Nobodies After Death: Walkthrough with 100% Achievements

Walkthrough with all achievements.



Number of achievements: 30
Number of missable achievements: 1
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Free-Roam After Story: No
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
Time to 100%: 5-7h, 2-3h with the guide

This guide includes a full walkthrough with details required to unlock all achievements in the game.
There’s only one truly missable achievement: Hint Hater which requires completing the game without hints. All other achievements can be unlocked using mission select.

All achievements are presented in the order of unlocking although there’s a lot of flexibility in each chapter.

1. Operation Drill Bit

This level is a tutorial, simply follow the instructions.

  • Pick up the Crowbar, use it on the Barrel.
  • Pick up the Body, put in into the Barrel.
  • Pick up the Barrel, pick up the Concrete Block.
  • Put the Concrete Block into the Barrel.
  • Drop the Barrel into the ocean.
  • Put the Crowbar back on the floor.
  • Complete the mission.

Oil and Water
Complete the oil platform mission without leaving any evidence behind.

2. Operation Quagmire

  • Pick up the Fishing Rod, pick up the Mop.
  • Go outside, pick up the Wheelbarrow, go back inside.
  • Use the Wheelbarrow on the Body.
  • Use the Mop on the Blood.
  • Go outside.
  • Drop the Body into the water.
  • Use the Mop on the water.
  • Leave the Wheelbarrow on the ground.
  • Wait until Clothes come to the surface, use the Fishing Rod on the Clothes.
  • Go back inside.
  • Drop the Clothes into the fireplace.
  • Leave the Fishing Rod and Mop on the floor.
  • Complete the mission.

Bogged Down
Complete the swamp mission without leaving any evidence behind.

3. Operation Roadkill

  • Enter the diner.
  • Talk to the Bartender, ask for a beer (option 1).
  • Drop the Beer on the floor.
  • When the Bartender starts to clean the floor turn on the microphone, take the Money and use the Money on the jukebox.
  • Go outside and back inside.
  • Give the Money to the Bartender to get Pizza.
  • Go outside, go left, give the Pizza to the Construction Worker.
  • Go right.
  • Take the Keys from the truck, open the back, take the Body.
  • Open the dumpster, drop the Body into it, leave the location.

Garbage Day! – 1/4
Throw a body into every dumpster you can find.

  • Take the Body from the truck again and go left.
  • Pick up the Shovel and use it on the road to dig up a hole.
  • Drop the Body into the hole, use the Shovel with the hole to cover it up.
  • Put the Shovel back and go right.
  • Close the dumpster.
  • Close the back of the truck, lock it with the Keys and put the Keys back to the front of the truck.
  • Enter the diner, put the Money into the tip jar.
  • Complete the mission.

Speed Bump
Complete the diner mission without leaving any evidence behind.

4. Operation Undertaker

  • Pick up the Map and Garbage Bin.
  • Go left.
  • Keep clicking the door until the Gardener wakes up.

No Sleeping on the Job
Interrupt the gardener’s beauty rest.

  • Open the Map and select Location 3.
  • Pick up the Rug.
  • Pick up the Body and put it into the Garbage Bin.
  • Open the Map and select Location 1.
  • Use the Rug on the Gardener, take the Keys from the wheelbarrow.
  • Use the Keys to open the door and enter it.
  • Pick up the Adjustable Wrench and Pliers.
  • Click electrical box and use the Pliers with the cables A and B to cut them. Click them again to cross them.
  • Open the Map and go to Location C.
  • Use the Adjustable Wrench on the broken fence.
  • Open the Map and select Location 1.
  • Kill the Gardener with the Broken Fence and leave the location.

Serial Killer – 1/10
Kill every character that can be killed.

  • Open the Map and select Location B.
  • Use the Broken Fence on the casket, put the Body in it, close the casket.
  • Open the Map and go to Location C.
  • Put the Broken Fence back.
  • Open the Map and select Location 1.
  • Enter the door.
  • Click the electrical box and use the Pliers on the cables to restore them to the original position.
  • Put the Pliers and Adjustable Wrench on the shelves.
  • Go outside, lock the door with the Keys, put the Keys back on the wheelbarrow.
  • Take the Rug.
  • Open the Map and select Location 3.
  • Put the Rug back on the floor.
  • Open the Map and select Location 2.
  • Put the Garbage Bin and the Map back.
  • Complete the mission.

Coffin Flop
Complete the cemetery mission without leaving any evidence behind.

5. Operation Stowaway

  • Open the dumpster, pick up the Body, drop the Body in the dumpster, leave the location.

Garbage Day! – 2/4
Throw a body into every dumpster you can find.

  • Pick up the Luggage Cart, enter the airport.
  • Go left and click the big red suitcase to learn the flight number 6249 and name Ken Keyton.
  • Go back and right.
  • Put the Luggage Cart with the other carts, pick up the Coin.
  • Go back.
  • Use the Coin on the coffee machine, pick up the Coffee.
  • Go right.
  • Pick up the Employee Badge from the Tourist Information.
  • Open the First Aid Kit and pick up the Rubbing Alcohol.
  • Use the Coffee on the attendant, wait for him to leave.
  • Use the terminal and enter 1080.

Asset Airways
Check in for your own flight.

  • Go back and use the terminal again. Enter 6249.
  • Ken Keyton is number 5 so press 5. Pick up the Boarding Pass.
  • Go back twice and left.
  • Give the Boarding Pass to the Baggage Attendant to receive the Red Suitcase.
  • Use the Rubbing Alcohol on the Red Suitcase.
  • Go outside.
  • Pick up the Body and put it into the Red Suitcase.
  • Enter the airport.
  • Talk to the man reading a newspaper and use all dialogue options.
  • Use your Red Suitcase on the man’s Red Suitcase to swap them.
  • Go left and give the Red Suitcase to the Baggage Attandant.
  • Go right twice.
  • Put the Rubbing Alcohol back into the First Aid Kit and close it.
  • Put the Employee Badge back.
  • Go down twice to leave the airport.
  • Throw the Boarding Pass into to dumpster and close it.
  • Complete the mission.

Body Bag
Complete the airport mission without leaving any evidence behind.

6. Operation Canary
  • Pick up the Uniform from the car..
  • Go up to the beach.
  • Pick up the Fish (Fishbone) and use it on the sunbathing couple.
  • Once they’re gone pick up the Camera.
  • Go left twice.
  • Pick up the Pliers.
  • Go right and up to the beach.
  • Use the Pliers on the hut to get the Bird Spikes.
  • Go left twice and enter the office.
  • Kill the Boss with the Bird Spikes and take the photo of the map with the Camera. Leave the office.

Damning Evidence
Take a picture of the mine’s map after killing the boss.

Serial Killer – 2/10
Kill every character that can be killed.

  • Go left enter the mine.
  • Go Left, Left, Right to reach Area 01.
  • Kill the Miner with the Bird Spikes. Leave the location.

Serial Killer – 3/10
Kill every character that can be killed.

  • Go left.
  • Use the Bird Spikes on the Bulldozer.
  • Pick up the Bird Spikes, pick up the Jack.
  • Use the Jack on the office and click it to simulate an earthquake.
  • Enter the mine.
  • Open the map and select Area 01.
  • Pick up the Mallet.
  • Open the map and select Entrance.
  • Enter the mine.
  • Go Left, Middle, Right, Right to reach Hazard.
  • Open the map and select Entrance.
  • Enter the mine.
  • Go Right, Middle, Middle, Right, Left, Right to reach Area 02.
  • Pick up the Rope.
  • Open the map and select Entrance.
  • Enter the mine.
  • Go Right, Middle, Left, Right, Left, Right, Middle.
  • Use the Rope on the rock
  • Go down the rope and back to the beach.
  • Use the Mallet on the hut and pick up the Oxygen Tank.
  • Go left, open the trunk, pick up the Body, close the trunk.
  • Go up to the beach, up to the rope.
  • Use the Body on the rope.
  • Climb up, click the rope, pick up the Body.
  • Open the map and go to Hazard.
  • Use the Body and Oxygen Tank with the warning sign.
  • Use the Mallet with the Oxygen Tank.
  • Open the map and select Area 01.
  • Put the Mallet back.
  • Open the map and select Area 02.
  • Put the Rope back.
  • Open the map and select Entrance.
  • Pick up the Jack and use it with the Bulldozer.
  • Put the Pliers on the ground.
  • Go right and up to the beach.
  • Close the Hut.
  • Put the Bird Spikes back.
  • Put the Camera back.
  • Go left.
  • Put the Uniform back in the car.
  • Throw the Photo into the Trash Can.
  • Complete the mission.

Complete the mine mission without leaving any evidence behind.

7. Operation Caldera

As soon as the level loads pick up the Body, drop it into the river, leave the location.

Fail Fast
Dispose of the body within ten seconds of starting a mission.

Go up, pick up the License Plate.
Go up, pick up the MacheteMapPitchfork.
Open the trash can (green bin) and pick up the Bottle.
Combine the License Plate with the Pitchfork to receive the Paddle.
Go back down.
Kill the Park Ranger with the Machete and leave the location.

Serial Killer – 4/10
Kill every character that can be killed.

Open the Map and select Trail.
Pick up the Rocks, pick up the Bean Pods.
Use the Machete on the rope.
Combine the Bean Pods with the Bottle to receive the Rattle.
Open the Map and select Campsite.
Use the Rattle with the Campers.
Once they’re gone pick up the CartMulti-toolBackpack.
Open the Map and select Bathrooms.
Use the Multi-tool with the lawnmower to receive the Wheel.
Combine the Wheel with the Cart.
Go down twice.
Use the Machete with the Bamboo.
Combine the Bamboo with the Rope to receive the Raft.
Drop the Raft into the water.
Pick up the Body and put it on the Raft. Click the Raft to hide the body and again to send it down the river.
Open the Map and select Campsite.
Pick up the Kayak and use it with the raft.
Combine the Kayak with the Repaired Cart, put the Body into the Kayak on Cart.
Open Map and select Geyser C.
Take the Body out of the Kayak.
Put the Rocks into the Backpack and give it to the Body.
Drop the Body into the Geyser.
Open the Map and select Campsite.
Click on Kayak on Cart to separate it.
Use the Multi-Tool on the Cart to get back the Wheel.
Put the KayakCart and Multi-Tool back.
Open the Map and select Trail.
Use the Machete with the Raft.
Put the Rope back.
Open the Map and select Bathrooms.
Put the Wheel back to the lawnmower.
Click the Paddle to separate the items.
Put the PitchforkMacheteMap back.
Open the bin, put the Rattle in it, close the bin.
Go down, put the License Plate back on the ground.
Go down, put the Bamboo back.

Natural Causes
Complete the national park mission without leaving any evidence behind.

8. Operation Midnight

  • Pick up the Invitation, pick up the Mistletoe.
  • Go left.
  • Pick up the Matches.
  • Talk to the Dancer in pink shirt and glasses. Select first dialogue option “You’re really feelin’ this track.” and then the second one “It’s New Year’s, right? Sure, hit me“.

Journey of Discovery
Become one with the universe.

  • Go straight ahead through the double door.
  • Pick up the Can Opener from the table.
  • Go straight ahead to the garden.
  • Pick up the Log and Shovel, go back.
  • Kill the Chef with the Shovel.

Serial Killer – 5/10
Kill every character that can be killed.

  • Go right to the basement.
  • Pick up the Gas MaskBall of YarnKnitting Needle.
  • Put the Log into the furnace and use the Matches on it.
  • Click the valves above the furnace and turn 124 so they point to zero while 3 points to the max.
  • Go upstairs twice.
  • Combine Mistletoe and Ball of Yarn. Hang the Mistletoe with Yarn from the railing.
  • Take the Framed Diploma off the wall and use the Can Opener on it.
  • Use the Diploma and then the Knitting Needle on the door.
  • Pick up the Diploma to receive the Key (golden).
  • Use the Key (golden) to open the door. Enter the room.
  • Pick up the Key (silver) from the bowl next to the body.
  • Leave the room, go down, go up to the kitchen.
  • Wait for the Chef to leave and pick up the Cake Server.
  • Go up to the garden.
  • Open the shed with the Key (silver).
  • Pick up the Chloroform.
  • Go right, left, left to the partying people.
  • Use the Chloroform on the fog machine.
  • Go back.
  • Click the clock. Use the Cake Server to open it and set the time to 12.
  • Go upstairs and pick up the Body.
  • Go back to the kitchen.
  • Use the Body with the liquid nitrogen.
  • Use the Shovel with the Body.
  • Use the Dead Body Chunks with the sink.
  • Go up to the garden.
  • Put the Chloroform back to the shed. Lock it with the Key (silver)
  • Put the Shovel on the ground.
  • Go back to the kitchen.
  • Put the Can Opener and Cake Server on the table.
  • Go to the basement.
  • Click the furnace to put it out.
  • Put the Gas MaskBall of YarnKnitting Needle back.
  • Go back to the partying people.
  • Put the Matches back.
  • Go upstairs.
  • Enter the room.
  • Put the Key (silver) in the bowl.
  • Leave the room.
  • Use the Key (golden) to lock the door. Use it again to slide it under the door.
  • Pick up the Mistletoe.
  • Combine Empty Frame and Diploma. Hang the Framed Diploma back on the wall.
  • Go back downstairs.
  • Put the Mistletoe and Invitation back.
  • Complete the mission.

Crushed Ice
Complete the mansion mission without leaving any evidence behind.

9. Operation Dead Drop

  • Pick up the Wrench.
  • Leave the house, go left, enter the building.
  • Kill the Guard with the Wrench, leave the location.

Serial Killer – 6/10
Kill every character that can be killed.

  • Go right and enter the starting building.
  • Pick up the StringHangerLaxativeTickets.
  • Go outside.
  • Use the Hanger on the car. Pick up the Wheelchair.
  • Go left.
  • Click the payphone and pick up the Gum.
  • Use the String and then the Wrench with the balloons.
  • Click the balloons to send them up.
  • Enter the building.
  • Give the Ticket to the Guard.
  • Pick up the Water Bottle.
  • Open locker 14 and pick up the Sunglasses.
  • Enter the elevator.
  • Look at the label, note the telephone number 395-2438 andthe name Keyton Douglas.
  • Press Observation to go up.
  • Click the binoculars, use the Gum with the coin slot.
  • Zoom out and click the binoculars again. Pick up the Coin from the slot.
  • Go back to the elevator, go down to the lobby and then outside.
  • Click the payphone and use the Coin with the coin slot.
  • Call 538-8655 (it’s the number from the first game).

Looking for Love
For a bit of Nobodies nostalgia, call Lonely No More Hotline for a good time.

  • Call 395-2438. Give the name Keyton Douglas and receive the code 9364.
  • Keep calling this number and keep asking for a code.

Memory Error
Forget the elevator passcode so many times that you fail the mission.

  • Enter the building and the elevator.
  • Click Maintenance and enter the code 9364 to go to the maintenance floor.
  • Click the toilet.

Drop the Kids Off
Use the bathroom in Sky Tower.

  • Go up the ladder, pick up the Wrench and use it on the winch.
  • Put the Wrench back with the balloons.
  • Go down and to the elevator. Select Observation.
  • Use the Laxative with the Water Bottle.
  • Use the Doctored Water with the cooler.
  • Go back to the starting house.
  • Pick up the Body and combine it with the Wheelchair and Sunglasses.
  • Go back to the Tower to the Maintenance floor.
  • Pick up the Uniform.
  • Go to the Observation.
  • Use the Body with the Harness and push it.
  • Go back to the maintenance floor and put the Uniform back.
  • Go down to the lobby, put the Sunglasses back to the locker 14 and close the door.
  • Go outside.
  • Click the string to bring the balloons down. Get the Wrench and String.
  • Go right.
  • Put the Wheelchair back and close the trunk.
  • Enter the house.
  • Put the HangerLaxativeStringWrench back.
  • Complete the mission.

Complete the Sky Tower mission without leaving any evidence behind.

10. Operation Wonderland

  • Pick up the Weights (5kg, 10kg, 50kg).
  • Go to the green dumpster.
  • Pick up the Pliers.
  • Open the dumpster, pick up the Body, drop the Body into the dumpster, leave the location.

Garbage Day! – 3/4
Throw a body into every dumpster you can find.

  • Go right to the Bottle Toss booth.
  • Talk to the attendant.
  • Pick up the Flyer.
  • Pick up the Orange Ball and use it with the pins. Keep repeating it until you get the achievement.

Definition of insanity
Keep throwing balls at the carnival game pins.

  • Go right.
  • Talk to the Mascot and select dialogue option 1 “Nice pins” to receive the Souvenir Pin.
  • Go back down and left. Go to the dumpster and the warehouse door.
  • Use the Pliers with the Souvenir Pin to receive the Safety Pin.
  • Use the Safety Pin with the padlock.
  • Click pins: 7-1-4-6-5-2-3
  • Enter the warehouse.
  • Pick up the Empty Oil CanLyeBucket.
  • Go outside.
  • Use the Bucket with the spigot to receive Bucket of Water.
  • Go right three times and up-left to the unfinished ride behind the Mascot.
  • Pick up the Caulk and Wool Gloves.
  • Use the Pliers with the oil barrel. Use the Empty Oil Can with the oil barrel.
  • Combine Wool Gloves with the Caulk.
  • Go back right.
  • Use the Full Oil Can with the metal ball next to the Ride Operator.
  • Use the Non-slip Gloves with the metal ball to pick it up.
  • Go left down back to the Bottle Toss booth.
  • Kill the Attendant with the Metal Ball and leave the location.

Serial Killer – 7/10
Kill every character that can be killed.

  • Enter the Warehouse.
  • Use the Metal Ball with the orange paint to receive Painted Metal Ball.
  • Go to the Bottle Toss booth.
  • Pick up the Orange Ball and knock down the four prizes: beach ball, pink bear, pink bunny, green bear.
  • Use the Painted Metal Ball with the pins.

Collateral damage
Knock down all of the prizes at the carnival game.

  • You’ll receive the Fake Vomit.
  • Go left and to the dumpster.
  • Pick up the Body and enter the warehouse.
  • Put the Body on the seesaw.
  • Put 75kg of Weights on the opposite side.
  • Pick up the Body and Weights.
  • Leave the room, go right.
  • Put the Weights back on the ground.
  • Throw the Body into the cannon.
  • Click the blanket to reveal the console.
  • Keep changing the weight on the console to different values and shooting. You need to shoot the body once with each weight. Leave the 75kg to the end because it’s the correct one.

Fire in the hole!
Launch the body from the cannon using each weight setting.

  • Cover the console back with the blanket.
  • Go right twice.
  • Use the Fake Vomit with the Sickly Tourist.
  • Once everyone is gone go up-left and pick up the Body.
  • Go back right and enter the Haunted House.
  • Click the cauldron to pick up the Witches Brew.
  • Throw the BodyBucket of WaterLye into the cauldron.
  • Put the the Witches Brew back.
  • Leave the Haunted House and go up-left.
  • Close the oil barrel and use the Pliers on it to seal it.
  • Put the Caulk and Gloves back.
  • Go right, left, left and approach the dumpster.
  • Put the Pliers back on the ground.
  • Throw the Flyer into the dumpster and close it.
  • Use the Painted Metal Ball with the spigot.
  • Go right three times.
  • Put the Metal Ball back to its place.
  • Go back to the warehouse.
  • Put the Empty Oil CanLyeBucket back.
  • Complete the mission.

Toil and Trouble
Complete the amusement park mission without leaving any evidence behind.

11. Operation Countdown

  • Pick up the RaincoatHand PumpKeys.
  • Go down.
  • Pick up the Traffic Cone.
  • Go back to the apartment.
  • Keep using the Traffic Cone on various things (TV, Dead Body etc.) until you get the achievement.

Orange Herring
Keep trying to find a use for the cone.

  • Go down.
  • Use the Keys to open the garage and enter it.
  • Pick up the Inflatable Boat and Chemical Lights.
  • Leave the garage.
  • Go left.
  • Use the Chemical Lights to light up the way from your current location to the Rocket Club.

  • Go back to the street.
  • Go up through the green gate.
  • Pick up the Ratchet Strap.
  • Use the Elevator to go up.
  • Pick up the Ladder.
  • Use the Elevator to go up twice.
  • Pick up the Steel Rod.
  • Use the Elevator to go up.
  • Pick up the Glue and Sandbags.
  • Place the Sandbags in the elevator and go down twice so you can see the TV in the window.
  • Use the Ladder on the window and go there.
  • Pick up the Body and leave through the window.
  • Pick up the Ladder and use the elevator to go all the way down.
  • Pick up the Scissors from the ground.
  • Open the dumpster, drop the Body into it and leave the location.

Garbage Day! – 4/4
Throw a body into every dumpster you can find.

  • Go to the alley, go up with the elevator three times, use the Ladder and retrieve the Body again.
  • Go down with the elevator.
  • Use the Steel Rod to open the sewer entrance.
  • Pick up the Sandbags and go down into the sewer.
  • Use the Sandbags on the ground to raise the water level.
  • Place the Inflatable Boat on the water.
  • Use the Scissors with the Raincoat to receive the Waterproof Fabric.
  • Use the Waterproof Fabric with the Glue and next with the Inflatable Boat.
  • Use the Hand Pump with the Inflatable Boat.
  • Place the Body in the Inflatable Boat.
  • Swim through the sewers following green lights.
  • Pick up the Body and go up the ladder.
  • Use the Ladder with the window and climb up.
  • Pick up the Dolly and Wrench.
  • Use the Dolly on the rocket.
  • Go outside (up).
  • Use the Dolly with Rocket with the launchpad.
  • Use the Ladder with the rocket.
  • Use the Ratchet Strap with the rocket.
  • Use the Body with the rocket.
  • Pick up the Ladder.
  • Go down and leave the Rocket Club.
  • Pick up the Ladder from the window and go down the sewers.
  • Go back to the original location and leave the sewers (careful don’t click the hint icon here!)
  • Go to the garage.
  • Open the trunk of the red car.
  • Use the Wrench with the Nitrous Bottle.
  • Leave the garage and go left.
  • Use the Ladder to enter the window of the Rocket Club again and go outside to the rocket.
  • Use the Ladder with the rocket.
  • Use the Nitrous Bottle with the rocket.
  • Pick up the Ladder.
  • Press the button.
  • Go down.
  • Put the Dolly and Wrench back on the ground.
  • Leave through the window.
  • Pick up the Ladder.
  • Use the Steel Rod with the sewer entrance.
  • Go right.
  • Go to the alley and down the sewer.
  • Pick up the Sandbags.
  • Pick up the Glued Fabric from the Inflatable Boat (don’t pick the whole boat first or you won’t be able to separate them).
  • Pick up the Inflatable Boat.
  • Leave the sewer.
  • Put the Scissors back on the ground.
  • Close the dumpster.
  • Use the Steel Rod with the sewer entrance.
  • Put the Sandbags into the elevator.
  • Go up with the elevator twice.
  • Put the Ladder on the ground.
  • Go up with the elevator twice.
  • Put the Steel Rod back.
  • Go up with the elevator.
  • Pick up the Sandbags and put them on the floor.
  • Put the Glue on the floor.
  • Go down with the elevator four times.
  • Go down on foot.
  • Enter the garage.
  • Close the trunk of the red car.
  • Put the Inflatable Boat and Chemical Lights on the ground.
  • Leave the garage and lock the door with the Keys.
  • Put the Traffic Cone on the ground.
  • Go up to the apartment.
  • Use the Glued Fabric with the Raincoat.
  • Put the RaincoatHand PumpKeys back to their places.
  • Complete the mission.

Complete the rocket mission without leaving any evidence behind.

12. Operation Overdraft

Pick up the ScrewdriverBag of LimeFire Extinguisher.
Go up the elevator.
Pick up the Tape Dispenser and Letter Opener.
Go back down.
Use the Letter Opener with the Bag of Lime to receive Lime Powder.
Click the back window of the car.
Use the Lime Powder and then Tape Dispenser with the fingerprints.
Use the Screwdriver with the Side Mirror.
Go up the elevator.
Use the Copied Fingerprint with the fingerprint scanner.
Use the Fire Extinguisher with the lasers.
Use the Tape Dispenser with the Side Mirror.
Use the Taped Mirror with the lasers.
Go forward and right.
Pick up the Box Cutter and Electrical Cord.
Open the first aid cabinet and pick up Stethoscope.
Open the filing cabinet and pick up Hard Drive.
Go back and click the caged door.
Use the Box Cutter with the Electrical Cord.
Use the Screwdriver with the Hard Drive.
Use the Stripped Electrical Cord with the Magnet.
Use the Cord with Magnet with the Keys.
Use the Keys with the door (sometimes you need to go back and use the Keys from the corridor).
Enter the office.
Click the video recorder to pick up the Videotape.
Click the paper shredder and rearrange pieces of paper to receive two dates: 05-02-9406-03-94 (US format)
The note on the calendar says the password is changed every month so the current password is 07-04-94 (the first Monday of July).
Click the wall safe and use the Stethoscope on it.
As per clue in the centre all rows need to sum to 12.

Pick up the Passport and Key.
Examine the Passport to learn the name Friz.
Click the monitor and enter 3749 (Friz) as the password.
Find Juan Friz on the list to learn his box number: 1051
Leave the office.
Click the keypad for the vault and enter 070494.
Enter the vault.
Use the Key to open box 1051.
Pick up the Trunk.
Go back to the office.
Put the Passport in the Trunk (don’t forget this step or you’ll have to repeat the whole mission).
Pick up the Body and put it in the Trunk.
Use the Bag of Lime with the Trunk.
Go back to the vault.
Put the Trunk back in box 1051 and lock it with the Key.
Leave the vault and close the door.
Go back to the office.
Close the wall safe.
Use the Screwdriver with the Cord with Magnet so separate them.
Use the Magnet on the Videotape.
Put the Videotape back.
Put the Paper Shreds back to the shredder.
Leave the office and use the Keys to lock it.
Approach the office and throw the keys onto the hook.
Go back and to the right.
Combine the Hard Drive and the Magnet.
Put the Hard Drive back to the filing cabinet and close it.
Put the Stethoscope back to the first aid cabinet and close it.
Put the Box Cutter and Electrical Cord back.
Go back to the lasers and take the Side Mirror.
Go back.
Put the Tape Dispenser and Letter Opener back.
Throw the Key into the trash can.
Go down the elevator.
Put the Side MirrorFire ExtinguisherScrewdriver back.
Complete the mission.

Safely deposited
Complete the bank mission without leaving any evidence behind.

13. Operation Dead Sea

  • Go to the Theatre.
  • Pick up the Roll of String from the table.
  • Open the cabinet and pick up the Balloon and Helium Tank.
  • Go back right.
  • Kill the Attendant (Camera Seller) with the Helium Tank and leave the location.

Serial Killer – 8/10
Kill every character that can be killed.

  • Go to the Sushi Bar.
  • Pick up the Serving Tray and Spoon.
  • Go back left.
  • Go right to the Infirmary.
  • Enter room 31 (First Aid).
  • Kill the Doctor with the Spoon and leave the location.

Serial Killer – 9/10
Kill every character that can be killed.

  • Enter room 32 (Concierge)
  • Talk to the Night Concierge and select the third dialogue option. He will leave.
  • Leave and go to the infirmary again.
  • Wait for the Night Concierge to enter his office, follow him and talk to him again selecting the third dialogue option.
  • Keep repeating this until you get the achievement.

Excuses, Excuses
Keep making up distractions for the concierge.

  • Go back.
  • Go upstairs and straight ahead.
  • Pick up the Coin.
  • Go back twice.
  • Go left to the Theatre and further left to the Casino.
  • Use Roll of String with the Coin.
  • Use the Uninflated Balloon with the Helium Tank.
  • Use the Balloon with the Roll of String.
  • Use the Balloon with String with the security camera.
  • Use the Coin with String with the slot machine.
  • Pick up the WinningsCoin with StringBalloon with String.
  • Leave to the Theatre.
  • Use the Serving Tray with Spoon.
  • Use the Tray and Spoon with the Drummer.
  • Pick up the Tuner once everyone’s gone.
  • Go right.
  • Use the Winnings with the Attendant (Camera Seller) to buy Audio Recorder.
  • Go right to the Infirmary.
  • Use the Audio Recorder with the Suggestion Box.
  • Enter Room 32 (Concierge).
  • Talk to the Night Concierge and select the third option to make him leave.
  • Go back and come to the infirmary again.
  • When he enters his office talk to him and select the third option again.
  • This time collect the Audio Recorder and combine it with the Tuner.
  • Listen to the recorded tones and try to find out the combination which is 619258.
  • Pick up the Oar from the wall and Basic Room Keycard from the desk.
  • Click the monitor.
  • Use the Basic Room Keycard with the card encoder on the left.
  • Enter room number 42
  • Pick up the Basic Room Keycard.
  • Leave and go upstairs.
  • Use the Basic Room Keycard to enter room 42.
  • Pick up the Blanket from the bed and Electric Kettle from the counter.
  • Use the phone. Press 0 to call the lobby and select the first option “I’d like to order room service“.
  • Leave the room and pick up the Service Cart.
  • Go back and to the infirmary.
  • Use the Electric Kettle with the water cooler.
  • Go straight ahead.
  • Kill the Man with the Oar and leave the location.

Serial Killer – 10/10
Kill every character that can be killed.

  • Go upstairs, enter room 42.
  • Use the Electric Kettle with the kettle base.
  • Go to the Sushi Bar.
  • Use the Heated Kettle with the sushi.
  • Pick up the Luxury Suite Keycard from the floor.
  • Go to the infirmary and enter room 31 (First Aid).
  • Open the refrigerator and take one bag of Blood.
  • Close the refrigerator and leave the room.
  • Go upstairs and enter room 42.
  • Pick up the Body and hide it in the Service Cart.
  • Leave the room and go straight ahead.
  • Use the Luxury Suite Keycard on the room to the right.
  • Remove the body from the Service Cart.
  • Use the Blanket with the balcony.
  • Click the Blanket to go downstairs.
  • Open the cage.
  • Place the Body and then Blood in the cage.
  • Lower the cage to the water.
  • Pull the cage up and close it.
  • Click the Blanket to go up.
  • Click the Blanket to remove it.
  • Place the Luxury Suite Keycard on the bed and leave the room.
  • Place the Coin on the floor.
  • Go back and enter room 42.
  • Put the Blanket on the bed.
  • Put the Electric Kettle on the kettle base.
  • Leave the room.
  • Use the Service Cart with the door to room 42.
  • Go back.
  • Enter the Theatre.
  • Put the Balloon and Helium Tank in the cabinet.
  • Put the Tuner and Roll of String in their places.
  • Leave the room and go to the Sushi Bar.
  • Put the Tray and Spoon back to their place.
  • Go to the infirmary and enter room 32 (Concierge).
  • Hang the Oar on the wall.
  • Return the Basic Room Keycard.
  • Leave the room and go straight ahead.
  • Throw the Audio Recorder into the ocean.
  • Complete the mission.

Time to eat!
Complete the cruise mission without leaving any evidence behind.

The end

All Clean
Finish the game.

Finish the game.

Hint Hater
Complete the game without using the phone.

Finish the game without using any hints.

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