandbox Mode.
Step 2:

Interact with it, once it blinks blue people can join your lobby!


Step 1: Load a save of yours.

Step 2: Be friended with the person you want to play together on Steam.

Step 3: If the person has a session hosted and is in game, press on the join button and Voila you are both connected!


Step 1:
Craft a sync chip with the Mr. Crafty or spawn it in via Sandbox Mode.
Step 2.

Insert the chip into your car and interact with it to set it to a target player.
(Targets in the Ape Head Cluster or different timelines cannot be set, you have to go there manually first)

Time tarvel to your friend, enjoy!

Feature List and Basics, Things to do

Press enter to open the chat box and hold F1 to view the current player list/b]

See each other in time, explore the world together or hang out on the beach with a nice campfire, exchange items just like you would do in single player

Fights together against spawned npcs or mobs!

Display Emotes to talk to players, either by pressing the keys on the Numpad or typing them in chat

Let your friends visit your safe houses!

Explore the Ape Head Cluster together!

Do car races,

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